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The Only Yacht Charter Guide You Will Ever Need

Prepare to climb onboard easily with this detailed yacht charter guide, specially constructed to assist you on your private yacht charter in Croatia.

To all the first-time yacht charterers, this comprehensive yacht charter guide will help gather all the necessary information before venturing into the exclusive world of superyacht charters.

However, if you are familiar with this type of luxury vacation, continue reading & learn something new or contact us immediately to book your next luxury yacht.


the date

When considering the date of your charter, you have to know a few basics about the summer season in Croatia. The pre-season starts in May and last until the middle of June when the first mass of tourists start to arrive. During this time, the weather is mild and there are only a few yachts cruising in the Croatian Adriatic sea. You could enjoy more privacy and a sense of exclusivity.

On the other hand, you could also experience the bustling explosion of life that happens from June to August, all around the Croatian coastline. The towns come alive, buzzing with activity and presenting many different happenings, from concerts and cultural shows, exhibitions, artistic performances, Fisherman`s nights to historic re-enactments and live theatre.

Also, it would be a good idea to charter from May to June and from September to October if you want to avoid the high summer temperatures, which hit in late July.

number of people

When choosing the exact number of people for your charter, the most important thing is the length of the yacht and the number of cabins she provides. Larger yachts mean more space and more accommodations.

The norm on most superyachts is 12 guests maximum; lengthier yachts fall under a different vessel category and therefore can carry more people (usually up to 16 or 20), while the more compact yachts, being limited in size, are also limited in guest capacity.

Also worthy of mentioning is that yachts between 20 and 30 meters can vary in design, and therefore vary in their capacity to carry guests. The prudent thing to do would be to first consult with your trusted SuperYachts Croatia representative, who will help you decide the optimal number of guests for a perfect yacht charter holiday in Croatia.

activities & things to do

With such a large selection of things to do while on a yacht in Croatia, you will constantly be able to choose between exciting activities, learning opportunities, adrenaline rides, discovery trips and cruising exploration. Kayak, snorkel, scuba-dive and paddleboard, but not before you try your luck on towables, jet skis, jet packs, Sea Bobs and flyboards.

Relax after a an exhausting afternoon of have fun on watertoys by getting massaged by warm jets and whirpools of your jacuzzi.


must see places

Croatia is teeming with places of absolute beauty, interesting history of both. From the bottom of the south Adriatic, all the way up to the north, Croatia will not disappoint a charter guest cruising in her sea.

There are numerous National Parks in Croatia, which are places of extreme natural beauty. Coastal towns in Croatia are more than harbours or jumping off points for maritime traffic – they are hubs of culture and trade, with more than two thousand years of historical heritage. This translates to spectacular roman and medieval architecture, as well as gothic and renaissance buildings and fortifications.


Croatian cuisine is an interesting blend of many different influences and cultures, though a long period of time. The Croatian coast is a never-ending source for fresh and healthy sea-food, with fish, squids and octopuses having many different preparational variants.

Onboard your yacht charter, you will have a Michelin-level chef at your disposal, who will prepare contemporary dishes with local ingredients and Croatian herbs and spices. Any time of night or day, you can always ask you chef to prepare a quick snack.



First, you contact us at SuperYachts Croatia & we will assist you with all the necessary advice concerning the budget for your yacht charter. One week of yacht charter can go from 20 000-30 000 euros for more compact yachts, up to 700 000-1 000 000 euros for bigger superyachts.

Other expenses such as the provisioning fee, which includes expenditures in the food & beverages department, but also fuel and dockage fees will be funded by your Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA).

The insurance covers all the necessary safety nets and VAT is a charter tax you need to pay to Croatia, because you are using the country`s sea and maritime infrastructure. Finally, there is also the crew tip, usually about 10% – 15% of the charter price.

There are numerous ways of accommodating payment for the charter – all of the technicalities depend /vary greatly when taking into account the time of the charter, the size of the yacht, the type of the vessel and so on…



Contact SuperYachts Croatia knowing that there is no better alternative, when it comes to completely adapting to charter guests in a local surrounding. All members of the SuperYachts Croatia team are native Croats, which means they can give excellent advice concerning the places to visit on a yacht charter.

Benefit from their local knowledge by enjoying costume-made charter itineraries, based on local knowledge and your preferences and interests. The crew aboard your charter are also native to this land, meaning know Croatia’s coastline like the back of their hand.

When you have a local broker and a local yacht crew, your vacation is guaranteed to be 100% authentic, since they know everything and everyone and will be able to provide you with anything you desire.


For the best possible choice and number of possible yacht charter options, we advise you to contact SuperYachts Croatia 6-12 months in advance. This way, you ensure that you get the widest selection of yachts for you to choose from.

There are different types of yachts, each corresponding to a specific purpose a charterer wants to obtain. There are, first and foremost, yacht charters designed for a family charter trip, with plenty of water toys and other amenities that children might love, like an AV gaming room or a specially designed cabin.

Also, the crew aboard these yachts are experienced in handling children, such as that mom and dad have a few hours for themselves every day; any more than that and it is recommended to get a full-time nanny.


After you have chosen Croatia as your yacht charter destination, you should think about how you would arrive to location.

Partnering with SuperYachts Croatia, you can expect a transit plan to be set up for you, where one of our high-end cars or a helicopter will be waiting for you at the airport. Let your charter vacation start in style, setting the tone for the rest of the holiday.

Also, Croatia is part of the EU and is excellently connected by roads and railroads with the rest of the continent, so coming by road is a totally viable option. Once you arrive on the scene, you can start feeling the comfortable temperature and the warm Croatian sun above you.


Pack light clothes, seeing that your yacht is fully independent when it comes to outside temperatures. The AC can be used to either cool or heat up the interior of the yacht and the Croatian Adriatic is known for very pleasant and warm summers. If you are planning on visiting outside of the season, we advise packing a jacket and a pair of trousers.


Gadgets: laptops, phones, GoPros and a polaroid camera for capturing those memorable experience on a unique medium

Be sure to fill out your preference sheet before you board, so your yacht crew can provision everything you need

Your personalized skin-care products

Platinum card… for those unpredictable, but necessary situations

An elegant dinner dress…for enjoying a fine dining experience on your yacht charter

Your favourite books & other literature

A favourite place to visit in Croatia…from a friendly advice given to your local Superyachts Croatia representative

Sunglasses…because a summer vacation in Croatia is not imaginable without


An exciting and busy charter itinerary usually involves a wide range of activities for those guests who are hungry for an adrenaline-filled vacation. Another option is a mellow and chill experience, centred around relaxation and unwinding.

Whatever type of charter vacation you choose, there is no doubt that chartering a yacht in Croatia for your next vacation is the best option for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

A charter holiday is exactly what you design it to be; if you are an adventurous person, you will have fun on water toys, exploring with buggies, kayaking towards secluded bays, freediving, snorkelling and scuba diving near sunken ships and on lively seabeds.

If you want to relax and de-stress, you can always ask your crew to adapt to your wishes; they will arrange for massage therapies, yoga sessions, sauna time, jacuzzi enjoyment and many other similar treats.


Beautiful, safe, welcoming and full of life are just some of the epithets that adorn the beautiful country of more than a thousand islands – Croatia. If you read our yacht charter guide & you are ready to explore this magical place and discover the cleanest and calmest sea in Europe, contact us at SuperYachts Croatia and enjoy untouched nature containing 8 national parks and 12 nature parks; best of all – chartering a yacht is a perfect way to visit all of them.


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