A 10/10 yacht charter party in Croatia

June 30, 2021

4 minute read

Organize a yacht charter party and enjoy the luxury a superyacht provides, paired with a splendid Adriatic sea atmosphere. The sky is the limit when your expert crew organize live music or entertainment; they will hire the best bands & performers or stick to more exclusive & private settings. Onboard your yacht charter, you make the rules.

Your superyacht charter party will be made to fit any requirements, no matter how unique or eccentric they may be.

Anchor anywhere you wish and let Mother Nature be the best party venue you could imagine – experience a new level of privacy and exclusivity, reserved only for those aboard your yacht charter party. All forms of entertainment can be arranged and brought from shore aboard your superyacht charter by your expert crew.

Customize the music

The most important factor to any successful yacht charter party is the music. When aboard your superyacht, you will pick the music. Not only do you control the playlist that goes on in the background, but you also get to choose other options, like live bands, singers and instrumentalists.

A yacht charter party is much more glamorous and exclusive than music on speakers. You can hire live musicians, anything from Croatian traditional Klapa bands to a string quartet playing Schubert’s „Ave Maria“. Ask your expert crew to hire a DJ accompanied by a saxophone player or bring a pianist with his piano onboard – the sky is the limit on your yacht charter party.

yacht charter party dj
Let a professional DJ light up the atmosphere at your yacht party – Photo credit to Instagram profile: platinumeventscompanyllc

Choose your yacht charter party entertainment

When planning your yacht charter party, consult with your expert crew about the best options for party entertainment. Your professional crew can rearrange the decks on your superyacht to match a standard dancefloor, where you can dance with a dose of glamour and luxury.

You can have a karaoke party or hire professional dancers to bring a dynamic element to every dancefloor. Turn on the nightlight on your superyacht and enjoy a special atmosphere or even take an old fashioned evening dip. Enjoy the privacy and exclusivity only a superyacht charter can offer.

Pick exclusive party locations in Croatia

At every moment, you can choose to move your yacht charter party to one of the best party locations in Croatia. Located on the island of Pag, Zrće is recognized as „Croatian Ibiza”, boasting never-ending beach parties in exclusive clubs. At the peak of the summer season, Zrće also hosts a number of music festivals, like Fresh music Festival, Hideout, Zrće Spring Break Festival and others.

Hvar island, the sunniest island in Croatia, also doubles as a fabulous party location, with many famous clubs, beach bars and festivals to visit. There is also Split Ultra music festival, one of the most famous music festivals in Croatia. If you get tired of loud music and big crowds, you can always escape with your superyacht charter to a secluded bay, where you can continue the party in privacy.

yacht charter party ultra europe festival
Experience an atmosphere fueled by the euphoria of thousands of people – Photo credit to croatia.hr

Select a theme for your yacht charter party

There is always a reason for organizing a yacht charter party. From birthdays to anniversaries, your private superyacht will easily accommodate all your family, closest friends, business partners or mutual acquaintances. Start with a cocktail warm-up party, before moving on to the theme of the evening. Host a traditional costume party, where you dance and socialise under disguises.

Throw a toga party on a warm summer evening or go full Gatsby, with rivers of champagne and fancy dress. Why not have a Christmas party in the middle of July? Imagine decorating a Christmas tree, surrounded by the blue sea. You will never forget a yacht charter party like that. Whatever your choice may be, know that your expert crew will accommodate every idea you might have or help create a new one from scratch.

yacht charter party, sax player on a yacht
Musicians on a yacht charter, photo credit to Instagram profile: events_msb

Let your crew prepare a perfect party menu

Plan your dining experience according to your yacht charter party and turn it into a gourmet adventure. Let your expert crew make cocktails from scratch as you name them. Ask your crew to prepare canapes from the fish you caught in the afternoon and tell the story of how you wrestled with your dinner.

Your charter party will love authentic Croatian wines and liquors paired with exclusively imported drinks. The serene atmosphere and beautiful panorama in the background will complement the mood of your yacht charter party, with food and drink readily available.

Are you celebrating a special occasion on your chartered superyacht? The onboard chef will prepare a personalized cake, to make your yacht charter party experience even more memorable.

Why throw a yacht charter party?

Organize a yacht charter party and enjoy the luxury a superyacht charter provides, paired with a splendid Adriatic Sea atmosphere. Let the sky be the limit when your expert crew organizes live music or entertainment. Hire the best bands and performers or stick to more exclusive and private settings. Onboard your exclusive charter, you make the rules for your yacht charter party.

Let the onboard chef make a wide variety of cocktails, starters, canapes and other party foods, then finish off with a special dessert. However you wish your yacht charter party to unfold, your expert yacht crew will make sure all your dreams come true.