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Yacht Charter in Korčula

December 10, 2021

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Be prepared to feel with every sense while on Korčula; smell the fresh scents of pine and salt, taste excellent wine and olive oil, witness the wonderful sandy coves and peaceful bays of this island on the deck of your yacht charter, while hearing the cry of the seagulls in the distance. The island of Korčula is truly a paradise for the senses.

The island of Korčula personifies all the best qualities of Croatia; the food, the wine, the people and the traditions, all surrounded by untouched nature and an azure sea. Embark on a yacht charter in Korčula and experience the Croatian Adriatic sea in its full potential.

Rely on your yacht crew to assist you in obtaining all that which you enjoy, whether it be delicious gourmet specialities, interesting historical stories, cultural artefacts or areas filled with natural beauties so breathtaking, you will cherish the visual impression for the rest of your life.

While on a yacht charter in Korčula, stop by for a swim in stunning bays and glorious capes, both secluded and private. Let your charter captain pick a perfect location for having fun on your yacht`s water toys and enjoy a thrill-filled afternoon in your private piece of Adriatic paradise.


Consider the wonderful island of Korčula for your next yacht charter holiday in Croatia, because of its crystal clear sea, beautiful nature and rich historical heritage. Be prepared to feel with every sense while on Korčula; smell the fresh scents of pine and salt, taste excellent wine and olive oil, witness the wonderful sandy coves and peaceful bays of this island on the deck of your yacht charter, while hearing the cry of the seagulls in the distance.

Among traditional festivals that take place every summer on Korčula, the Moreška sword dance will certainly grab your attention, as well as many other Fishermen`s nights and concerts. Experiencing this spectacular island would not be complete without tasting some of its local wines, which are known throughout the international sommelier community as one of the best Adriatic sorts.

The best place to look for the autochthonous wine sort Pošip is around the village of Lumbarda, where family-owned vineyards follow ancient methods of grape cultivation, until they produce a heavenly sort, best sipped on the deck of your yacht charter in Korčula as you enjoy the wonderful Croatian Adriatic panorama.

As you stroll through the polished stone streets of Korčula`s historic core, observe houses, churches and palaces, dating as early as the 12th century.

When it comes to sightseeing, the Old Town of Korčula is the biggest attraction on the island, and for good reason, mainly because of wondrous stone walls, hulking towers and orange rooftops. This is why to many travellers Korčula`s Old Town is also known as “Little Dubrovnik”. Take this as a sign, because with your yacht charter you can cruise to the glorious city of Dubrovnik and see the “Pearl of the Adriatic” for yourself.


Yacht charter in Korčula
Start your journey from Old Town Korčula – Photo credit to: @visitkorcula


As is the case in most of the Croatian Adriatic sea, there are three main periods to visit the island of Korčula. The shoulder season starts in April and lasts until the first weeks of June; this time of the year means smooth cruising around the waters of the island. Yachts are rare, while the weather still supports being outside without feeling too cold or wet.

Keep in mind that the summer sun has not yet unleashed its true potential, so a jacket in the evening would be a smart thing to have. Also, swimming and other water sports are doable, but with a wet suit or a strong tolerance for chilly conditions.

The high season starts in June and lasts until early September. During this time, you can expect hot days and nights, as well as a warm sea for your enjoyment. Be prepared to spend your summer charter vacation in Croatia on the deck of your yacht charter, admiring the wonderful panorama illuminated by the sun.

This is also the time when most of the mainland-bound tourists come to Croatia, but you can avoid all the crowds with your yacht and only experience beautiful private places or exclusive venues. Take advantage of the high season by having fun on your water toys, enjoying alfresco meals and open-air yacht cinemas, all arranged by your local charter crew.

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Average Air temperatures in Korčula
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Average Sea temperatures in Korčula

From mid-September, a yacht charter in Korčula will mean a more temperate climate, alongside cooler sea temperatures and moderate winds. By coming in the late season, when the crowds begin to dissipate from the interior, prepare to enjoy a looser atmosphere, with emptying streets and fewer yachts on the water. You can chase the sun with your yacht charter and move into the southern Croatian Adriatic sea, where the temperatures are still summer-like.

Yacht charter in Korčula
Experience the unrefined beauty of Korčula island – Photo credit to @visitkorcula


The best way to arrive in Korčula is to come by air, via airports located in the vicinity of this island. The closest airfield is in Brač, an island neighbouring Korčula by several miles, but this airport does not endorse any of the flights which are commonplace in Split, which is a different story entirely.

Built to handle both intercontinental and international flights, you will have no trouble at all with arriving in Split by air. From there, you can arrange your transport or let the SuperYachts Croatia team organize a VIP shuttle transfer. Either way, the transit will be smooth and fast.

Another option for arriving at Korčula is by using the airport in Dubrovnik, located about 25 nautical miles from the island of Korčula. This means that your yacht will be waiting for you beneath the walls of Dubrovnik, but the cruise to your final location will last more than usual.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, because during the transit your yacht crew can introduce themselves, as well as offer cocktails, refreshing drinks and something to nibble on while you enjoy the scenery. Marvel at the magnificent Croatian Adriatic panorama and kick back on the sundeck of your yacht charter while your cruise towards Korčula.

You can also come by road to Split, where your yacht will be waiting for you in the marina. The local yacht crew will be waiting at a specific dock so you know exactly where you need to go. All the roads in Croatia are excellent so if you want, you can take the scenic route.

Enjoy the scenery as you drive from the northern part to the south of Croatia. Along the way, enjoy the awesome scenery of high mountains perched above the turquoise Adriatic. If you would rather drive yourself, consult your expert SuperYachts Croatia broker, so he could procure a fleet of supercars, which will be an ideal introduction to a perfect charter holiday in Croatia.

Yacht charter in Korčula
Old Town Korčula – Photo credit to @visitkorcula


While you enjoy your perfect yacht charter in Korčula, there are some things in the vicinity worth checking out, the most important being two coastal cities: Dubrovnik and Split.

Cruise to Dubrovnik

Utilize the full potential of your yacht charter and head toward Dubrovnik, the southernmost city in Croatia, also known as ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic”. Once you are near this splendid city, you will learn first-hand why its beauty is regarded so highly; impressive walls and forts tower over the city ports, with massive stone gates guarding the entrance.

Once inside, stroll on white stone streets, surrounded by awesome urban and sacral architecture. Marvel at the palaces and the houses of nobles, take a tour of the fortifications and take in the atmosphere of this fantastic medieval city.

There are several options regarding fine-dining restaurants, as well as clubs and bars, where you can unwind and experience the best of Croatia. Ask your local yacht crew about interesting facts concerning Dubrovnik or let them hire a professional guide, who will introduce you to all the secrets of this unique settlement.

Yacht charter in Korčula
The city of Dubrovnik – Photo credit to @dubrovnik_tourist_guide

Undertake a day trip and visit Split

Split is a closer target for a day trip than Dubrovnik, but this does not mean that it is not worth your while. On the contrary; Split is the second-largest city in Croatia, with a history spanning more than three thousand years. Learn about ancient ties with the Romans, who left numerous traces of their presence, like temples, villas and palaces; the grandest of all being Diocletian’s palace, from the 6th century.

This structure was built by the aforementioned Roman emperor so he could spend his retirement on one of the most beautiful parts of the Croatian Adriatic shoreline. Feel like a nobleman yourself, once you berth your yacht charter near Split`s seaside walkway and take a stroll through ancient alleyways and piazzas that make up Split`s old core.

Order a drink in a nearby cafe and watch as people live, work and socialize in the same surrounding as ancient Romans did more than a millennia ago.

Exploring Mljet National Park

It is a good thing indeed that Mljet National Park is so close to Korčula island, which makes it more than accessible to your yacht charter. Enjoy the possibilities that beauty provides inside this treasure-trove of nature. Gaze upon wondrous sights that lurk around every corner, from wooded areas and dense forest to turquoise bays and secluded coves, all for the taking for those who decide to visit Mljet National Park with their yacht charter.

Snorkel and dive throughout the lively Croatian Adriatic seabed around Mljet National Park or use kayaks and stand up paddleboards to explore beaches, capes and sea caves, all the while being guided by your local charter crew.

Yacht charter in Korčula
Mljet National park – Photo credit to @mljetnationalpark

Losing yourself on Lastovo island

The entire island of Lastovo has been declared a special Park of Nature, and for good reason – the amount of unique plant and animal species will make every nature enthusiast jump with joy.

The diversity of flora and fauna means that the land is also diverse: steep cliffs, quaint beaches, pebbly shoreline and forests of pine that provide the perfect shade for those resting beneath swaying treetops. Being one of the remotest islands in Croatia, Lastovo is perfect for yacht charter guests, because there will not be many tourists, except those who arrive by yacht or boat.

Yacht charter in Korčula
Lastovo island with its numerous surrounding islets – Photo credit to @np_lastovoislands

Wine tour on Korčula

Take a peek into the inner workings of a family-owned winery and vineyards, where farmers cultivate and process grapes the same way that their ancestors did. This loyalty to traditional ways of making wine creates unique sorts, autochthonous to the island of Korčula.

Wine lovers and sommeliers praise Korčula wines for their full flavour, mesmerizing bouquet and rich aftertaste. The best thing about family-owned wineries is that, alongside wine, traditional and homegrown snacks are also included, like local prosciutto, native olive oil and freshly-made cheese, all farm to table and all extremely tasty.

Yacht charter in Korčula
Wine tour on Korčula – Photo credit to @visitkorcula

Sightseeing around Korčula

When you arrive with your yacht charter to Korčula, you could spend your entire holiday touring different interesting spots on the island and you would not see the same thing twice.
Climb the highest point of Korčula and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

The central part of the island is much higher than the west or east tips, with the highest point of the island being Klupca, nearly 600 meters ( approx. 1000 ft. ) high. Arrange a special transport to the top with your local SuperYachts Croatia broker, involving E-bikes, buggies, quads or VIP shuttles. Once you find yourself on top, take in the beautiful panorama of the southern Croatian Adriatic Sea and the shimmering of the sun against the sea.

Take advantage of your yacht charter and visit both the west and east parts of Korčula island, which are both filled with fantastic beaches and bays. Anchor near a private patch of the coast and enjoy your yacht’s water toys and the clarity of the Croatian Adriatic sea, before undertaking an adventure into the interior of Korčula, exploring villages and settlements on the island.

Yacht charter on Korčula
Let your local charter crew introduce you to Korčula`s charms and treasures – Photo credit to @news12online

Korčula Old Town

Start your tour with the historic Old Town of Korčula and its ancient core, which testifies to centuries of glorious past, when this island was an important trade hub for the southern Croatian Adriatic sea. Historians agree that Korčula`s old core is one of the best-preserved medieval settlements in the Mediterranean – but you can experience that fact for yourself.

Stroll between excellent masonry and white stone buildings and streets, built by the experienced hands of Korčula`s stonemasons. Enjoy the atmosphere of the 12th and 13th centuries as you visit numerous artisan shops, bars, cafes and restaurants, nestled snugly between ancient rock houses and palaces.

Talk to your dedicated SuperYachts Croatia team about organising a privately guided tour of Korčula`s old town, so you could learn more about the Revelin tower or the Tiepolo and Barbarigo gates, all of which had a defensive role against pirates and raiders. Pass through the main square and be amazed by the Cathedral of St. Marko and its excellent late Romanesque and Gothic features from the 12th century.

Further on, you will be welcomed by numerous palaces, museums and churches, all of which attest to the glorious past of Korčula`s old town core. There is the Bishop’s palace and the Gabrieli`s palace, both of which are now converted into museums and tourist centres. Another interesting location is the Chapel of Our Lady, which was constructed in the 16th century after a fearsome battle beneath Korčula`s walls.

If you plan on visiting Korčula in the last week of July, be delighted in knowing that you will be just in time for the festival of Moreska, held on the 29th of July. Celebrated as the day of St. Theodore, experience the medieval atmosphere that is re-created during the Moreska festivities. You can accomplish this by berthing your yacht charter in one of two ports, located on the western and eastern sides of the old town.

Outside of Korčula town, there are still plenty of other interesting settlements for you to explore and enjoy.

Yacht charter on Korčula
Be amazed by the architecture of Korčula`s Old Town – Photo credit to @visitkorcula

Explore Blato on buggies or e-bikes

Considered visiting one of the biggest inland island settlements in Croatia. Blato is interesting for visitors because its fertile fields drive the production of excellent wine and olive oil. You can tour the wineries and the oil mills, sampling delicious and locally-made products.

Also, if you decide to charter a yacht in the shoulder season, the 28th of April is the designated day of the patron saint of the town. Known as `Kumpanija` or the feast of St. Vincenzo, this festival celebrates the rich history of the settlement by displaying chivalric dances and ethno carnivals. You can feel like a part of Blato`s historic legacy as you take part in the festivities, eat local food and dress like the islanders did in the past.

Yacht charter on Korčula
Exploring Korčula – Photo credit to @visitkorcula

Swim in the bays of Lumbarda

Enjoy the numerous picturesque bays of the seaside town Lumbarda, where numerous archaeological remains of ancient Greeks and Illyrians can be re-discovered and pondered upon. The most important archaeological find of all is the Lumbardska psefizma, which is a list of land dividings and subsequent obligations, carved in stone, dating as early as the 3rd century BC.

This makes it the earliest written document in Croatia, carved in stone using ancient Greek letters. You can easily approach this picturesque settlement from the sea with your yacht charter and enjoy the clarity of the sea around Lumbarda.

Ask your expert crew to take out all the water toys so you can swim, snorkel and kayak around numerous capes and coves, discovering private beaches and inviting patches of shaded coastline, perfect for a beach picnic.

Yacht charter on Korčula
An aerial view of Lumbarda and its strict land division – Photo credit to @skitalice

Enjoy a wine tour in Smokvica

Hidden in the central interior part of Korčula island, the village of Smokvica is famous throughout the Adriatic for its two autochthonal white wine sorts – Pošip and Rukatac. Other exports include excellent olive oil and fruit liqueurs. Arrange with one member of your local charter crew to drive you to and from a wine tasting tour in Smokvice. Having a designated driver will surely help you and other members of your charter party to totally relax and unwind.

Yacht charter on Korčula
Wine tour in Smokvica- Photo credit to

Cruise around Ošjak island

Offering a perfect day-trip target for yacht charter guests around the island of Korčula, Ošjak isle entices travellers with a beautiful forest park. Also worth checking out is the Vela cave, a major archaeological find from the first days of Korčula`s Neolithic settlers.

You could disembark from your yacht charter and let the members of the local crew take you to shore with the tender. Walk between beautiful scenery, composed of lush forest vegetation and the shimmering sea in the distance. At any time, you can return to your yacht charter and savour delicious hand-made cocktails or other refreshing drinks, perfect for a parched throat and a hot summer day in Croatia.

Yacht charter on Korčula
Ošjak isle – Photo credit to @cecilija13


The cuisine on Korčula island is a mix of traditional and modern, in a way that combines fresh seafood, local recipes and contemporary cooking methods to produce unbelievable gastronomical experiences.

There are a lot of family-owned restaurants around the island of Korčula, known as ‘konobe’ (taverns) and each one could be a potential dining adventure. Keep in mind that your Michelin-level chef will always tend to satisfy your every craving, but he will not be able to replicate the atmosphere of quaint traditional family establishments that can be found in one of these ‘konobe’.

Prepare to enjoy locally-grown and seasonal produce that is always farm-to-table, with its counterpart being freshly-caught seafood; all this will find its way onto your plate for the ultimately culinary experience.

Restaurants around Korčula will be another tempting target for gastronomic inquiries; authentically-prepared dishes will follow traditional recipes, but always with a contemporary twist. This will make every dining sensation on Korčula inviting to look at and scrumptious to taste, enhancing your yacht charter vacation in Croatia ten-fold.

The best of the best, LD restaurant in Korčula boasts a Michelin-star menu, which was made up by chef Gajski, who worked in prestigious London restaurants. All the dishes prepared in the kitchen are provisioned seasonally, which guarantees an undeniable level of freshness, alongside excellent and swift service. LD`s venue is actually a 17th-century palace, which accentuates the sea-side panorama and works marvels for creating a fine dining atmosphere.

The restaurant also offers a special service for all yacht charter guests. So, if you fancy a particular dish, be sure you can always have it delivered on your yacht charter, to be enjoyed in an alfresco setting.

Yacht charter in Korčula
LD Restaurant in Korčula – Photo credit to @cosicii

Unlike the high-profile LD restaurant, Adio Mare has been working on its reputation since the 70s. Nestled between tight and narrow stone streets, Adio Mare`s interior is decorated to reflect the cultural heritage of boatbuilding, while also providing authentic and local cuisine with a contemporary twist. The emphasis in the kitchen is put on fresh seafood and wines made in Korčula or the neighbouring Pelješac peninsula.

Another Michelin restaurant, Filippi provides its customers with splendid views of the surrounding Adriatic waters from its shaded terrace. Located in Korčula`s Old town, Filippi offers typical Dalmatian dishes, with an emphasis on grilled fish and octopus prepared in an authentic way. This traditional way of cooking lamb or octopus places them under an iron bell, which is then covered with hot coals, making the meat tender and evenly cooked in its own juice.

Yacht charter in Korčula
Filippi Restaurant in Korčula – Photo credit to @jtescapes


Start your yacht charter in Korčula and explore the numerous private bays, dive into the crystal-clear sea, discover beautiful nature, rich historic heritage and many more. Be prepared to feel with every sense while on a yacht charter in Korčula on our suggested seven-day cruise.

Yacht Charter in Korčula SuperYachts Croatia map

Day 1: Pass between Korčula and the Pelješac peninsula channel – Šipan

Start the first day of your yacht charter in Korčula by passing through the channel between the island of Korčula and the Pelješac peninsula. Along the way, look for the perfect place where you will drop anchor and enjoy a break from cruising.

While your dedicated crew set up the dining table for lunch and prepare the water toys for some afternoon fun, work on your bronze tan on the sundeck of your yacht charter, with a refreshing drink in one hand and your favourite reading material in the other. Once you have sufficiently filled up on Michelin-level food and had enough fun with water toys, it is time to continue onwards to the island of Šipan.

This island is your ideal anchorage for the night because it is located relatively close to Dubrovnik, your target for tomorrow. Classified as one of the Elafiti island clusters, Šipan is relatively overlooked when it comes to tourists, which makes it a perfect yacht anchorage. So, be prepared for a private and peaceful atmosphere.

Yacht charter in Korčula
Šipan island – Photo credit to @experiencedubrovnik

Day 2: Šipan- Dubrovnik

Not one charter itinerary in the southern Croatian Adriatic sea would be complete without paying a visit to the famous walled city of Dubrovnik, also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. This magnificent city, with its rich history, abundant culture and fascinating architecture, attracts visitors from all over the world throughout the entire year.

Thankfully, if you happen to arrive by yacht charter, your experience will differ significantly from shore-based travellers. Be the first in line for museums, exhibits and restaurants, all thanks to the dedication, professionalism and local know-how of the SuperYachts Croatia team, who will work tirelessly to provide the best possible yacht experience for you and your charter party.

Take a guided tour of the fabulous city walls and pass through gates and towers, until you arrive at the main square. Here, you can enjoy a sip of your favourite drink right across the city cathedral and people-watch. Also, if you are a fan of the famous TV series Game of Thrones, you will be delighted to know that Dubrovnik was used as a stage for filming many scenes and locations, most notably King’s Landing and the Red Keep, which you will get to see in person.

Yacht charter in Korčula
A view of the city of Dubrovnik and island of Lokrum from Srđ mountain – Photo credit to @experiencedubrovnik

Day 3: Dubrovnik-Mljet

After you have spent a glorious night in Dubrovnik, prepare to venture forth into the unknown regions of Mljet island and its beautiful National Park. You will be simply amazed by the beauty of this island, which earned it the title of the “Most seductive island in the Adriatic” by the Lonely Planet guidebook.

Enjoy the crystal-clear waters that surround the island or disembark for an on-land adventure. Jog, bike or hike on one of many paths and trails that criss-cross the lush forests of the National Park.

Discover two saltwater lakes – in the centre of the bigger lake, you will find a small islet with a Franciscan monastery nestled quietly between scarce vegetation. When it comes to cuisine, Mljet will delight foodies with numerous local products, including goat cheeses, olive oil and white and red wines.

Day 4: Mljet- Lastovo

The farthest island in the Croatian Adriatic, Lastovo has many secrets that it jealously guards against foreign visitors. Thankfully, with your local charter crew, all of the island`s secrets will be unlocked for you and your charter party. Prepare to experience the most beautiful beaches and bays of an island that was declared a Natural Park in its entirety.

Lastovo will dazzle you with the pristineness of its coastline and the clarity of the sea surrounding it. Take full advantage of the beautiful bounties of nature and dive or snorkel around the lively Lastovo seabed or explore the hidden parts of the coastline with your jet skis, kayaks or stand up paddleboards.

Yacht charter in Korčula
The island of Mljet – Photo credit to @visitmljet

Day 5: Lastovo-Vis

Vis is primarily known as an island of wine growers, so all lovers of this beverage will simply adore one of many wine tours on offer. Consult with your local charter crew and benefit from their advice about which highlights of Vis island you should check out first.

This island, due to its strategic location, served as an army base for many years. Due to this fact, tourism started developing later than on other Croatian islands, meaning that there are fewer tourists in general. Lately, the situation began to change, due to Vis being re-discovered as an “alternative yachting destination”, because of its nearly deserted, but incredibly beautiful beaches.

There are also interesting remnants of army architecture, like abandoned submarine bunkers, entirely accessible by your yacht charter. For a trip into the interior, consider visiting Hum, recognized as the smallest town in the world.

Yacht charter in Korčula
The island of Vis – Photo credit to @otok_vis

Day 6: Vis-Hvar

Get in touch with nature like never before while cruising near Hvar island with your yacht charter. This island is widely known as an “IT” destination for yacht enthusiasts, because its position offers an abundance of the sun during most of the year, making it one of the sunniest islands in the Croatian Adriatic.

These conditions attract celebrities and other high-profile guests, who delight in the natural beauties of the island, as well as a rich offer of nightclubs and other party venues, scattered around Hvar. Nevertheless, your first objective should be berthing in Hvar town, a marvellous example of medieval Adriatic architecture, which dazzles visitors with its magnificent stone streets and structures.

Following Hvar town, visit the neighbouring Pakleni islands, an archipelago not far from Hvar island, which boasts incredibly beautiful nature and inaccessible beaches, unless you happen to arrive by boat or yacht.

Yacht charter in Korčula
Thew island of Hvar – Photo credit to @visithvar

Day 7: Hvar-Korčula

From Hvar island, it is only a short cruise away from your starting point in Korčula. Along the way, you can stop at any bay or cove that holds your fancy to enjoy the last day of your charter vacation in Croatia. Let your Michelin-level chef prepare a special parting meal, filled with all the delicacies you have sampled and liked during your 7-day cruise around the southern Croatian Adriatic sea.

Afterwards, have fun on your water toys one last time by sipping cocktails on floaties, served by your loving yacht crew. Your arrival in Korčula will be orchestrated by your local SuperYachts Croatia broker, who will arrange a VIP shuttle transport to your aircraft, a 5-star hotel room or another yacht charter.

Yacht charter in Korčula
The sight of Korčula in the distance will signal the end of your charter in Croatia – Photo credit to @news12online


When you decide to embark on a yacht charter in Korčula, you will have different possibilities for anchoring in private bays or berthing in modern Croatian marinas.

For a perfect family charter holiday, the ideal destination would be an anchorage in Tatiana bay near the settlement of Lumbarda. This compact and safe bay offers shallow waters and beaches ideal for children, due to a number of beach toys and amenities.

14 nautical miles southwest of Korčula, you can find the Pupnatska Luka anchorage, which is actually a bay famous for the safety and security it provides for yachts, as well as abundant natural beauty. Often guests leave their yachts in the bay and tour the surroundings with their tender because this bay serves as an ideal launching pad for further explorations of Korčula island.

Yacht charter in Korčula
Pupnatska Luka – Photo credit to @croatiatravelinfo

The largest and safest bay on Korčula is Vela Luka bay, situated on Korčula`s western side. With its entrance guarded by the small islet of Ošijak, Vela Luka is a prefered location for yacht charter guests who want to sleep at anchor in a gorgeous bay, but in a protected environment, which is also close to civilization.

When it comes to official marinas, there is no better choice than ACI Marina Korčula, located right in the centre of the historic Korčula town. This marine was awarded numerous “Blue Flags” for the purity of the water, as well as the prestigious “Tourist Flower” – Quality of Croatia award, proclaiming it to be the best island marina in the Croatian Adriatic sea.

Yacht charter in Korčula
ACI Marina Korčula – Photo credit to @alex_aender


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Let the SuperYachts Croatia team create a unique experience on your yacht charter in Korčula. While you are busy exploring Korčula and the numerous islands around it, be prepared to also sample wonderful local cuisine and have fun on water toys in one of the cleanest seas in the world. Your local charter crew and dedicated SuperYachts Croatia broker will do everything in their power so your experience becomes a pleasant memory that will last a lifetime.