Best yacht charter on shore activities for a 10/10 holiday

August 25, 2021

3 minute read

Experience your vacation like never before! Your luxury yacht charter is a mobile centre of activities, able to satisfy even the most demanding of minds. You can have fun on the water or on land – just ask your expert crew for advice and assistance. Organise an outing with your professional yacht crew into an enchanted forest or undertake a snorkeling excursion to a marvellous aquatic hideout.

Disembark from your yacht charter and explore Croatia`s many islands by using buggies and dirt bikes or take a horseback-riding course. Notice that the freedom of riding on horseback is equal to the freedom one experiences when cruising on a superyacht.

Start your yacht charter on shore activities by exploring beautiful Croatian nature

Your perfect holiday does not have to involve just water sports. The whole coast, as well as deeper inland areas, should be explored. Ask your crew to prepare e-bikes for you to ride across the island of Pag, which has a landscape that resembles the moon.

If you want to get close to wildlife, you should go horseback riding on the island of Krk, where you can observe the lakes, meadows, and forests of the island. If you want to cool off during the summer months, you can also climb one of the mountains near your anchorage or the mighty Velebit mountain. Enjoy the fresh air and try to spot the rare eelgrass flower on the Risnjak mountain, which is also a national park.

Your crew will ensure that you have a memorable experience every day with your yacht charter on shore activities.

Relax with the help of your expert yacht crew

Fishing with your crew is a great way to unwind from the stress of the business world & one of the best yacht charter on shore activities. The crew will take you to the best fishing spots, where your catch will definitely be fantastic. You will be able to prepare a delectable meal with your Michelin-starred chef.

Have you ever considered how the olive oil you use every day is made? Join your crew in handpicking olives and learning how to produce the finest olive oil at home. Make a purchase for your home and use the oil that you have picked from the tree for your meals, skin and health. Olives and grapes go hand in hand, so a Croatian holiday would not be complete without sampling fine local wines. You will love every drop of wine when you tour different wineries, where sampling is included.

yacht charter on shore activities picking olives
Enjoy a unique local experience – Photo credit to

Gather raw ingredients for your yacht chef

Could you imagine going truffle hunting with a black pig? You will find these luxury mushrooms in the Croatian region of Istrian where you can sample delicious truffle-seasoned dishes. If you are looking for pure relaxation, we will take you to a magical forest on magnificent Croatian islands, where you can find asparagus or a lavender flower while listening to the chirping of the birds.

The scents and sounds of the forest will help you de-stress. When the temperature rises, nothing beats a slice of fresh, local and juicy watermelon to keep you refreshed and cool. Pick watermelons in the Neretva river valley in Croatia and choose the perfect one for your family.

yacht charter on shore activities truffle hunting in istria
Croatia is a country of many wild delicacies – Photo credit to

Why you should consider yacht charter on shore activities?

Turn your superyacht charter holiday into something more, by adding yacht charter on shore activities to your itinerary. Relax or explore with a fun on-shore program available on your superyacht charter. Extend your holiday even further and explore inland locations with the help of your expert crew. Disembark with your tender and seize opportunities to mountain bike, hike or explore with e-bikes.

Make your superyacht charter holiday even more interesting and fun by mixing on shore activities with adventure or learning new things. Ride horses, go hiking in a national park, visit a vineyard or pick olives, there are countless on-shore options for spicing up a superyacht charter holiday. The unparalleled freedom of movement that your superyacht provides will always propel you further and further into new adventures, helping you learn and discover new things.