Fully Accessible Yacht Charter in Croatia

There are yachts that are designed to be fast; there are those that cater perfectly to families with children. But, there are also yachts that were made by mindful designers, who are aware that awesome experiences on a yacht charter should be for everybody, not just those who satisfy certain physical criteria.

Fully accessible yacht charter features vessels that have their amenities fine-tuned to recognize the difficulties some people could have while living aboard a superyacht.

Explore features that define the fully accessible yacht charter in Croatia

We are talking about amenities like spacious decks and wide side decks, perfect for wheelchair or handicapper access. There has to be enough room for undisturbed movement for everybody who wants to charter a specific yacht.

A lift is also an unavoidable amenity for any yacht charter that tends to provide easy access for all. It is also good if the charter crew have previous experiences or licences for handling people with difficulties.