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Yacht Charter in Cres

December 13, 2021

30 minute read

Start your charter in Cres and experience a multitude of stimuli that will overwhelm all your senses: crystal-clear sea, countless secluded bays, hidden coves, picturesque towns filled with rich history and great gastronomical delights on every step of the way. Cruise through the Kvarner gulf and enjoy spectacular vistas and untouched nature everywhere you go.

Start your yacht charter in Cres and delight all your senses: crystal-clear sea, countless secluded bays, hidden coves, picturesque towns filled with rich history and great gastronomical masterpieces every step of the way. Cruise through the Kvarner gulf and enjoy spectacular vistas and untouched nature everywhere you go.

During your cruise, there is a big chance you will encounter dolphins and Mediterranean monk seals. Moreover, chartering a yacht around Cres island will be a private and relaxing experience, where you will evade the attention of prying eyes.

On this island, you will get a chance to explore ancient cities, dive around underwater canyons and shipwrecks, snorkel in majestic sea caves and more. Opt for an active charter vacation and pull out your water toy arsenal for unparalleled fun in private bays or enjoy cycling on more than 300km of trails.

Discover a new way of meditation and connect with nature, while you relax in the Tramontana Forrest. The SuperYachts Croatia team will ensure you have a memorable yacht charter holiday, tailored to elevate your entire being.

Keep reading to find out more about unique charter experiences on Cres Island…


Start your yacht charter vacation from one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia and enjoy complete privacy right from the beginning of your charter holiday. Cres offers an extraordinary starting position for yacht charters; after you embark on an exploration mission of this vivid island, you can cruise anywhere you want.

You will be able to discover countless secluded bays, lush nature, diverse culture, and stunning architecture. Cruise around Cres with your yacht charter and explore private bays with crystal clear water, ideal for your next snorkelling adventure or a fun time with the diverse arsenal of your water toys.

Cres is also perfect if you want to experience a peaceful charter and escape the summer crowds that gather on Croatia`s mainland. Instead of fighting your way through crowds, cruise alongside the dotted coastline of Cres, full of pristine coves, ancient forests, and historical hilltop towns from simpler times. You can also stroll through the old town of Cres and observe its ancient stone gates, numerous paintings, trefoils and distyles.

In the centre of Cres, you can take a tour of the city`s walls, as well as fascinating two-story stone buildings, the Duke’s Palace, the Loggia, the Arsenal and other aristocratic palaces near the harbour. Moreover, you can explore numerous cycling trails on your e-bike and enjoy being active on your yacht charter holiday.

Cres is also the second-largest island in the Adriatic Sea after its neighbour- Krk Island. Both islands are located in the western part of Kvarner bay, a famous destination for yacht enthusiasts due to its wonderous nature, countless private bays and historic towns.

On Cres, you will be amazed by perfectly preserved nature, lush forests on the northern side of the island and steep coastline on its eastern shores, famous for being home to the elusive griffon vulture and proclaimed an ornithological reserve in 1986.

On this island, you do not want to miss out on picturesque hilltop villages and crystal-clear bays surrounding the marvellous Lake Vrana, one of a few freshwater lakes in the Croatian Adriatic Sea. Apart from nature and heritage, Cres will also awaken your taste buds with exquisite cuisine, full of traditional dishes; meat lovers have to try the mouth-watering lamb dishes.

yacht charter in cres
Cres offers numerous possibilities for a private yacht charter experience – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: beautifulcroatia


We recommend chartering a yacht around Cres in July or August, during the high season. Why? Cres island is a true oasis for yacht charterers, and it is still an undiscovered destination in the global yacht community, which means that you will have complete privacy and be able to enjoy untouched nature on this extraordinarily beautiful island, without summer crowds.

The months of July and August will therefore offer perfect cruising conditions. But, the entire duration of the summer season brings this vivid island`s atmosphere to its peak – temperatures are ideal and the sea is warm, which is perfect for all the water activities you can do with your yacht charter. If you cannot make it in the high season, do not worry, cruising conditions here are ideal throughout the whole yachting season, from April until November.

The winds are particularly reliable during this time, with daytime winds usually not exceeding 15 knots, with their predominant direction being landward.

Yacht Charter in Cres air temperature graph
Average Air temperatures in Cres
Yacht Charter in Cres average sea temperature graph
Average Sea temperatures in Cres

Between June and September, the temperature of the air is somewhere between 25 C° (77F) – 30 C° (86F) degrees and the sea is pleasant and refreshing for swimming, with temperatures at around 20C° (68F), and by the end of August, at 25C° (77F).


If you plan on arriving with your yacht charter in Cres via plane or car, you will be pleased to know that your transit will go smoothly. There are two nearby airports, and the roads in Istria are great for pleasant driving with scenic views. The SuperYachts Croatia team can arrange all the details of your trip and transfers, from the nearby airports to the ACI marina in Cres and your yacht charter.

There are two airports near Cres Island, Rijeka airport on the nearby Krk island and the Pula airport. The SuperYachts Croatia team can arrange a VIP transfer from the airport for you and your charter guests; just sit back and relax, we will make sure you have a perfect start to your charter vacation in Cres.

If you are travelling by car or limo, you can use these ports to access the island from the mainland: Valbiska on the island Krk and Brestova in Istria. Your SuperYachts Croatia yacht broker will make sure all the technical sides of your VIP transfer to Cres island go without a hitch.

You can also easily reach Cres island by boat, mooring the ACI Marina Cres on the southwestern side of the island. You will reach Cres with ease, and you will find multiple secluded anchorages and some of the finest marinas in Croatia.

Yacht charter on Cres
A yacht charter holiday on Cres guarantees countless incredible experiences, from the first moment you step foot on the island – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: _explorer_bz


Explore the Blue Cave with your stand-up paddleboard or snorkel with lobsters

Cruise around Cres island with your yacht charter and embark on an immersive exploration mission. For your first quest, you will visit a lobster colony, living in the “Blue Grotto”. This “Blue Grotto” cave is about 20 m long, and it is home to nocturnal Adriatic lobsters and oysters, with the blue light being a result of a natural phenomenon that occurs in summer afternoons.

You can enter this mysterious cave through its wide main entrance by swimming or with your SUP board. If you are still eager for adventure, you can dive through its narrow entrance with your scuba instructor and meet the lobsters. This unique place is located in Žanje Bay, near Lubenice village. You can moor your yacht charter in the Žanje bay or the Martinščica bay – either way, you will need your tender or water toys to get close to the cave.

Enjoy an otherworldly ambience of the “Blue Grotto”, complemented with a blue-ish glow, created by sun rays gently piercing through the cave ceiling openings. Deep inside of this majestic place, you will discover an illuminated pebbly lagoon, perfect for one-of-a-kind photos. We recommend visiting this spectacular cave in the afternoon since sunlight is needed for the spectacle of light inside.

yacht charter in cres blue cave on cres
“Blue Grotto” on Cres – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: nikolinabesenic

Enjoy sightseeing around the town of Cres

Step out of your yacht charter for a pleasant stroll around the historical town of Cres, located in the well-protected bay on the western side of Cres island. This antique little town dates back to ancient times, when it was just a small Roman settlement named “Crepsa”. During the Middle Ages, Cres built its defensive walls under Venetian rule, which is noticeable from architectural elements around the town.

Throughout history, this city was one of the most important maritime centres in the Adriatic. Let your private guide take you on a walking tour around Cres, so you can experience a stunning stone defence tower, as well as the three-nave church of St. Mary, built in the 15th century with Gothic and Romanesque elements.

You can also visit the church and convent of St. Francis, dating back from the 1300s. In the outer cloister, you can observe the tombs of renowned Cres families, while the inner cloister holds the oldest emblem of Cres. Since this island has changed many rulers throughout history, it was endowed with diverse architecture, making it a very exciting place for sightseeing on your charter holiday.

Cres town has been heavily influenced by the Venetian empire – do not miss out on the monuments like the Venetian Tower, the remnants of the city walls, the Old Roman Bridge, the Municipal Loggia and the Beli Olive mill.

yacht charter in cres
Experience the many different sides of Cres island – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: cresfun.more

Visit the stone labyrinths and try meditating through movement

Spend a day of your charter vacation strolling around the mystical forest of Tramuntana on the north of Cres island. In this area, there are three bike trails, seven labyrinths and seven walking trails.

You can explore these ancient stone labyrinths thanks to seven educational trails scattered around the Tramuntana forest, located on the north part of Cres island. Lose and find yourself again in the labyrinth, each one representing an unknown and ambiguous part of yourself; be cautious, there is only one entrance and exit.

When entering the labyrinth, you will need to set your intention and pass through the labyrinth to achieve it. Walking through this ancient maze will be like meditating through movement. You can try out this meditation technique in one of the seven stone labyrinths.

In the vicinity of the labyrinths, you can start trekking on one of 7 eco-trails that pass through the old roads that used to connect, what are now, abandoned villages. You will experience true wilderness: encounter sheep, turtles and griffon vultures. Walk along the dirt paths surrounded by stone walls, and simply follow the markings.

The Red Trail is a 10km long trail and it is considered „An Exhibition of History and Art in Nature “. The Black Trail is considerably shorter, with a length of 1.9km. This trail starts at the beach and leads through a majestic canyon. The Blue Trail`s length is 6 kilometres, passing through a lush forest.

Other trails include the Green Trail, the Purple Trail also known as the “Fairy Trail “, the Orange Trail and the Turquoise Trail, primarily suited for kids.

Yacht charter in Cres, the island of cres
The island of Cres – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: cresfun.more

Visit the Forbidden Vrana Lake

Cres island has a forbidden lake, and the legend says – if you drink from this lake, you will never leave Cres. This lake is a peculiar natural phenomenon, located in the middle of the island, also acting as a natural freshwater reservoir for the needs of the island.

Visitors cannot swim or dive in the lake, but they can still enjoy spectacular vistas of the lake and try the quality of the water which comes directly from Vrana village. What is special about this lake is that one part of the lake is above sea level, and the other part is beneath it.

Yacht charter in Cres lake vrana
Lake Vrana on Cres island – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: croatia_explore

Explore the town of Osor, a “town museum”

Ask your crew to drop anchor near the unique town of Osor. This hidden gem lies in a narrow channel between the two biggest Croatian islands – Cres and Krk. Throughout history, this was a major trading port that enjoyed a privileged status because of its strategic position. You can easily cruise to Osor with your tender, but we recommend mooring your yacht at least half a mile to avoid shallow waters.

Feel like you are walking through an open-air museum in Osor, which is full of magnificent statues and architecture. Enjoy a relaxing stroll along the city centre, with a series of bronze statues around the main square made by Croatia’s most renowned sculptor, Ivan Meštrović. Moreover, the Osor channel is a stunning place to enjoy pristine waters, while you explore the seabed by either diving or snorkelling.

Yacht charter in Cres city of osor
The city of Osor – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: croatiaweek

Hike to the four thousand years old hilltop village

Located on a 378 metres high cliff, with a breath-taking panoramic view of Kvarner Bay, stands a 4.000-year-old village of Lubenice. Once a thriving settlement, today is home to crumbling old buildings and a handful of locals. Near Lubenice, you will find one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia – the pebble beach of St. Ivan, perfect for a refreshing swim.

If you like hiking, descend to the St. Ivan beach or to Žanje bay. During summer evenings, you can enjoy open-air musical events, such as “Lubenice Evenings” – a music event where many international and Croatian artists are present.

Yacht charter in Cres lubenice beach
The view from Lubenice – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: katja_katja_ja

Discover the home of majestic birds of prey

Other worth-visiting places on Cres island, during your yacht charter holiday, include the village of Beli – one of the oldest, most secluded areas on the island. This acropolis-style settlement is located on a 130-metre-high hill in the northern part of the island and is also home to the only known species of birds of prey that build their nests directly above the sea, known as the White-headed Griffon Vulture.

Yacht charter in Cres griffon vulture
Griffon vulture on the island of Cres – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: croatiaweek

Witness the birthplace of Valun slab

If you are a history buff, you would not want to miss the opportunity to visit Valun village. This place is a typical fisherman’s village, sheltered by Pernat bay, where you too can moor your yacht.

Valun is famous for being the place of Croatia’s most precious linguistic discovery – the Valun Slab, the oldest monument of the Glagolic writing system, found in the small Church of St. Mark, near the village cemetery. Apart from that, this place is known as gastronomical heaven for gourmets on Cres island. Here, you can enjoy the exquisite seafood, prepared with expertise and excellent service, following traditional recipes.

Yacht charter in cres valun village
Valun village – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: rivatours

Enjoy a Beach escape around Cres Island

Cruise around Cres Island and discover countless secluded bays, perfect for a peaceful day on the beach on your yacht charter vacation in Croatia. This fairy-tale island is full of spectacular bays and beaches, most of which can be found at locations that are difficult to reach. Do not worry, you can simply cruise to any bay with your yacht charter.

You might want to start on a beautiful pebble beach surrounded by green hills – Krušćica bay. This stunning cove is located near Merag town, and is listed as a special area of conservation because of its biodiversity.

The next bay you do not want to miss out on is a wild pebble beach called Stara Porozina, next to the town of Porozina. This wild beach is crowd-free even during the high season because it is reachable by boat only; that is why it’s ideal for yacht charters in Cres.

If you took your children with you on holiday, make sure to visit the Kovačine beach, designated as a Blue-flag beach and located on the northwestern side of the Kovačine Cape. This lovely beach is surrounded by cliffs, and it is ideal for kids who are still learning to swim.

If you are in a need of a pet-friendly beach, suitable for your four-legged friend, pay a visit to the pebble beach Slatina, near the town of Martinšćice. Apart from being a perfect pet-friendly beach, where your pets can enjoy the crystal clear sea with you, this beach also has a lot to offer to children as well. Your kids can enjoy pedal boats and numerous playgrounds near the beach.

Lastly, Žanje bay is an absolute must-visit place, located next to the famous St. Ivan’s beach, right below the picturesque town of Lubenice.

yacht charter in cres slatina beach
Slatina beach – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: sabrina.morabito.710

Stay active on your yacht charter in Cres

Cruising around Cres Island will be a delight for all your senses, while also providing an opportunity to stay active on your charter vacation with the help of water toys. Slide and splash in style from your yacht slide moored in St.Ivan bay, have a thrilling jet-ski ride around Martinščica bay and use a stand-up paddleboard in the Blue Cave. You could also explore the island’s hinterland and try meditating through movement in the Tramontana Forrest. Cres is ideal for walks and hikes, especially if you are a nature lover.

Hop on your e-bikes and cycle through more than 300 km (187miles) of green paths or explore interesting kayaking routes. These lush island trails will take you through the most isolated parts of the island. Discover the true meaning of `Robinsonian` adventure and visit island peaks, caves and beaches. If you plan on taking the kids along, do not worry, these trails are for everyone, with various difficulties, and there is also a special trail for kids.

You will encounter more than 1,400 different types of plants on your hiking, cycling or kayaking adventures. On Cres, you will often see wandering sheep and donkeys, roaming free around the island. If you are lucky enough, you might even spot a rare, and endangered bird of prey -the white-headed griffon vulture.

Adopt a dolphin on your yacht charter in Cres

Cruise around Cres island long enough and you are bound to spot a bottlenose dolphin. These playful greyish dolphins reach 2 (6.5ft) to 4 (13ft) metres in length and weigh between 100kg (220lb) and 150 kg (330lb) . The dolphins that make the Adriatic their home usually grow up to be 3 metres long (9.8ft) and live for about 30 years. They move in groups of 3 to 4, but people have reported groups numbering 30 dolphins or more.

The bigger the group, the more playful and curious they become, often approaching yachts and performing various acrobatic tricks. If you want to help protect this intelligent mammal, you can adopt your very own bottlenose dolphin.

yacht charter in cres dolphins
Dolphins on Cres – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: martell_71

Scuba dive around underwater canyons and shipwrecks

Cruise to Cutin islets and discover one of the most beautiful diving spots in the Adriatic. Explore a majestic underwater canyon near Mali Cutin with your personal scuba instructor. This magical place begins at 8 metres (26ft) depth, and it descends to the depth of 50 metres.

This colourful canyon is four metres wide and covered with Red Gorgonian, home to many crab and eel species. Near the canyon, you will find another underwater paradise, a 30-metre-long (98ft) cave! The cave entrance is only 4 metres (13ft) under sea level, enabling you to take stunning underwater photos of your exciting yacht charter experience.

Discover a spectacular 60m(196.78ft) long warship, hidden under the waters of Cres island. The shipwreck in question is that of SMS Streiter, an Austro-Hungarian warship that sunk in 1918. Today, this wreckage provides a spectacular sight, but it is recommended for more experienced, divers since it is located at a depth of 50m (164ft).

If you are not a big fan of deep-sea diving, but you still want to explore underwater life, Cres island has plenty to offer to beginners. You can snorkel around endless coves along Punta Križa on the island’s southern coast or survey The Blue Cave in Žanja Bay near Lubenice, perfect for a unique snorkelling experience.

yacht charter in cres scuba diving
Scuba Diving around Cres – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: lukinovicka


Cres is a famous gourmet island, praised for its fresh seasonal food. You will thrive on gastronomy, visiting the famous Goulash festival, Fish stew festival or Fig days. If there is one local speciality you do not want to miss on your yacht charter in Cres –it is the mouth-watering spit-roasted lamb, prepared with local aromatic herbs.

Make sure to visit local restaurants, sampling exquisite seafood, made according to traditional recipes. Do not miss out on dishes under the bell (ispod peke) or shrimps and mussels with buzara sauce. Discover unique flavours complemented with spectacular views on Kvarner Bay and top-notch local wines.

Restaurant Alfred Keller

Named after the superstar Austrian architect, who designed this restaurant, this establishment is distinguishable by its unique décor – marble and onyx, as well as a spectacular view off Mali Lošinj island. Gault Millau bestowed two chef’s toques on this fine-dining destination, whose cuisine matches its sumptuous decor.

Chef Thomas Brasleret will amaze you each time when he successfully conjures memorable dishes, made of first-class Mali Lošinj lamb, fresh fish, shellfish, Istrian boškarin beef and donkey meat. In this spectacular place you will be able to enjoy exquisite food, but make sure to complement your meal with a local or international wine from a restaurant-wide selection of 400 + labels.

yacht charter in cres local fish with pasta
Restaurant Alfred Keller – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: boutiquehotelalhambra

MamaLu Restaurant

Cruise with your yacht charter around Cres Island and moor into the Valun bay. Yachts can find their berth on the main pier in the centre of town where there is a suitable mooring. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear sea, after your swim as most people do, you might get hungry. Do not worry in this bay you will find one of the best restaurants in Cres, famous for its fresh seafood dishes. You can dock your tender right on the restaurant’s pontoon.

Enjoy the breath-taking view on the seascape from the terrace, try octopus under the bell (ispod peke) or shrimps on buzara sauce. Do not miss out on the famous Cres Lamb, which you absolutely must try cooked under the bell, or spit-roasted; it tastes superb cooked either way.

Bistro Melin

Enjoy a fine dining experience in Bistro Melin. This family restaurant will amaze you with its simplicity and outstanding quality of service and food. You can enjoy a fresh portion of grilled shrimps, octopus under the bell or orate on the grill. Every dish is characterised by a great texture and a taste that you will not be able to forget. You will have impeccable and attentive service with finely-served dishes and a great atmosphere with a touch of privacy.


Opt-in the yacht charter in Cres and explore ancient cities, dive around underwater canyons and shipwrecks, snorkel in majestic sea caves, pull out your water toy arsenal for unparalleled fun in private bays on your luxurious yacht charter. Your local yacht brokers will make sure your cruise is an unforgettable experience for you and your charter guests.

Yacht charter in Cres
Let your crew plan a unique 7-day charter itinerary

Day 1: Cres Island – Krk Island

Start your yacht charter adventure on Cres Island, and opt for a spectacular yachting experience. Cres is the second biggest island in Croatia, and it is full of remarkable spots, rich heritage and secluded bays. Make sure to take your time exploring all the wonders this island can provide.

Note that, when arriving on the island, the SuperYachts Croatia team will arrange a VIP transfer for you, taking you from the airport to the luxurious ACI marina on Cres Island. This particular marina is awarded the prestigious ‘Five golden anchors award‘. Apart from that, this marina is in the very centre of Cres Island, which means you will be able to explore the old town of Cres just a few steps away from your charter.

Cruise with your yacht on the Southwest side of Cres Island, three miles Northwest of Jadriščica port and refresh yourself with a swim in a bay surrounded by lush, wild greenery and a private atmosphere. On the most southern part of Cres Island, you will discover one of the most beautiful beaches in the Croatian Adriatic Sea – Punta Križa beach.

Here you will be able to enjoy the turquoise waters, lush vegetation, and almost no civilization near you at all. That means this is the right place to have a blast with your water toy arsenal, complemented with all luxurious amenities of your yacht charter and stunning clear sea.

Cres has many things to offer; we suggest you take a day and explore the island’s hinterland and all the hidden spots for a memorable charter experience, before your cruise to Krk island.

yacht charter in cres cove on krk island
Krk island – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: visitkrkisland

Day 2: Krk Island – Košljun Island – Prvić Island

Cruise to the Golden Island of Krk and explore all that the largest Croatian island has to offer. Moor your yacht charter in Punat bay, located on the Southwestern part of the island of Krk. This bay is one of the most protected bays on the Adriatic Sea, where you can enjoy extraordinary beaches between Punat and Stara Baška, complemented with lush vegetation, exquisite cuisine and numerous water activities.

Opt-in for water skiing, windsurfing, or thrilling paragliding rides along the coast of Cres, or enjoy all the benefits of your water toys. Ask your crew to prepare your yacht slide, Seabobs, jet skis and opt-in for a day full of exciting yacht charter experiences.

This island is also famous for wine production, with the most special sort being that which has matured under the sea. A wine that aged under the depths of the Adriatic Sea, can be brought to you by the SuperYachts Croatia team or you can dive for it on location.

The cruising spots on this vast island are numerous, you can explore the secluded northern bays, North Coast (Košćere), beaches of the west coast, and the famous Košljun islet. Take your time and explore the entire coast of Krk. You will not get bored of this spectacular place. You can always moor your superyacht and enjoy relaxing fishing or diving adventures in one of many private coves around Krk Island.

yacht charter in cres prvic island
Prvić island – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: beautifulcroatia

Day 3: Island Prvić – Sv. Grgur Island – Goli Otok Island – Island Rab

Once you explore the majestic Krk island, make sure to cruise around the nearby islets of Sv.Grgur, Prvić and Goli Otok. This area is a true paradise for yacht charters and it is full of islets to explore while enjoying all the luxurious perks that your charter has to offer.

On Grgur island, take a morning swim in the crystal-clear sea, and make sure to visit the attraction of the island – a friendly deer that often comes to greet people and it is a true delight for the youngest passengers.

Cruise to Goli otok island and enjoy the beautiful panorama of the mountain range Velebit – the largest Croatian mountain. National Geographic describes Goli Otok (Naked Island) as “the Croatian Alcatraz” famous for its small surface, no vegetation and buildings made by convicts and political prisoners. This Islet is most famous for its male prison, which today is nothing more than a tourist attraction.

After this bare island, you might want to stop by the island Prvić and explore its pristine coves surrounded by lush vegetation for a change of scenery. From there continue your yacht charter adventure onwards to Rab island.

yacht charter in cres the island of rab
The island of Rab – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: beautifulcroatia

Day 4: Island Rab – Island Pag

Cruise to Rab Island, famous for its Oakwoods, and the stunningly gorgeous Paradise Beach, which was named Top 100 Beaches in the World by CNN. If you are a fan of naturalism, Sahara beach is an excellent choice. This remote nudist beach offers beautiful crystal-clear water and almost no crowds. If you are chartering on Rab from 25th to 27th of July, make sure to experience the oldest mediaeval festival in Croatia – “Rabska Fjera”.

During this lively festival, the entire town goes back in time. You will be able to visit many small artisan shops, join craft workshops and experience first-hand how traditional crafts work, just like in the Middle Ages. You will enjoy a unique atmosphere, while you stroll around the stone streets filled with song, music and scents of local food. From Rab island, you can ask your captain to take you to the ‘Moon island’ of Pag and drop your anchor in Lun bay.

Pag is famous for its landscape that reminds of the moon’s surface. You will also get a chance to try the famous Paški cheese, lamb and discover the most beautiful lace in the world, inscribed in the UNESCO’s List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

If you want to spend a quiet evening on your yacht, Lun bay is perfect for that, because of its gorgeous landscape. If you want to opt for an unforgettable night, cruise to Novalja, also known as `Croatian Ibiza` and berth your superyacht right in the Noa beach club’s docks.

Zrće beach in Novalja is a world-famous party destination that surpasses even Ibiza. Here you will certainly have the time of your life and get a chance to listen to the best EDM and techno DJs from all over the world. You will surely enjoy the party atmosphere of this gorgeous club destination, built straight above the sea.

yacht charter in cres the island of pag
The island of Pag – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: beautifulcroatia

Day 5: Pag – Lošinj – Sv. Petar – Ilovik

After a night spent on Pag, it is time to explore more gorgeous islands in the Northern Adriatic Sea. Cruise to your next destination – Lošinj Island. Make sure to visit the breathtaking bays around the island: famous Sunčana uvala (Sunny Bay) and wild coves like Zabodarski beach in Artatore, Plieski on the southern side of Lošinj, Krivica bay, and Uvala Engleza (Englishman bay) near Koludarac.

In all those bays you can enjoy lush shaded areas in pine tree forests and turquoise, shallow waters, with a sandy seabed, making them perfect for families with kids. Cruise to Kvarnerić bay in the western part of Lošinj, which is the natural habitat of around 120 dolphins, or visit the Museum of Apoxyomenos. You will discover history presented in an innovative and approachable way.

Stop by the two charming islets full of the evergreen Mediterranean vegetation. Ilovik island is known as the ‘Island of Flowers’, because they grow around every house, with a distinctive feature of this island being high eucalyptus trees. This islet’s location is ideal, for it is accessible from all sides, enabling you to explore numerous gentle lagoons, like the sandy bay of Paržine on the Southeast part of the island.

There are three marinas on Losinj for your yacht charter: namely Marina Losinj and Mali Losinj Marina on the E side and Yacht Club Marina located at the head of the inlet. If you prefer mooring in the private surroundings, do not worry, Lošinj has countless splendid lagoons perfect for mooring your superyacht charter.

yacht charter in cres the island of mali losinj
The island of Mali Lošinj – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: croatiaweek

Day 6: Ilovik – Susak – Unije

As the next stop on your yacht charter cruise around Cres island and Kvarner bay, visit Susak island, a famous oasis for yacht lovers. Relax, and enjoy the tranquillity and take a step back into time. Just sit back and soak in the wonders of this car-free island.

Make sure to cruise around its secluded bays, swim and snorkel in the sandy lagoons, discover its colourful traditional costumes and play with your kids in its yellow sand. Ask your yacht captain to moor your yacht charter in the Susak port, and explore the pristine bays with your tender.

We suggest the shallow Dragoca Bay and Porat Bay. Furthermore, on Unije Island, you will enjoy crystalline seas, countless secluded coves, gentile pebble beaches and cliffs. Since this island usually passes under the radar of most tourists, complete privacy is guaranteed.

yacht charter in cres susak island
Susak island – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: chorvatsko_paradise

Day 7: Unije – Osor – Cres

Cruise from Unije to a unique small town lying at a narrow channel between the lush island of Lošinj and Island Cres- Osor. Here you will find a tranquil channel that dates from Roman times, built to make sailing possible.

You can easily approach Osor from the sea, but a yacht should keep at least half a mile off the headland of the cape. Enjoy ancient Osor town and relax in its splendid lagoons before you head to Cres. Before your return to the ACI Marina Cres, take your time and explore the coastline of Cres island and enjoy the last day of your yacht charter in Croatia.

The SuperYachts Croatia team will make sure you have a warm welcome and a VIP transfer from your yacht charter to your hotel or aircraft.

yacht charter in cres
Yacht charter on Cres – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: ulakolbina


Yacht lovers will not be disappointed with the ACI marina Cres. This luxurious and award-winning marina is the 2nd ACI marina in the Adriatic Sea with the prestigious ‘Five golden anchors award’. Apart from that, this marina is in the very centre of Cres Island, which means you will be able to explore the old town of Cres just a few steps away from your yacht charter.

Here, you will find all the amenities you might need, as well as the Mistral restaurant, well suited for a top-class dining experience. ACI Marina Cres is located on the Southwestern side of Cres island, in an elongated and naturally sheltered bay, and it is open during the entire year.

This marina has 461 berths and 70 dry berths, and it can accommodate mega yachts up to 50 m in length. Moor your yacht in this prestigious marina and enjoy exploring the stunning nature of Cres Island.

Cruise with your yacht on the Southwestern side of Cres Island, three miles Northwestern of the Luka Jadriščica to Martinščica Bay. The best anchorage spot in this lovely bay is in the East fork of the bay, where the depths are from 2.0 – 5.0 metres. This bay offers shelter from most winds, with a sandy seabed providing good holding. In Martinščica bay you will discover the pristine sea and `Robinsonian` vegetation and the landscape full of lush Mediterranean vegetation.

You can easily approach Osor from the sea. We suggest keeping your yacht at least half a mile off the headland of the cape to avoid shallow waters. Ask your crew to moor your yacht alongside the quay on the Northern side of the bay, near the bridge. You can hop on your tender and explore the small town of Osor, which will make you feel like you are in the open-air museum.

Take a stroll around this antique small town lying on a narrow channel between the two islands- Cres and Lošinj. From here you can easily visit either one of those islands with your yacht or with quads or segways, which the SuperYachts Croatia team will provide for your sightseeing tour.

On the most southern part of Cres Island, you will discover one of the most beautiful beaches in the Croatian Adriatic Sea – Punta Križa. Enjoy the turquoise waters, lush vegetation and almost no civilization near you at all. Here you will be able to enjoy utter privacy complemented with all the luxurious amenities of your yacht charter and a stunningly-clear sea.

A cruise to Punta Križa bay means to wander off into a green paradise, where pine forests and maquis dominate the coast and blend with the pristine lagoons. You will not be able to find such an indented coast anywhere else, composed of private bays and a pearl-blue sea.

Punta Križa is a true oasis full of peace and a perfect destination for your yacht charter in Cres. Along the coast of this stunning bay, you can find secluded churches and each of them has its own story.

Do not miss the Jama cave, where traces of a man from the 7,000 BC Palaeolithic era were found, and be sure to climb Vela Straža observatory, where you will witness stunning panoramic vista on the archipelago and your yacht charter moored in the shimmering waters.

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Yacht charter on Cres – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: _explorer_bz


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