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Yacht Charter in Opatija

December 14, 2021

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The city of Opatija has a perfect position to start your yacht charter vacation. This cradle of elite tourism in Croatia is located right in the middle of the breathtaking Kvarner gulf, and it is easily reachable from Italy, Slovenia, and Austria.

Start your yacht charter in Opatija, one of the most sophisticated cities in Croatia, also known as the cradle of tourism in the Adriatic. This picturesque town graciously sits in the middle of Kvarner Gulf, providing you with a unique charter vacation suitable for the aristocracy.

During your yacht charter in Opatija, you will enjoy the contrasts of the blue pristine sea and lush green forests versus historical buildings mixed with all the comforts of modern-day life. You will take pleasure in breathtaking panoramic vistas, crystal clear waters, lush parks and high-quality cafés and restaurants, with impeccable service just a few steps from your yacht.

You might want to explore its narrow streets filled with life and the world-renowned “Riviera Opatija” famed for attracting celebrities from all over the world. While you are exploring Opatija, take a stroll along the `Croatian Walk of Fame`, known as the “Lungomare promenade”, visit the Open-Air Theatre and enjoy numerous musical spectacles, with a backdrop view on the city’s landmark – the statue of the “Maiden with the Seagull”.


Location, location, location. The city of Opatija has a perfect position to start your yacht charter vacation. This cradle of elite tourism in Croatia is located right in the middle of the breathtaking Kvarner bay, and it is easily reachable from Italy, Slovenia, and Austria. Flying in? Rijeka airport is only 40 minutes away from Opatija.

Driving from Zagreb takes only an hour and a half and getting from Pula to Opatija will not even take you a full hour. Apart from that, you will have the entire Kvarner gulf at your disposal, which means you can easily cruise to the islands of Krk, Cres and Lošinj, in no time at all.

Besides, it is also a great base if you want to explore Istria and its hinterland. Moreover, the city of Opatija is the cradle of elite tourism in Croatia. Because of that, it is often referred to as “Nice of Croatia”, “Vienna by the Sea” or the “Old Dame”. This historical town has always been the very core of Croatia’s rich gastronomic scene, and a perfect place for a unique and unforgettable pleasure of dining.

Here you can expect to find some of the finest Croatian restaurants and vast offers of seafood combined with delicacies from the nearby hinterland. A yacht charter in Opatija will be irresistible to even the most sophisticated taste buds.

Apart from that, one of Opatija’s most attractive features is its impressive offer of wellness services in distinguished hotels. This city is one of the best European spots for a relaxing day at the spa and recharging your batteries while getting pampered.

Even Franz Joseph I declared Opatija a spa town in 1889, starting a trend of gathering his court in Opatija in colder months. This tradition of wealthy aristocrats flocking to Opatija dates from the 19th-century and it is still ongoing.

The traces of modern-day tourism in Opatija can be tracked straight back to the famous Villa Angiolina. This amazing facility was built by Iginio Scarpa in 1844, and since then it hosted numerous important historical figures, such as Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary, Empress Maria Anna and the Croatian Ban, Josip Jelačić.

Yacht charter in Opatija aerial view of opatija
Enjoy the luxurious atmosphere of villas by the sea in Opatija – Photo credit to @visitopatija


The best months for a yacht charter in Opatija are June or September. Unlike the high season in July and August, during June and September, there are fewer people in the city and the ports. Cruising conditions are perfect, the air temperature is splendid and the sea is warm for all the water activities you might want to try.

If September or June do not fit into your busy schedule, you can consider a yacht charter in Opatija in the last few weeks of May and the first few weeks of June, for a tranquil charter vacation.

Yachting season in Opatija lasts from May until November, with the high season being from late July to September, reaching its peak in July and August. Opatija is blessed with a lovely climate and a high number of sunny days, which makes it the perfect yachting destination for chartering a yacht in the shoulder season (spring and autumn).

During the shoulder season, cruising conditions are marvellous. You will be able to enjoy a pleasant air temperature, between 20C (68F) and 25C (77F) degrees and the sea is suitable for a swim from early June, with temperatures at around 20C (68F) degrees in July, and by the end of August, at 25C (77F) degrees. The winds are mild and reliable, and you will not have any issues cruising around the breathtaking Kvarner Gulf.

Yacht Charter in Opatija air temerature graph
Average Air temperatures in Opatija

Yacht Charter in Opatija average sea temperature graph


You will reach your yacht charter in Opatija with ease, especially if you plan to arrive by personal aircraft. There are two very accessible airports nearby with year-round flights, which is great news if you are planning to fly first-class. If you are not a big fan of flying, you will find that roads in Istria are outstanding for scenic driving. The SuperYachts Croatia team will gladly assist you with a VIP transfer, bringing you to your yacht charter in Opatija.

As mentioned earlier, you can easily fly to the nearest airport in the city of Rijeka, a 40-minute drive from your charter destination. Although Opatija itself does not have an airport, there are several airports nearby in the cities of Pula, Zagreb, Trieste, Venezia (Italy), Ljubljana (Slovenia). From there you can be on your yacht charter in under an hour, except for Venice which will take more than 2hr of driving.

The SuperYachts Croatia team will gladly arrange a VIP transfer from the airport of your choice to your yacht charter in Opatija and back. You will have a brief stop in one of the most beautiful sightseeing spots in the whole of Istria, known only to the local experts, with complimentary champagne, for the perfect first day of your yacht charter in Opatija.

If you prefer to enjoy a scenic drive through Istria, come by car, which is also an excellent choice. Istria is well connected with roads and highways to the rest of Croatia and Europe. You will be able to move fast along the highways with spectacular views around the entire country. Since all the paths in Istria magically lead to Opatija, you will reach the “Old Dame” in 40-minutes of drive from Slovenia and an hour of drive from Italy.

Opatija is also known as “Nice of the Croatian Adriatic Sea” and is a famous yachting destination, easily accessible by your yacht charter. Around the city and its surrounding islands, you will find multiple secluded anchorages and some of the finest marinas in Croatia.

You can berth your yacht in the ACI Marina Rijeka or Admiral Marina in Opatija. Or ask your yacht captain to moor in one of the smaller bays in the Kvarner Gulf and visit the town’s promenade with your tender to avoid the brimming ports.

Yacht charter in Opatija maiden with the seagull
Maiden with the Seagull, the symbol of Opatija – Photo credit to @visitopatija


Sightseeing tour of “The Old Dame”

Take a stroll and discover the enchanting town of Opatija, filled with historical churches, picturesque villas and well-groomed parks. Do not miss out on the Croatian Walk of Fame and the small harbour known locally as “Portić”, where you will find a famous statue with an epic love story behind its origins, the “Maiden with the Seagull”.

Take the time to soak up the unique views and the vibrant atmosphere along the awe-inspiring `Lungomare promenade`, and get ready to be amazed by the stunning vistas on the seascape of the `Kvarner Gulf`. You can visit the Open-Air Theatre, a famous venue which hosts numerous musical spectacles and enjoy the vivid atmosphere.

A must-see spot is the Villa Angiolina, a former summer residence of wealthy aristocrats, and today the HQ of the Croatian Museum of Tourism, where you can experience numerous exhibitions, workshops and projects that clarify why exactly Opatija was a favourite destination for many celebrities, dignitaries and historical figures.

Make sure to take a photo in front of the “Wall of Fame” in Angiolina Park, which is covered in massive murals featuring portraits of the town’s most iconic guests who enjoyed the hospitality of the `Croatian Nice`, such as Einstein, Isadora Duncan, Robert De Niro, Kirk Douglas, John Malkovich, Auguste and Louis Lumiere.

Yet another crucial part you must see during a yacht charter in Opatija is surely one of the town’s most significant buildings – the Church of St. James in the centre of town.

Yacht charter in Opatija
Gardens, beaches and villas in Opatija- Photo credit to @visitopatija

Explore the famous Opatija Riviera

Whether you decide to tour the riviera along a winding scenic road or with your yacht charter, you will be amazed by the mixture of old town scenery and untouched nature. This spectacular 30-km-long riviera is set between the green hills of Mount Učka and the vast blue Kvarner Gulf.

Make sure you do not miss out on the Lungomare promenade. To visit Opatija and not to stroll along its famous promenade is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. Apart from that, this unique promenade will take you to all the most iconic spots in the Opatija.

On the Riviera, you will discover aristocratic cities, mediaeval villages, shepherd’s hamlets and lush forests on Učka mountain, fishing villages of Volosko and Mošćenička Draga and the urban rush of Rijeka. The area surrounding Opatija is ideal for brief day trips with the help of your tender.

You can discover all the wonders of the neighbouring towns with vibrant alleys, magnificent vistas and numerous thrilling spots. Start with Volosko, a small coastal town, right next to Opatija, known for its exquisite gastronomy and the Lungomare promenade; other towns on the Riviera worth your time are Lovran, Ika, Ičići, and Medveja.

Do not forget about the wonders of the nearby hinterland. You can explore the lush nature of the slopes of Mount Učka and enjoy a magnificent view of the Kvarner Gulf and the surrounding islands.

Yacht charter in Opatija aerial view of lovran
Lovran – Photo credit to @visit_lovran

Visit the fortress on the Top of Učka

One of the wonders of the hinterlands surrounding the Opatija Rivijera is the spectacular Mount Učka that stands along the coast and defies northern winds. Because of it, this area has a unique microclimate and lush forest vegetation, with countless rare animals and plant species. If you are up for a special treat, hike up the peak Vojak where you will find a stone tower.

Climb up the fort and from its top, you will witness a magnificent view of the entire region: the city of Rijeka, the Gulf of Kvarner with its nearby islands, the Istrian peninsula and beyond. This 360° panoramic view is a truly breathtaking, one-of-a-kind experience, worth visiting. Apart from that, Nature Park Učka allows for a vast variety of recreational activities, from rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, cycling, and gliding.

The SuperYachts Croatia team will make sure you have a local guide that knows all the corners of this majestic place. You can just relax and inhale the fresh air, while you enjoy a peaceful walk through the green forests of Učka.

We suggest taking the “Slap” (Waterfall) trail that will lead you to an awe-inspiring waterfall inside the canyon. Another amazing trail is the “Vela Draga” that passes through a majestic canyon, protected as a geomorphological monument of extraordinary importance.

Yacht charter in Opatija fortress on top of učka
Nature park Učka – Photo credit to @visitopatija

Explore the Gulf of Kvarner with your yacht charter

If you decide on a yacht charter in Opatija, you will have the unique opportunity to explore the entire Kvarner gulf and all its wonders, with a professional crew and local experts at SuperYachts Croatia at your full disposal.

Cruise to nearby islands of Krk, Cres and Lošinj or hop to the coastal towns of Rijeka, Pula and Rovinj. Cruise to the largest island in the Croatian Adriatic Sea, Krk, also known as the “Golden Island” and discover charming historical towns on majestic hilltops with spectacular 360 views of the Kvarner gulf and your yacht in the pristine bay.

From Krk island, you can easily reach the second-largest Croatian island – Cres. Here, you can dive into the Blue Cave, try out new kinds of meditation, enjoy turquoise lagoons or cycle around the numerous lush trails.

Do not miss out on the Lošinj islands, filled with lush, unspoiled nature, and try out yoga on the stand-up paddleboards, in the shallow sandy coves. All these islands have one thing in common- they are places of surreal beauty, perfect for a charter vacation.

Whether you decide on a relaxing or adventurous holiday, you will not lack gorgeous places to explore, thrilling activities to take part in, and private lagoons for experiencing complete relaxation and rejuvenation in untouched nature.

Yacht charter in Opatija
The Kvarner Gulf as seen from Učka mountain – Photo credit to @visitopatija

Uncover a hidden underwater world

Ask your crew to prepare your scuba gear, and opt-in for an underwater adventure. You can snorkel and scuba dive with your scuba instructor around Opatija. No matter if you are an experienced diver or if you prefer to snorkel, this area will amaze you with its rich aquatic flora and colourful fauna.

Bring your GoPro or ask your crew to take memorable underwater photos of your underwater adventures. Explore the vivid sea walls, sponge colonies, swim with fish schools or glide through the water with your Seabob.


Opatija is widely known for its superb cuisine and numerous exquisite restaurants with an outstanding gastronomical offer. Along the Opatija Riviera, you will get the opportunity to try traditional recipes combined with fresh ingredients in some of Croatia’s best restaurants.

Your taste buds will be pampered by fantastic combinations and mouth-watering dishes, which will surely satisfy even the finest and most demanding gourmets. For a complete first-class dining experience, pair your meals with the excellent wines of the region.

Restaurant Navis – Berth your yacht on the restaurant’s terrace and get ready to enjoy the true meaning of hedonism. This restaurant will provide guests with a spectacular view since it is in a protected cove just outside the town of Opatija.

What is special about this place is not only its Michelin status but the restaurant is also built into a large rock, the sight of which will leave you impressed. Imagine a top-notch dining experience on its terrace, located on the cliff.

SuperYachts Croatia will make sure you have the best table, and an excellent culinary offer along with a unique view on the Preluk Bay, which will create a special setting for enjoyment in various gastronomic delights. Navis is a restaurant where you can taste modern and ambitious cuisine, feel impeccable service and a refined gastronomic experience.

This restaurant already has a superb reputation for its fresh seafood dishes, but if you are a sushi fan, you will be pleased to hear that their sushi repertoire also amazes guests.

Yacht charter in Opatija guests eating in a restaurant
Restaurant Navis – Photo credit to @hotelnavis

Restaurant Villa Ariston – Dining in Villa Ariston is a top-notch gastronomical delight in the city of Opatija. This spectacular restaurant is located in the classic, elegant villa on the waterfront (above Lungomare) that serves fabulous fish dishes and has an outstanding selection of wines. Opt-in for the unforgettable, Michelin star-worthy dining experience with a fantastic sea view.

Expect spectacular cuisine and first-class service at the Ariston, which is regularly listed among Croatia’s best restaurants. We suggest a table on the terrace within the spacious green garden overlooking the sea. Here you will be able to enjoy a completely hedonistic experience with exquisite courses, prepared by renowned chefs with prominent careers.

Yacht charter in Opatija view of the sea from a balcony
Restaurant Villa Ariston – Photo credit to @xheyitsnastya

Bistro Yacht club – In the heart of Opatija port, just a step away from your yacht charter, you can enjoy a premium dining experience. The Yacht Club will bring a superb gastronomic story based on Istrian cuisine with an emphasis on local, traditional dishes straight to your table.

We suggest you try numerous seafood delicacies, enriched by fine wine. This restaurant is one of the longest-lasting restaurants on the Opatija Riviera. Located by the sea, it has been one of the favourite places of all gourmet lovers and yacht enthusiasts for over two decades.

Yacht charter in Opatija food served on the table by the sea
Bistro Yacht Club Opatija – Photo credit to @bistro_yachtclub_opatija

Blue Cellar restaurant – one of the oldest restaurants in Opatija, located right on the waterfront in the picturesque Volosko cove. For almost 100 years this restaurant has preserved the tradition of local, authentic food and gastronomical customs of Opatija and its hinterland.

This award-winning restaurant is revered for its superb contemporary European cuisine where the expert chefs seamlessly blend the traditional and modern, featuring local produce and a fresh selection from the Adriatic Sea like scampi and fish, sourced daily.

Make sure to try the best wines, with the professional advice of Danijela Kramarić, restaurant manager, a double sommelier champion of Croatia and a champion of Eastern and Middle Europe. The blue cellar has been listed as one of the 100 best restaurants in the world in 2008 and 2010.

Yacht charter in Opatija waiter serving shrimps
Plavi podrum – Photo credit to @plavipodrumvolosko

Restaurant Argonaut – located in the five-star Hotel Milenij, offering a truly unique gastronomic experience that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. We suggest trying the local specialities, like shrimps on “buzara” sauce or on the grill, as well as delicacies of the Istrian hinterland such as homemade pasta with truffles, or boškarin meat, which is an autochthonous breed of Istrian lamb.

Also, do not miss out on the vast offer of hundreds of fine wine labels. In Argonauti, you will get a chance to reward your taste buds with culinary delights and feast your eyes on a fantastic sea view, with your yacht charter in the backdrop.

Yacht charter in Opatija fine dining
Restaurant Argonaut – Photo credit to @nadegeruuskanen


Start your yacht charter in Opatija, one of the most sophisticated cities in Croatia, also known as the cradle of tourism in the Adriatic. Your local SuperYachts Croatia broker will make your yacht charter in Opatija feel like a true aristocratic experience on your suggested seven-day yacht cruise.

Yach Charter in Opatija map

Day 1: Opatija – Lovran

Start your yacht charter in Opatija by exploring the city, before you head off for your cruising adventure around the Kvarner gulf. This atmospheric nobleman’s town is full of imposing architecture, lush gardens and awe-inspiring promenades like the “Lungomare”.

This seaside promenade from the late 19th century is a must-visit place, complete with spectacular sea views and incredible blends of nature and architecture. Apart from the historical and natural beauty of this coastal gem, you will also discover first-class gastronomy, full of culinary delights.

After your stroll around Opatija, make sure to visit the city of Lovran, located near Učka mountain, only 3.77 nautical miles from Opatija. Here you will be able to relax with the fresh sea air in your lungs and view the spectacular landscapes covered with evergreen forest. Ask your captain to moor your yacht in the Lovran bay, so you could enjoy a refreshing swim.

Yacht charter in Opatija beach in lovran
Beach in Lovran – Photo credit to @visit_lovran

Day 2: Lovran – Cres

Before departing for Cres island, opt-in for an active charter vacation and visit Mount Učka, the ideal place for relaxation and recreation in nature near Lovran. You will enjoy exciting outdoor activities and 360 views of the Kvarner Gulf, from the highest peak in the park Učka, which is something you do not want to miss.

You will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of sports such as free climbing, mountain biking, hang gliding, cycling and hiking. Or you can enjoy a peaceful stroll along the `Slap` trail leading through a chestnut and oak forest, to a majestic waterfall. Or the `Vela Draga` trail, which leads through a magnificent canyon full of unique views.

After a relaxing morning spend on Učka mountain, cruise to Cres Island, the second largest island in the Croatian Adriatic Sea, located 25.69 miles from Lovran. Here you can enjoy the pristine coastline, filled with great spots which are ideal for some fun with your arsenal of water toys. Ask your yacht captain to moor your yacht in the “Lubenice bay” so your crew can prepare your kayaks or SUP boards.

In this turquoise bay, you will discover the secrets of the mysterious Blue Cave. This spectacular place is a natural phenomenon, and we suggest visiting in the afternoon for a unique visual experience. On Cres Island, you can also explore numerous trails, try meditating through movement in stone labyrinths, swim in stunning lagoons, dive around shipwrecks and many more.

Yacht charter in Opatija aerial view of the beach on cres island
Explore the lush nature of Cres island – Photo credit to @lordnature

Day 3: Island Cres – Island Unije

Step out of your yacht charter and explore the historical town of Cres, on the western side of the island. For a more exciting sightseeing experience, the SuperYachts Croatia team can arrange a Segway tour around the town or a walking tour with a local guide.

Here you will see diverse architecture, and unique buildings you do not want to miss out on, like the Venetian Tower, the remnants of the city walls, the Old Roman Bridge, the Municipal Loggia and the Beli Olive mill.

After your tour, cruise 27.60 mi from Cres Island to Unije island. Unlike its neighbour, Unije is not so well known to other yacht lovers, unless they are guided by local experts. Ask your crew to moor your yacht charter in one of many pristine bays, where you can enjoy the sound of complete silence and unparalleled tranquillity.

If you decide to explore the island, visit the famous Vnetak lighthouse and climb up for a panoramic view of the nearby islands, so you could enjoy the unique calmness of an island that does not have any roads or cars. Relax in the private atmosphere, unspoiled nature and crystal-clear sea. This remote island is a true paradise for yacht enthusiasts who want to enjoy in the pristine locations, far away from prying eyes.

Yacht charter in Opatija island unije panoramic view
Heaven of earth – Unije island – Photo credit to @rubennoite

Day 4: Island Unije – Island Lošinj

Start your morning cruising around the Gulf of Kvarner with a glass of fresh orange juice, relaxing on your sundeck and admiring the wonders of nature. Only 15.96 miles from Unije island, you will find Lošinj, an island well known for its biodiversity. Here you can enjoy lush greenery or visit dolphin-spotting locations, a Sea Turtle Rescue Centre or the famous Apoxyomenos Museum.

Lošinj is the exact place where a bronze Greek statue from the second century BC was found so do not miss out on a unique diving experience in the Lošinj underwater park, where you can observe the replica of the statue and numerous other archaeological discoveries on the sandy seabed. The SuperYachts Croatia team will hire local, certified diving instructors and modern scuba gear.

If you’re seeking a heart-pumping activity, cruise to Veli Lošinj island and try climbing the 589-metre-high (1932ft) Osoršćica mountain. You can choose between 30 unique routes with different levels of difficulty. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, the SuperYachts Croatia team will ensure you have a skilled guide who will assist you on every step of your trekking adventures.

If you are more into hedonism than an active vacation, make sure to visit the Augusta Champagne and Wine bar. This elegant bar offers over fifty sorts of the finest wines, along with local treats, such as 1st class quality cheese and prosciutto, expertly paired with a fitting wine.

Yacht charter in Opatija aerial view of losinj island
One of numerous satellite isles surrounding Lošinj island – Photo credit to @visitlosinj

Day 5: Island Lošinj – Island Susak

Is there a better activity to start your day than morning coffee on your sundeck followed by a session of standup paddleboard yoga? We think not! Make the most out of the pristine waters in the Lošinj bays, and let the fun begin. You do not need to be a yoga practitioner or even know what you are doing to try out this fun activity. Just sit on your SUP board and the SuperYachts Croatia team will make sure you are instructed by an expert yoga trainer.

After a fun yoga session, cruise to the nearby island of Susak, only 8.90 miles away from Lošinj and get ready to be amazed by sandy shores stretching all over the island. If you are lucky, you might spot locals in their colourful traditional costumes during one of many summer festivities.

The best part of Susak is that this place is still relatively unknown, and you will get to enjoy a peaceful yacht charter vacation on this island, full of extraordinary beauty. Just sit back, enjoy the untouched nature and let time slow down to a halt on this unique island. Here you will not find any heavy machinery nor cars, just freedom and nature in all its glory.

Choose one among many numerous sandy coves; swim, snorkel and enjoy sunbathing on your floaties in the turquoise waters. We suggest the shallow Dragoca Bay for the families with kids and calm the Porat Bay.

Yacht charter in Opatija island of susak
Susak island – Photo credit to @visitsusak

Day 6: Island Susak – Island Pag

Cruise to the otherworldly Island of Pag, also known as the “Moon Island” due to its bare hills that remind people of the moon’s surface, especially when the moonlight shines over the calm waters around the island and gently colours the hills in a silvery haze. Only 29.36 nautical miles from Lošinj, on Pag island, you will discover rich gastronomy, famous for the finest lamb in Croatia, exquisite Paški cheese and vast salt fields.

This island is also well famous for producing fantastic olive oil. Ask your yacht captain to moor your yacht in the Lun bay, the northernmost village on the island and visit thousand-year-old olive trees. Make sure to check out the most famous souvenir from Croatia – Paška lace, which has been included in UNESCO’s List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Apart from that, this island is famous for hosting numerous movie sets, for films such as Winnetou, The Islander, Ibiza, TV series The Terror, Top Gear, and many more, as well as the countless brand commercials for luxury brands such as Bugatti Rimac, Mercedes, BMW, Honda, Chevrolet, Triumph, Audi and many others.

Furthermore, if you are eager for a night out, look no further – ask your crew to take you to the “Croatian Ibiza”, the famous Zrće beach. Here you will be able to enjoy a great nightlife full of parties, beloved by young people across the globe. Moor your yacht in the middle of the channel, enjoy the EDM beats, and amazing views of the Velebit mountain range.

The SuperYachts Croatia team will make sure you have the best booth in the club as well as backstage and stage passes for the ultimate clubbing experience in Croatia. Share the stage with the biggest DJs in the world and party with celebrities in this must-visit party destination.

Yacht charter in Opatija view of pag island
Enjoy the pristine coastline of Pag island – Photo credit to @visit.pag

Day 7: Island Pag – Island Rab – Opatija

As your last stop, we suggest visiting Rab island, located 63.13 miles from the island of Pag. This place will amaze you with picturesque gulfs and gorgeous beaches. Ask your crew to prepare your scuba gear and dive in the Cape of Sorinj, where you can explore the cargo of a sunken ship.

Relax on the island full of greenery and observe the wild deers and mouflons in their natural habitat. Take some time to stroll around Rab`s mediaeval centre and admire its numerous palaces, churches, and distinctive bell towers from up close. You might also want to visit Rajska Plaža (Paradise Beach), one of the most famous beaches on the island and recognized as one of the world’s top 100 beaches according to CNN.

If you’re planning a yacht charter vacation at the end of July, and you find yourself on Rab, you will get a chance to be a part of the 14th-century tradition- “Rabska Fjera”. Take a step back through time and feel the atmosphere of this unique event that will provide a peek into mediaeval life on the island, complemented by cheerful songs and local food.

After you spend the last day of your yacht charter returning to Opatija, head to the Marina where you started this journey, where your local SuperYacht Croatia broker will await your arrival, together with an arranged transfer to the airport or your five-star hotel.

Yacht charter in Opatija
Experience incredible sensations on your yacht charter holiday in Opatija – Photo credit to


Marina Admiral Opatija – Located in the heart of Northern Adriatic, in the `Nice of the Adriatic` – city of Opatija, you will find one of Croatia’s most luxurious ports- Marina Admiral. This luxurious port is categorised with four anchors – which is equivalent to five stars in hotels.

Apart from that, it is one of the best starting points for a yacht charter in Opatija. From here, you can easily reach the Opatija Riviera, the Kvarner gulf, Istria, and countless islands and islets in its vicinity. You will feel like you have the entire Adriatic in the palm of your hand. Marina Admiral lies in the centre of Opatija, next to hotel Admiral, which means the city centre is just a few steps away from your yacht charter in Opatija.

ACI Marina Opatija – This luxurious port is in the town of Ičići near Opatija. Being the best fit for yachts under 40 metres, this harbour was built in the area containing nearly 3000 years of nautical tradition. The ACI Marina Opatija occupies the exact place where Liburnians, skilful ships builders from 9th century BC lived.

If you are arriving at this marina by your superyacht charter, you can easily approach from the Northeast. This place is open all year round, and it offers 281 berths and all the amenities you might need during your charter. Due to its proximity to the city of Opatija, yacht enthusiasts can find anything they need in the radius of the marina.

Yacht charter in Opatija aerial view of opatija
Yacht charter in Opatija – Photo credit to @matej_mrva

Mali Bok Bay on Cres Island – Ask your yacht captain to drop anchor in Mali Bok Bay, a beautiful idyllic cove surrounded by high rocks. Here you can enjoy the emerald sea and pristine nature, as well as the various water activities with your yacht water toys, or ask your crew to take you to the Mali Bok pebbly beach with your yacht tender. This lush oasis will not leave you feeling indifferent once you see its unspoiled nature and pristine sea.

Yacht charter in Opatija bay in mali otok
Mali Bok Bay – Photo credit to @aljoscha_one

Osor Bay – During your yacht charter in Opatija, you will have a chance to visit Osor, also known as the “Miniature Istanbul” because of its position between a narrow channel between the islands Cres and Lošinj.

You can easily approach Osor with your yacht charter, but keep it moored at least half a mile off the headland of its cape, to avoid shallow waters. You can ask your crew to prepare a tender for a visit to the historical town of Osor, which reminds of an open-air museum.

Yacht charter in Opatija bay in osor
Osor Bay – Photo credit to @feelcres

Meli Bay Cres Island – Cruise along the east side of Cres Island, and you will experience all the beauty of nature. You will have a view on the mighty cliffs that stubbornly defy the mighty northern wind.

On the southernmost part of the Cres, ask your crew to moor your yacht charter and discover a secluded bay perfect for a swim in a pearly sea as if was placed there straight from an artist’s canvas. Moreover, ask your crew to moor in the Meli Bay and enjoy its tropical sand and inviting turquoise sea. Enjoy your private universe in this lagoon filled with surreal beauty.

Yacht charter in Opatija meli bay
Meli Bay – Photo credit to @gio_calliari


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The SuperYachts Croatia team will make your yacht charter in Opatija feel like a true aristocratic experience. You will have the team of the best local experts at your disposal 24/7 and we will make you and your charter guests feel like royalty in a floating charter castle.

Just relax and leave all the worries ashore, your local brokers from SuperYachts Croatia are experts in making the impossible possible. You can freely enjoy your next tailor-made yacht charter in Opatija while we do all the heavy lifting on your behalf.