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Yacht Charter in Krk

December 13, 2021

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Being the biggest Croatian island, Krk also has the biggest offer, when it comes to leisure summer activities. Plenty of establishments on the island provide fun-based services, like Aquaparks, semi-submersible tours of the seabed, horseback riding, paintball, archery, parasailing and more. Consult with your yacht charter crew about bringing together the amenities on your yacht with the possibilities of Krk island, to create a truly magnificent Croatian yacht charter itinerary.

Charter a yacht in the Northern Adriatic sea and explore all the secrets of Krk, the biggest Croatian island, alongside the greater region of the Kvarner Gulf. Introduce yourself to hospitable locals as you learn interesting historical facts and discover secret places during your yacht charter in Krk.

This island has everything a charter guest would want on their yacht holiday in Croatia; biking and cycling trails across beautiful nature, a crystal clear sea that beckons divers and snorkelers to explore the intricacy of the seabed and plenty of secluded bays, where a yacht can anchor in peace. Krk is sometimes recognized as the “Golden Isle”  because of its numerous golden beaches, inaccessible unless you come by yacht.

Let your knowledgeable crew guide you through the old walled city of Krk, where classic culture meets contemporary carelessness. Enjoy open-air shows beneath medieval forts and towers or visit a cobbled square and buy a souvenir. The island of Krk is famous for its fishermen, who supply the island daily with all kinds of freshly-caught seafood, especially during the summer season.

Your expert yacht chef will provision only with local farmers, whose produce is grown with care and attention; many olive groves can be found divided by old stone plots, as well as sheep, who are herded near the island’s highest peak. In late August, blackberries can be picked in abundance all around the island, as well as immortelle, lavender and rosemary.

Outside of the old town Krk, there are numerous unique and beautiful locations to visit with your yacht charter. If you are into secluded beaches, the Golden Bay beach is only accessible to boats and yachts, so if you come at the right time, you will enjoy an incredible beach, sealed off by high clay cliffs, that reflect a golden overtone onto the pebbles and the turquoise sea beneath.

Nearby, the isle of Plavnik is a compact and uninhabited island with plenty of private coves, ideal for a beach picnic or a bonfire in the evening. If you choose to berth in Marina Punat, you can explore the quaint little island in the middle of Puntarska Draga bay, containing a small Franciscan monastery.


For guests embarking on a yacht charter in Krk, there are plenty of opportunities to experience its culture and nature, as well as island-hop from Krk to nearby surrounding islands, like Cres, Lošinj, Rab, Mali Lošinj.

Being the biggest Croatian island it also has the biggest offer, when it comes to leisure summer activities. Plenty of establishments on the island provides fun-based services, like Aquaparks, semi-submersible tours of the seabed, horseback riding, paintball, archery, parasailing and more.

Consult with your yacht charter crew about bringing together the amenities on your yacht with the possibilities of Krk island, to create a truly magnificent yacht charter in Krk itinerary. Families with children will also discover that there are plenty of family-based venues on  Krk island. Furthermore, you can visit the neighbouring islands of Lošinj, Rab and Cres, each one having something different to offer to adventurous charter guests.

Yacht charter on Krk
Krk will surprise you with the sheer number of secluded coves found on the island – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: krktouristinfo


The island of Krk is located in the northern part of the Croatian Adriatic sea; it receives more precipitation than the southern parts, especially after October. If you decide to start your yacht charter in Krk at the beginning of autumn, you will be welcomed by moderate day temperatures and cold evening temperatures, with winds that only accentuate the cold.

This time is recommended only to adventurous types, as well as those who enjoy a ghost-town atmosphere and a few yachts on the water. There are no guests or tourists at this time either, so be prepared to experience what privacy, silence and secludedness mean.

Having said that, the time most guests prefer to charter a yacht in Krk is the pre-season, that is from late April or May and the very start of June or at the end of August and September. This time is characterized by mild temperatures of both air and sea, sunny days that become longer and longer as the months pass.

There are a few tourists, so the shoreline is still barren enough to check out all the sights without ques or crowds interrupting your ideal charter experience in Croatia. During the day, it is hot enough to swim, dive and snorkel, but evening swims are reserved only for those that have minds and bodies resistant to cold.

Once June starts, it marks the start of the summer season and the flocking of immense crowds of tourists on land. Thankfully, your local yacht crew will know all the secret routes and spots, if you wish to remain hidden and private. You can anchor in a private bay, which is cut off from intruders, and just enjoy the amenities of your yacht charter.

Yacht Charter in Krk air temperature graph
Average Air temperatures in Krk
Yacht Charter in Krk average sea temperature graph
Average Sea temperatures in Krk

Another bonus of chartering a yacht during this time is that you can decide on the level of exposition you wish for your holiday; remain entirely hidden and incognito or berth your superyacht right in front of the busiest seaside promenade in Croatia, with people and paparazzi flocking to see the berthing of the yacht and the subsequent disembarkment. It is entirely up to you what you want to do with your charter holiday in Croatia.


This island is one of the easiest places to reach in Croatia when it comes to transit. The first and most important factor is the Rijeka airport, which is located directly on the island. This makes it very easy for people flying in with private jets to land directly on the island, or for people to come from different locations.

Utilize this island airport to the fullest – you can be out of the plane and in your yacht charter in less than 10 minutes! Let SuperYachts Croatia organize a VIP shuttle that will transport you directly in front of your superyacht and start a Croatian charter holiday in style.

The island`s proximity to Rijeka, the main maritime hub of the northern Croatian Adriatic sea, makes it that much easier to reach; the roads are excellent and there is even a bridge connecting Krk to the mainland. The freeway also connects Krk directly to Croatia`s interior, so you can reach the capital of Zagreb in less than 2 hours.

Good connectivity with the mainland also means a lot of tourists, especially in the peak of the summer season. Luckily, you will have a yacht at your disposal so you will be able to bypass all the crowding that happens on the island and only cherry-pick the best and most secluded spots, accessible only by yacht or boat. This island has an excellent biking infrastructure , which enables cycling enthusiasts to more-or-less circumnavigate the entire island using only bicycles.

Yacht charter on Krk
Enjoy the medieval atmosphere of old town Krk – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: timotej


Kitesurfing in Baška

Let your local crew guide you to a place on Krk island, praised as an excellent kitesurfing and windsurfing location. Cruise to Baška and evaluate the terrain while your expert crew prepare the surfboard and other toys. A professional instructor will be with you every step of the way if you are a novice wanting to learn new skills. On the other hand, if you have some surfing experience, you will simply enjoy the various levels of difficulty in Baška.

There are protected bays and easy access to open water, which is always windy to some degree. Feel safe and secure knowing that your professional crew are always on standby with the tender, if you need a fast pickup after a drop.

Yacht charter on Krk
Control the level of surfing difficulty thanks to Baška`s indented coastline  – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: cro2go

Wakeboarding in the Puntarska Draga bay

Your yacht charter can always provide a thrilling wakeboarding experience, but if you feel like spicing things up a bit, there is a wakeboard lift located in the Puntarska Draga bay, several minutes from either the town of Krk or the village of Punat.

The location is easily reachable by road or by your yacht`s tender because the shallow waters of the bay do not permit bigger yachts from getting close to shore. The wakeboard lift is equipped with freestyle elements, where you can jump or try doing thrilling stunts, with the biggest risk being you getting extremely wet!

Yacht charter on Krk
Punat is known for having a big and very protected bay known as Puntarska draga – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: leopoldmicic

E-bikes and buggy tours of Krk`s highest points

Let the SuperYachts Croatia team organise an e-bike or buggy tour to the highest point of Krk island, Veli Vrh. Once you are at the top, it is also possible to plan a second excursion to the southern side of the island by following the ridgelines or the hilltops. Regardless, enjoy the fascinating 360 panoramas of the whole of the Northern Croatian Adriatic sea. If the day is sunny and without clouds, it is possible to see to Italy`s shores, without any visual aids.

Opt for a unique adventure made possible only by the local know-how of your dedicated SuperYachts Croatia broker and his support teams, as well as your local charter crew.

Yacht charter on Krk
The view from Veli Vrh – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: 19rok76

Escape civilisation to Plavnik

A good thing about a yacht charter in Krk is that you can visit places reserved only for boats or other yachts. Enjoy the ambience of this uninhabited island, where only a small footpath leads to  Plavnik`s highest point; once here, observe the panoramas spanning the entire region with great glee.

Also not to miss is the Blue grotto on Plavnik, a compact cave tunnel that leads to an opening inside. You can stand on the small cave beach, while the sun heats you from an overhead opening. Watch as the light bounces against rock and the sea’s surface, creating a blue-ish glow.

Yacht charter on Krk
Plavnik Cave – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: pineappleofrevolution

Stroll through Krk town`s mighty walls

The medieval city of Krk holds the same name as the island and is the official centre of the island. Fortified in the past as a major commercial port, Krk town is built in a bay, surrounded by soft hills.

If you choose to berth your yacht near the old town core, you can enjoy incredible architectural masterpieces only a few steps away from your yacht charter. Masterfully crafted stone buildings and streets line up to create narrow alleyways known as “kale”, which are built this way to protect from the worst of the summer sun, shading passengers and locals.

Move between picturesque squares and high walls, browsing and shopping in many different local boutiques and shops, offering hand-crafted souvenirs or unique clothing items.

Yacht charter on Krk
Krk Town – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: sannejeanne

Experience the summer atmosphere, when something is always happening somewhere on the island

Krk island has many settlements, scattered all over the island. During the summer season, between June and September, you can expect a major festival in one of those settlements every weekend, with smaller fairs and various other events happening during the week.

Use your yacht charter to move with the events, following them from one seaside village to the next. Anchor your yacht in the distance and come to shore with the tender, so you could mingle with the locals feeling like one of the natives.

Yacht charter on Krk
A medieval fair in old town Krk – Photo Credit to Instagram Account:

Explore the Krk seabed with popular diving spots around the island

One of the perks of booking a yacht charter with a local crew is that you always enjoy first-hand information based on experiences and not some third party rumours. This also reflects diving locations; ask your local yacht crew about the best places to dive or snorkel on Krk island. You will certainly be amazed at the clarity and the cleanliness of the sea around this beautiful island, observing many different underwater specimens of plant and animal life.

Yacht charter on Krk
Diving spots on the island of Krk -Photo Credit to Instagram Account: karlomacas

Go on a jet-ski safari and try to spot the elusive White-headed gryphon vulture

Among many endangered and endemic species present on Krk, none is rarer than the White-headed griffon vulture. This rare avian nests atop high cliffs and is best spotted between the island of Cres and the small isle of Plavnik. Talk to your local SuperYachts Croatia broker so he can arrange for jet skis for the entire charter party.

Once the jet skis have been launched from your yacht charter, you can follow a guide from your local yacht crew as he takes you beneath high cliffs with binoculars. Use them to spot griffon vultures above cliff tops or in the nests they make suspended on cliff walls.

On your way back to the yacht, try feeding seagulls with pre-prepared food – they will follow you in flight, which is an incredible experience. If you are really lucky, you might also spot dolphins, which are occasionally seen between Krk and Cres islands.

Yacht charter on Krk
Enjoy a unique experience of a jet ski safari on your Croatian charter vacation

Sightseeing Around Krk

Krk town is nearly 3000 years old, and as such, hides an incredible treasure of stories, culture and historical heritage. The Illyrian tribe known as Liburni were the first inhabitants of the island but were pushed out by the Romans, who annexed the city and the island in the 1st century BC.

The walled city of Krk is a sight to behold and a not-to-be-missed opportunity to stroll down historic cobblestone streets and feel like a part of this city`s past. Sacral monuments are also important, with the town`s cathedral being built over the remains of a Roman bathhouse from the 5th century.

When it comes to Krk`s fortificational monuments, there are four ancient city gates still standing to this day, as well as three forts, which include the Tower by the sea, the Frankopan Castle and the City hall, all hailing from the 14th and 15th centuries.

The entire inner core of the city is littered with charming artisan shops, souvenir stands, gelato and coffee shops and galleries. You will surely find something that will tickle your fancy, reminding you of an awesome charter holiday you spent in Croatia.

In the summertime, Krk town transforms into a huge open-air stage, where musicians, performers, artists and artisans come out into the crowd and spice the atmosphere with their unique and often quite beautiful performances. These include classical concertos in churches, pop festivals on the seaside promenade, street artists, souvenir shops and any other kind of entertainment you could imagine.

The peak of summer fun in between the 8th and 10th of August when the local patron saint – St. Lovro – has his designated holiday known as Krk Fair. During this time, people dress up in historic costumes, which gives charter guests a wonderful incentive to hold their yacht costume parties while on a charter vacation in Croatia.

Yacht charter on Krk
“Kale” Alleys on  Krk – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: visitkrkisland

Enjoy the Krk beaches

When it comes to beaches around Krk town, there are several very beautiful choices, easily approachable if you happen to charter a superyacht in Croatia. An ideal stage for enjoying the sun and the sea, the beaches around Krk will provide you and your charter party with an incredible background to rest under the shade of pine trees, gently swinging in your hammock as you listen to the sounds of soft wind in the treetops and the wavelets touching the shore.

On the other hand, you can always ask your professional yacht crew to take out all the water toys, to fully enjoy the warm Croatian sea and the amenities of your yacht charter.
From Krk town, several minutes of cruising will bring you to the picturesque Prniba peninsula, a place of incredible natural beauty and numerous small indented bays, each one more jaw-dropping than the next.

Anchor your yacht farther away and come to shore by tender, so you could explore the quaint footpaths, stone plots and a string of improvised rock and wood houses, built by locals who regularly come to enjoy the natural beauty of the peninsula. These `huts` do not serve a housing purpose; instead, they protect from the sun and give children somewhere to play, as the adults read, rest or relax.

Further away from Krk town, a very popular place for families with children is the Puntarska Draga bay, a very warm and shallow beach, easy to reach by road. With plenty of beachside amenities and entertainment designed especially for children, this part of the coastline is very often full of tourists.

If you are in search of peace and privacy, use your yacht to cruise along Krk`s southern shoreline and you will discover an uncountable number of small and private bays littering the coastline – just pick the perfect one for you and anchor nearby. Rest atop of bare rock or seek shelter in the shade of olive groves, from where incredible panoramas of Krk and Cres islands can be observed.

Besides the town of Krk itself, the island is full of charming and quaint seaside villages and settlements, with each one offering a special kind of beach experience. The east side of the island is turned toward the Velebit mountain chain, a mighty wall of rock and earth that stands tall and proud, overlooking the whole of Kvarner gulf.

Cruise with your yacht charter to Baška town and cross the channel separating Krk island from the Croatian mainland, finding yourself near the Sjeverni Velebit National Park. The south of this island gazes towards the open Croatian Adriatic sea and the island of Cres, which could be a target for one or many yacht exploration trips. The shore on this side also hides some awesome beaches – just ask you local yacht crew.

Yacht charter on Krk
Secluded bays of Krk Island- Photo Credit to Instagram Account: visitkrkisland

A chance for something different: Urban exploration

For those seeking something a bit different during a yacht charter in Krk, there is a unique urban exploration opportunity, in the form of an abandoned hotel complex near the town of Malinska, located on the western shores of Krk island.

Known as “Haludovo Palace hotel”, this abandoned complex was once a shining example of Croatia`s 20th century “native tourism”. Now totally deserted, it is open to the public, who can explore every nook and cranny of this once-fabulous hotel at their own risk.

If you are daring enough, you could climb the roof and enjoy spectacular vistas or explore the deepest corners of service tunnels. A little further down, a newly-abandoned “Haludovo apartments” complex still has furniture, TV and even cutlery.

If you and your charter party are up for a paintball tournament, the nearby town of Malinska offers paintball support for games held exclusively at Haludovo, which is a perfect venue for a game of urban paintball.


Krk is famous for its long fishing tradition. The locals have been fishing as long as there were settlements on the island, making them masters of their craft. Even with modern technologies, each summer hundreds of fishermen assemble and head out on a 2-day fishing spree. In the end, they weigh their catch and the winners are declared. That evening a big feast is held, where all the fish is grilled and sold, with profits going to charity.

This all testifies to the fact that the locals of Krk take great pride in catching and preparing fresh seafood in fantastic ways and using traditional recipes. Let local passion guide you in choosing how your Michelin level chef will prepare dishes aboard your yacht charter. Talk to the locals and find out what the traditional island dishes are, then let your yacht chef prepare them with a Michelin twist.

Besides fresh seafood, Krk is also globally recognized as a place of origin for some of the best wines and olive oils in the world. Thanks to the know-how of the locals and the specific quality of the soil, the quality of olive oils and wines made on Krk is rarely surpassed.

You will get the chance to try for yourself, either by tasting the excellent local produce in a restaurant or by talking to your yacht chef, so there is always some authentic Krk produce on your yacht charter.

When it comes to restaurants around Krk island, there are several establishments worthy of a mention. Konoba Nono is a classic, family-owned restaurant, but where they lack a fine dining service, they make up with authenticity and the quality of food. By following recipes traditionally passed from one generation to the next, Nono will entice you with a different dining experience, but one that you will cherish as a spark of an authentic Krk spirit.

Just a short cruise away with your yacht charter and you will reach Admiral restaurant, located in the port of Novi Vinodolski town. Here, you can dine with a view of Krk island, while enjoying a fine dining atmosphere and excellent dishes. With fresh seafood being served daily, Admiral will also attract with its plentiful wine list, pairing exquisite bouquets with local and organic produce.

Yacht charter on Krk
Konoba Nono – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: missmuffinz


Yacht charter in Krk will give you everything a charter guest would want on their yacht holiday in Croatia; biking and cycling trails across beautiful nature, a crystal-clear and unique cruising itinerary full of unforgettable yacht charter experiences…

Yacht Charter in Krk SupeYachtes Croatia map

Day 1: Krk-Stara Baška, Rab

Start your yacht charter in Krk with a wonderful cruise beginning in Krk town and following an eastern route towards the southernmost part of the island. Along your way, you will encounter inviting private coves, perfect for anchoring your yacht charter and enjoying the plethora of water toys at your disposal. Eat underway or at anchor, but not before taking advantage of ideal kitesurfing and windsurfing conditions that are prevalent around Baška and Stara Baška settlements.

This is because a strong wind tunnel is created between Krk island and Croatia`s mainland. Learn how to surf or enjoy the dynamic sea on the sundeck of your yacht charter as you cruise towards Rab island, looking for a safe and protected bay for overnight anchorages. The bays around this island are filled with crystal-clear waters and rich vegetation, so you will get to enjoy a wonderful view, once you wake up in the morning.

Yacht charter on Krk
Stara Baška on the island of Krk – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: _explorer_bz

Day 2: Rab- Optional – Goli Otok, NP Sjeverni Velebit or straight to Olib

Enjoy breakfast on the main deck aft the alfresco area of your yacht charter and decide on your plan for the day. You could go straight to Olib and Silba islands, which are both paradises of privacy and pristine nature or take a side trip and visit Goli Otok island or the National Park of Sjeverni Velebit. The side trip option includes experiencing the truth about Goli Otok, which was used to house a prison colony, made up of political prisoners of the old Yugoslavian regime.

If this is not your cup of tea, consider Sjeverni Velebit National Park, a wondrous marvel of nature. Let your charter crew organise transports, shuttles or go by foot and explore dirt paths and educational trails, all the while gazing upon the glories of untouched and pristine nature.

On the other hand, cruising straight to Olib means you will have more time to experience the atmosphere of this charming island. Sense feelings of relaxation, easygoingness, and laziness -in the form of resting under the shade of pines while listening to the sound of the waves.

Seek out the Slatina and Slatinica bay on Olib island for your slice of a Croatian Adriatic paradise. A unique thing you can do around this area is to enjoy a one-of-a-kind local product: a pillow made entirely from seagrass. Procure several for your yacht and enjoy this new dimension of bringing the sea onto your yacht charter.

Tour the island and learn about its Roman origins while exploring numerous archaeological sites, surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Yacht charter on Krk
Olib island – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: likezadar

Day 3: Olib,– Silba, Ilovik

Silba is an island on which there are no roads or cars, so coming with a yacht charter is a perfect opportunity to explore this island without the need to rely on alternative transportation. There is tranquillity to be found on Silba, by enjoying untouched nature and an invitingly-warm sea.

Learn the love secret of the Toretta tower and swim in turquoise waters, feeling at one with nature on this wonderful isle. If you are a snorkelling fan, prepare to experience a truly unique snorkel adventure, while you swim between underwater sarcophagi, located off the coast of Silba island.

The nearby island of Ilovik is home to countless inviting bays and coves, which create ideal conditions for yacht charters. Let your expert crew prepare water toys, so you could enjoy Ilovik`s indented shore by snorkelling around the reefs, in search of peculiar sealife or shiny seashells. Ilovik is considered to be a green island, covered with varied Mediterranean vegetation, like pine, oak and palms.

Take full advantage of your yacht charter in exploring the coast of both Silba and Ilovik islands, and move with ease between the many different coves, bays and capes. Let your charter crew organise a beach picnic or practise yoga with a certified instructor on the sundeck of your yacht, with beautiful nature, clean sea and fresh salty air enhancing your every experience tenfold.

Yacht charter on Krk
Silba Island – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: zadar.archipelago

Day 4: Ilovik- Mali Lošinj, Unije

Familiarize yourself with Mali Lošinj island, home to a lot of interesting and beautiful places, but also an island with a history. There are remains of aristocratic villas, as well as numerous sacral monuments, like churches and statues. Because of its position, this island grew into a nautical and diving centre, attracting boaters and yacht charterers alike.

See for yourself the wondrous beauties of beaches like Pijesak, Veli Žal and Borik. Let your attentive stewardess serve cocktails while you wait until the yacht crew launches the water toys. Afterwards, have fun in your private piece of Adriatic paradise. From Mali Lošinj, it is just a fast cruise away to reach Unije.

Unije is an island in the vicinity of both the Lošinj and Mali Lošinj islands, but unlike its neighbours, Unije is not largely known in the broader tourist community. Therefore, there are no roads on the island, and the entire atmosphere exudes secludedness and privacy, alongside pristine nature and a clean sea.

This makes Unije a perfect target for yacht charter guests, who will find that the charming coastline of Unije island offers an abundance of choices when it comes to picking a perfect bay to anchor in for the day.

Yacht charter on Krk
The island of Mali Lošinj – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: timotej

Day 5: Unije – Lošinj

Lošinj is an island rich in history and culture, attracting many history buffs to its shores and enticing them with ancient discoveries and thrilling stories. Besides Christian sacral architecture, there are also several Roman villages scattered around the island, which is a perfect reason for venturing into the interior of Lošinj.

Along the way, be amazed by the variety of plant and animal life – if you spend half a day exploring the interior, the other half will surely be spent in the refreshing Croatian Adriatic sea. Come from June to September and be prepared to take part in one of many different festivals and festivities that take place during these summer months.

Yacht charter on Krk
Experience the rugged beauty of Lošinj island – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: johnlittlemoustache

Day 6: Lošinj-Cres

Cres and Lošinj islands are connected in a small geographical point, occupied by the town of Osor. In antiquity, the Romans dug out the channel between the two islands for better sailing capabilities, passing between the islands instead of around them, thus saving valuable time.

Start your exploration journey of Cres island from the town of Osor, discovering lush nature and green forests, as well as a coastline perfect for hopping between numerous bays, capes and coves. Discover Vrana lake in the interior, a freshwater lake that is a natural phenomenon, as well as the source for all drinking water on the island.

Yacht charter on Krk
The Vrana Lake on the island of Cres – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: sinka3

Day 7: Cres-Krk

On your way back to Krk island, you will have to cruise a considerable length of Cres island, so there are several choices available. You could stick to your charter itinerary and enjoy cruising alongside the incredibly beautiful and diverse coastline of Cres island or let the SuperYachts Croatia team assist you in a more efficient return.

Disembark from your yacht charter and cross the distance between Cres and Krk with a fast chase boat, hired and organised by your local charter support staff. From there, it is only a short trip by VIP shuttle to Krk airport and new adventures. If you choose to sail around Cres, you will get a second chance of spotting the rare and elusive White-headed gryphon vulture.

Yacht charter on Krk
Yacht charter on Krk – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: alexandra_berger


If you want to berth near the old town of Krk, there is nowhere better to do so than in its adjacent port. Continuing seamlessly into the seaside promenade, this port offers the perfect opportunity to be in the centre of attention with your yacht charter. The locals are always curious about types of yachts and their guests, so berth in Krk port only if you do not mind being observed and talked about.

The marina in Punat is known as the oldest marina in the Croatian Adriatic sea and as such, provides an excellent traditional background for all yacht charter needs. The geographical location of Marina Punat is as ideal as it gets: located in an extremely protected bay, it offers a safe place to berth, anchor or dry dock for nearly 800 vessels.

Krk is the closest island for a lot of visitors from central Europe and because of this, it receives a lot of attention from the yachting community. Being connected with the Croatian mainland with a bridge makes it even easier to reach.

The small isle of Plavnik offers astounding `wild` anchorages for yachts. The island is uninhabited and only accessible to yachts, so you have an excellent chance of enjoying peace and privacy on your yacht charter. If you are up for it, there is even a cave system located on the island.

This cave is not hard to reach and provides an interesting thing to do, between enjoying the crystal clear waters around the isle or working on your tan on the sundeck of your yacht charter.

Yacht charter on Krk
Yacht charter on Krk – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: adria_unq


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Create your vision of a vacation in paradise with the help of SuperYachts Croatia, a team of local experts who will, with their passion and native know-how, help to create one-of-a-kind experiences that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Explore the fabulous Krk island in all its glory using your yacht charter and all the amenities and water toys that go along with her. Delight in ancient stories, picture-perfect panoramas and exquisite cuisine, which will be only a small part of the overall charter experience that you will have once you decide to book a yacht charter in Krk.