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Yacht charter In Poreč

December 8, 2021

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The town of Poreč is among one of the more popular tourist destinations in Croatia, frequently crowned as the 'Top resort' by the Croatian office of tourism. This means that the town itself is always busy with tourists. Thankfully, this fact does not concern you, because yacht charter in Poreč means you will get to experience the best of both worlds; total privacy on your yacht and a lively atmosphere on land.

Choose Poreč as your yacht charter destination and you will be surprised at how much there is to see, do and experience on a charter holiday cantered around the Istrian peninsula and its coastline. From hilltop villages and grassy hinterlands to stone-built towns and crystal-clear sea, a yacht charter in Poreč will be the stage for memories that will last for a lifetime.

By itself, the town of Poreč represents an attractive launching pad into further discoveries of the Istrian peninsula and the northern part of the Croatian Adriatic sea. Let your charter crew take you on a tour of the picturesque villages that sit quietly atop hills in the interior of the Istrian peninsula, while the region around Poreč is filled with many aquatic treasures, such as cave systems, national parks, parks of nature and other spectacular sights not to be missed.

Your senses will run wild as you bask in the ambience that is prevalent around the maritime region of Poreč, with every fibre of your being relaxed under the warm Mediterranean sun. Sip cocktails and lean against the handrail of your yacht charter, staring into the distance and actively seeking new adventures.


The town of Poreč is among one of the more popular tourist destinations in Croatia, frequently crowned the ‘Top resort’ by the Croatian office of tourism. This means that the town itself is always busy with tourists. Thankfully, this fact does not concern you, because yacht charter in Poreč means you will get to experience the best of both worlds; total privacy on your yacht and a lively atmosphere on land.

Nevertheless, you will surely enjoy strolling on the cobblestone streets of Poreč, where you will get to experience the most impressive of all Poreč`s monuments; the Euphrasian Basilica from the 6th century, globally renowned for its state of preservation and interior golden mosaics. The structure itself is an amalgam of smaller buildings, like palaces, crypts and a baptistry.

The entirety of the Basilica was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997 and since then, has attracted millions of visitors from around the globe. Poreč`s layouts still reflect the old Roman style of constructing settlements, with the main street (Decamanus) running from east to west. Walk through ancient stone corridors made up out of rock-constructed houses, that create the old core of Poreč town and pass through Marafor square, the exact place of an ancient Roman forum.

Nearby, the parliament building and the old Franciscan church can both be observed, respectively hailing from the 13th and 14th centuries. Let the cultural and architectural richness be only an introduction to all the wonders that will be waiting for you on your yacht charter in Poreč.

Outside of town, the nearby island of St.Nicholas provides an excellent opportunity for a day trip near Poreč, located only several minutes from shore. Only accessible by boat, this quaint little isle will surely amaze with its untouched nature, as well as the cleanliness of the surrounding sea.

Popular beaches around Poreč are located south of town, in two bays named Plava and Zelena lagoons. These two neighbouring bays have some touristic infrastructures, like hotels and camps, but the beaches are a wonderful place to be with children, because of the shallow waters and plenty of beach amenities and other playgrounds for kids.

After an extensive introduction with Poreč and various points of interest in the region, it is time to consider cruising eastbound; it is in that direction that the rest of your charter adventures in Croatia will be waiting for you.

Yacht charter in Poreč citiy of poreč aerial view
The city of Poreč – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: beautiful_cro


The best time to book a yacht charter in Poreč depends entirely on your preferences when it comes to chartering a superyacht. What are your likes and dislikes, weather-wise? Are you a sun worshipper who loves nothing better than to work on their tan and sip cocktails on the sundeck of your yacht charter? If so, then the months between June and September are perfect for you.

During this time, the air temperatures are warm, so you will not need anything other than shorts and a T-shirt, even in the evening. You can also go skinny-dipping at night, because the temperature of the sea is so pleasant and inviting. If you are more inclined towards experiencing the vast richness of the Croatian Adriatic sea, but without the added strain of hot temperatures, then it is best to avoid the peak of the summer season.

Instead, charter a yacht in Poreč during late April and May or in late September and early October. If you choose to do so, you will be met by more pleasant temperatures of both sea and air. This means that you will surely need a jacket in the evening and that swimming in the sea will only be reserved for those with strong hearts and minds.

Yacht Charter in Poreč air temperature graph
Average Air temperatures in Poreč
Yacht Charter in Poreč average sea temperature graph
Average Sea temperatures in Poreč

Winds will also be stronger during this time, but rest assured, your yacht captain and charter crew are more than capable of handling any obstacle that the Croatian Adriatic sea would throw their way. Finally, the sun will be present, but its warmth will not be a factor that will determine the way of life; rather a pleasant aesthetic and atmosphere.


The most practical way of getting to Poreč would be to fly to the airport in Pula, located about an hour of drive from Poreč. This airport handles international, as well as intercontinental flights, so you will have no problems arriving from different countries.

You could arrange with your local SuperYachts Croatia broker to have your yacht charter waiting for you in Pula, so you do not lose valuable cruising time. Or you could use the time during road transit to check out some of the many charming hilltop villages, that litter the countryside interior of the Istrian peninsula.

Alternatively, you could also consider the airport in Trieste, which is located about two hours of drive from Poreč. When it comes to vehicular transport, the entirety of the Istrian peninsula has excellent roads, which will make exploring its picturesque hilltop villages even more easy and available.

Yacht charter in Poreč view of poreč from the aeroplane
An aerial view of Poreč`s surrounding coastline – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: whereislida


During your yacht charter in Poreč, remember that there is plenty to see and do, besides sightseeing in the town itself. There are several spots of interest in the vicinity of Poreč, with the biggest and most important being the Istrian peninsula.

Stroll through the streets of Poreč town

Start your yacht charter adventure in Croatia by exploring your first destination – the town of Poreč. Stroll through historic streets, marvelling at wonderful medieval architecture. Check out Poreč`s biggest treasure – the Euphrasian Basilica, a sacral monument from the 6th century. See for yourself why this structure was put on UNESCO`s Worlds heritage list as early as 1997 – the wonders of the design and the intricacy of the details will astound you.

Yacht charter in Poreč euphrasian basilica in poreč
Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: tammy_1509

Experience the quaint charm of Istria

A short drive away from the seaside town of Poreč and you will find yourself in an entirely different world. Fertile fields and picturesque hills, on which many charming villages and settlements are built, just wait for you to discover them.

Consult with your local charter crew and they will pick the prettiest spots for you to check out using custom VIP transport, courtesy of the SuperYachts Croatia team. Prepare to experience a fairy-tale atmosphere, as you climb to the circular path of Motovun town, the personification of the perfect Istrian hilltop town.

With medieval walls, gothic churches and reinesscance buildings, Motovun attracts numerous visitors each year – none more so than during the Motovun film festival, a manifestation during the summer season, which gathers film lovers, directors, actors and producers from all over the world.

Outside of Motovun, Istria will still surprise you with other numerous activities, such as a wine tour of one of the countless vineyards in the peninsula`s interior. Since one of your local charter crew will drive, you do not have to worry about inebriation and can unwind to the fullest while tasting and sipping hundreds of autochthonous Istrian wine sorts, alongside local cheese, olives and prosciutto.

You could even go on a hunt for the elusive black truffle, known to grow in abundance around the forest of Istria. The best spotters of these rare mushrooms are truffle pigs, so a truffle hunt will indeed be a unique experience.

Yacht charter in Poreč view of the city of motovun
The city of Motovun – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: visit_motovun

Visit the spectacular Brijuni Archipelago

The Brijuni archipelago is a cluster of islands located some miles southwards of the town of Poreč. Once you arrive at this beautiful location, you will immediately know why these islands were proclaimed a National Park.

You will not want to leave due to the number of awesome things you will be able to do in Brijuni. First, if you or any of your charter party are a golfing enthusiast, delight in the fact the Brijuni has a unique golf course, where you will be able to shoot a hole-in-one in a truly unique Adriatic atmosphere.

Drive from hole to hole between pine tree forests, rugged coastline and beautiful beaches, all the while surrounded by fresh pine-scented air and a warm sea breeze. While golfing, your kids can play at the nearby Brijuni Zoo, complete with zebras, llamas and other exotic species. Talk to your charter crew about arranging a private tour of all the dinosaur footprints and interesting archaeological remains, from Brijuni`s prehistoric past.

After lunch on the main deck aft of your yacht charter, have fun with water toys: dive, snorkel and experience a clean and undisturbed seabed or enjoy speeding on jet skis. You could opt for an evening cycling tour of the island, seeing that there are more than 20 km ( 12 miles ) or bike lanes on Brijuni.

Yacht charter in Poreč national park brijuni
Brijuni National park – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: ig.croatia

Examine Roman remains in Pula

As you continue cruising southwards from Poreč, you will eventually come across the awesome coastal settlement of Pula. Specified as the regional centre of Istria, this town has a lot to offer for charterers, from culture and history to parties and festivals, all wrapped around beautiful natural elements and crystal-clear sea.

Stroll down old Roman streets and witness Pula`s Arena- the biggest Roman amphitheatre in the eastern Mediterranean. Afterwards, enjoy a midday drink in a quaint piazza, the same place locals go to sip coffee and people-watch.

Pula is one of the epicentres for tourism in the northern Croatian Adriatic sea, so it joins many different cultures and nationalities, which all mingle under the ancient Roman architecture of Pula. This produces a wonderful mixture of different people, all interesting to observe while enjoying your favourite drink in a quaint cafe.

Not far from Pula, located at the southernmost tip of the Istrian peninsula, Premantura cape is an awesome area filled with little islets, indented coastline and lush vegetation that present heaven for yacht charters. Anchor in a secluded bay and go exploring with one of the water toys at your disposal: snorkel and dive around the shallows or go discover the coastline`s secrets on your kayaks or stand-up paddleboards.

Yacht charter in Poreč view of pula
The city of Pula – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: timetotravelcroatia

Sightseeing Around Poreč

The town of Poreč offers much for a casual sightseer to experience. Since the whole area was populated for nearly 3000 years, it is no wonder that there are numerous archaeological and architectural marvels to see. Firstly, choose to board your yacht charter near Poreč`s seaside promenade, so that you can walk a short distance and already find yourself in the city`s centre.

Poreč`s crown jewel is the Euphrasian Basilica, a wonderous structure from the 6th century, wonderfully preserved and containing many cultural and historic treasures, like Roman mosaics or early Christian scriptures.

Yacht charter in Poreč euphrasian basilica in poreč
Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: tammy_1509

The entirety of the Basilica is made from smaller buildings, like the baptistry or the Palace of the Bishop. Guests and travellers will delight in the fact that entry onto this holy ground is entirely free, but that donations are accepted. Since the entirety of the Euphrasian Basilica was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997, it is no wonder that it attracts visitors from all over the world.

Once you have finished exploring the Basilica from head to toe, it is time to continue onwards with your tour of Poreč. The SuperYachts Croatia team can hire an expert guide to tell you about interesting historical facts about Poreč, or a member of your local charter crew can relay native experiences and secrets kept from more generic visitors.

Walk along the Decumanus or the main street of Poreč. It is called like that because it follows the same layout constructed by the ancient Romans who re-worked the foundations of Poreč.
Running east to west, it passes through the centre of the old town, just like it did in the past when it was the main road connecting various buildings in a Roman military encampment.

The main square in Poreč is in the same location as a former Roman forum, now called Marafor square. Here, Roman citizens used to gather and pray to Mars and Neptune, of which two temples can be observed, even today.

A short walk from Marafor square, you can check out the old Parliament complex, which is converted into a museum, and a Franciscan church from the 13th century. After you finish your Poreč tour, there is no doubt in concluding that the town of Poreč, through its connections with the past, is a city with a lot of culture and history to offer to travellers on their yacht charter vacation in Croatia.


When it comes to describing a dominant cuisine in Poreč, it is necessary to first talk about the broader region of the Istrian peninsula. An Italian influence can be felt while trying out local dishes, like pasta, minced meat or pastry.

This does not mean that Poreč cuisine is monotonous, far from it; since it mixes with traditional Croatian ingredients and recipes, as well as fresh seafood and organic seasonal produce, the type of food in Poreč will surely entice you to savour every delicious taste.

While on a yacht charter in Poreč, your yacht chef will provision on local farmer`s markets where it will be possible to procure only fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables, as well as regional specialities: wine and olive oil. Adding to the masterful agriculture of Istria, the wines and olive oil, as well as the local gin,  will be of the same quality as in the interior of the Istrian peninsula.

Other specialities you will surely delight in are truffles, as well as dozens of other mushroom types, that are widely used in Istria`s cuisine. Ask your yacht chef to prepare fantastic soups, sauces or BBQ`s using these tasteful delicacies.

If you happen to charter a yacht off-season in Poreč, you will also be able to taste wild chestnuts, which translate great into frozen chestnut mash, a fantastic dessert native to the Croatian mainland. You can enjoy this delightful bounty in one of Poreč`s many quaint seaside restaurants or seek fine dining establishments, all while having an option of a fine dining experience on your yacht charter.

In the greater Poreč region, several quality restaurants require the attention of every charter guest in search of a fine dining experience based on land. Sv. Nikola restaurant is located at the centre of the Poreč seaside promenade, and as such, offer astoundingly fresh seafood, with catches of the day literally being brought into the kitchen of the restaurant and prepared instantly.

The menu intertwines specialities from both Croatian and Italian cuisine, producing an exciting blend of mouth-watering delights. Enjoy every mouthful of delicious food in this awesome restaurant, while also keeping an eye out on your yacht charter, that can berth so it stays in your line of sight.

Located in the town of Novigrad, the restaurant Damir i Ornella puts a Michelin twist on raw fish, served around traditional Croatian side dishes, sauces and appetizers. This family-run restaurant cares greatly for customer service and the hospitality factor.

Also located in Novigrad, the Marina restaurant is located right in front of the Novigrad marina, which means you can berth your yacht, step on the passerelle and with your next step be inside the restaurant. Fresh seafood and seasonal produce find their way on the menu of this fine establishment, which will not disappoint even the strictest of foodies.

Yacht charter in Poreč fine dining in a restaurant
Restaurant Damir & Ornella – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: vinapoletti


Start your yacht charter in Poreč, an attractive launching pad for further explorations of the Istrian peninsula filled with many aquatic treasures, sea caves, national parks, parks of nature and other spectacular sights not to be missed.

Yacht Charter in Poreč map

Day 1: Poreč – Funtana

Start the first day of your yacht charter in Poreč by doing a bit of sightseeing in the old core of Poreč. Gaze upon the wonderful Euphrasian basilica and feel like a part of history. If you are not a history buff, relax on Poreč`s seaside promenade while sipping your favourite drink.

When you say the word, your local crew will have the yacht ready for a cruise towards Funtana. This charming compact archipelago has plenty of little islands that are perfect for a wild overnight anchorage, so you could relax and enjoy the authentic Croatian Adriatic atmosphere. Wake up the next morning with a wonderful view from your yacht`s deck.

Yacht charter in Poreč looking at the sea from a swimming platform
Funtana archipelago – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: luis_russia_bgk

Day 2: Funtana- Vrsar, Križ bay

Travel from your anchorage in Funtana to Vrsar, which will be your base for further inland exploration of the Istrian Peninsula. Your dedicated SuperYachts Croatia team will arrange a VIP transport to take you from this quaint coastal town on a tour of the most splendid Istrian hilltop villages, starting with Motovun.

This picturesque hilltop town holds certain characteristics of a fort, with its long, narrow and circular streets, winding in a spiral and finishing at the top of the hill, from where a breath-taking 360 panorama can be enjoyed while sipping your favourite drink in one of many contemporary cafes and bars.

All the architecture in Motovun is historic; mostly Gothic and Reinescnacne buildings, but also medieval fortifications and Romanesque churches. You could also enjoy a local and traditional lunch here or go back to your yacht.

To not return the same way you came, we recommend that you circle Motovun and meet your yacht charter at the basin of the Limski Fjord, where a tender will be waiting for you. Use this chance to enjoy the scenic tour of the fjord, in which beautiful nature meets cliffs and an emerald sea. After you emerged from the fjord into the open sea, cruise towards Križ bay, where you will sleep at anchor in a protected and picture-perfect environment.

Yacht charter in Poreč street in city of vrsar
The city of Vrsar – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: vrsarinspires

Day 3: Križ bay- Rovinj

From Križ bay, head towards Rovinj, where you will get to enjoy a meal on dry land and some sightseeing. You could opt for sleeping in the Rovinj marina or again, find a perfect nest for your yacht charter, in one of many secluded bays that litter Istria`s western coast.

In the town of Rovinj, enjoy exploring narrow alleyways that lead to small piazzas and historical treasures such as the Church of St. Euphemia, which is the symbol of Rovinj. Sitting atop a hill overlooking this quaint town, the church will be a good target for soaking in the panorama of the beautiful Croatian Adriatic Sea, as well as scouring for your yacht charter on the horizon.

Outside of Rovinj town, the Golden Cape nature park offers visitors a chance to enjoy picture-perfect beaches, ideal for families with children, as well as miles of biking and hiking trails. Once you finish exploring every interesting spot in and around Rovinj, choose to berth in the exclusive ACI Marina Rovinj or pick a beautiful nearby bay and enjoy its natural surroundings.

Yacht charter in Poreč aerial view of rovinj
The city of Rovinj – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: istriaonmymind

Day 4: Rovinj- Brijuni

The Brijuni archipelago is one of Croatia`s most beautiful natural treasures, so there is no wonder why they were declared a National Park. Find out for yourself with the first step you take on this beautiful part of the Croatian Adriatic.

Enjoy the lush scenery of Brijuni and stroll through the many wonderful things these islands have to offer. Start with the shoreline, where you can snorkel and dive, marvelling at the clarity of the sea and the pristineness of the seafloor.

Ask your local yacht crew to show you all the best spots for enjoying your water toys to the fullest – Brijuni have plenty of secluded locations where you can have fun in peace and privacy. Once you have finished with the shoreline, it is time to move into the interior of this awesome island cluster.

You will also be delighted to know that there is a Zoo that overlaps with a golf course on Brijuni. This means that you can work on your long game while your kids play with llamas, zebras and giraffes. Finally, since Brijuni have more than 25 kilometres (13 miles) of scenic bike lanes, take this chance to enjoy an active yacht charter holiday.

Yacht charter in Poreč brijuni islands
Brijuni islands – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: croatiafulloflife

Day 5: Brijuni- Pula

Pula is the regional centre of the Istrian peninsula, located not far from Brijuni National Park. A short cruise away and you will find yourself surrounded by the majestic Arena, the largest ancient Roman Amphitheatre on this side of the Mediterranean.

Once you stand in the middle of this grandiose structure, you will feel as if transported back through time, like a participating gladiator aimed towards saluting and dying for the emperor. Pass beneath the triumphant Arch of the Sergei or through Hercules’ gate and marvel at the intricacy and the craftsmanship of the Roman builders.

You can see all of this and more if you talk to your local charter crew who will arrange a private and guided tour of Pula for you and your charter party. After sightseeing in Pula, there is still much to be done on the water outside of this ancient city. Anchor your yacht in one of the close bays nearby and enjoy all the water toys your yacht has on offer.

Yacht charter in Poreč view of arena in pula
The Arena in the city of Pula – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: visitistria

Day 6: Pula-Premantura

Let your yacht captain take you to the Premantura cape, located at the southernmost point of the Istrian peninsula. Here, you can enjoy the marvels of an indented and beautiful coastline, complete with plenty of secret locations and hidden treasures to keep you occupied on the last few days of your Croatian yacht charter holiday.

Bathe in the awesomeness that is the Croatian Adriatic Sea and enjoy the crystal clarity of the water – snorkel, swim or dive in search of hidden seabed treasures, in form of seashells or interesting rocks. Remember, do not endanger living creatures and only take with you that which will not affect the ecosystem.

Yacht charter in Poreč paddleboarding in premantura
Premantura cape – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: cro2go

Day 7: Premantura -Pula

For your last day of a perfect Croatian yacht vacation, you could choose to cruise around the Premantura cape, so you could enjoy a beach picnic, lovingly prepared by your expert yacht chef.
Depending on the time of your departure, stay on the yacht as long as you can and explore the coves and bays you have missed, taking in the scenery one last time.

You can return your yacht to Pula, where a nearby airport can provide further transit. The dedicated SuperYachts Croatia support team will arrange a VIP shuttle transport to take you to the airport. The roads are excellent so you will have no trouble reaching the airport swiftly. If you want, another tour of the Istrian peninsula can be arranged or another yacht charter to continue your stay in Croatia.


During your yacht charter in Poreč, you will get a chance to experience wonderful wild anchorages, decorated with lush vegetation and azure sea or the safety and security of man-made marinas and harbours, providing a safe berth and other port amenities. Marina Parentium near Poreč offers protection from most winds while also being very close to the town of Poreč, which means you can use the tender and go to shore whenever you wish.

Yacht charter in Poreč harbour in the city of poreč
The city of Poreč – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: torrerotonda

The ACI Marina Rovinj offers luxurious exclusivity, being one of the most prestigious marinas in the whole of the Croatian Adriatic sea. Choose to berth in this marina and enjoy 5-star service, coupled with fine dining restaurants and a sightseeing tour of Rovinj, courtesy of your local charter crew.

The large Mulandarije Bay is home to several wild anchorages, which offer protection, as well as natural beauty. When you wake up, be prepared to enjoy a view of pure paradise, with the golden sun shimmering against the blue sea, all with a lush green background.

Marina Poreč is situated near the town of Poreč, which influences the amount of traffic the Marina receives. During the summer months, the berths can get crammed with smaller boats; luckily, your local SuperYachts Croatia broker has all the connections to make berthing anytime seem like nothing at all. Only a 5-minute walk stands between you and the town centre, where you can stroll down the seaside promenade, admire the sights or eat out in family restaurants.


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Book a trip of a lifetime and enjoy every moment spent cruising around the waters on your yacht charter in Poreč. Your dedicated SuperYachts Croatia broker will be available 24/7 in case of something not going according to plan.

From privately guided tours and restaurant reservations to exclusive events and luxury provisioning, there is nothing the Superyachts Croatia team will not be able to do to make your stay in Croatia as pleasant as possible.