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Unique Charter Experiences

It is all about the little things, the small details that transform an experience into an unforgettable memory.

Towable water toys on yachts

Towable water toys are a popular option for guests on yachts, providing a thrilling and exciting way to enjoy the water. These toys can include tubes, banana boats, water skis, and more, and are typically towed behind the chase boat at high speeds, providing a thrilling experience for guests

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Inflatable water toys aboard yachts in Croatia

Inflatable water toys are a popular feature on yachts in Croatia, providing guests with endless hours of fun and entertainment while the yacht is at anchor in one of many glorious bays and coves across the Adriatic. Among others, these toys can include inflatable slides, water trampolines, and obstacle courses,...

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Electric Surfboards on a Yacht Charter in Croatia

Electric surfboards on a yacht charter, also known as e-surfboards or e-foils, are a new and exciting way to experience the thrill of surfing without the need for a wave vacation. These boards are powered by electric motors and rely on hydrofoils to lift the board out of the water,...

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SeaBob on a yacht charter in Croatia

A Seabob on a yacht charter is a unique and exciting water toy for yacht charter guests that can add a whole new level of adventure to your holiday in Croatia. It is a small, electric-powered water toy that allows riders to move through the water at high speeds, making...

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Superyacht water toys – E-Foil

Experience freedom of movement you have not yet felt before. This kind of activity offers a unique experience, something that only water-based movement can provide. A relatively new toy, when compared with the classics, like the jet ski or the wakeboard, but offering something completely different. The e-foil is synonymous...

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Our great ideas for dance lessons on a yacht

Dancing under the moonlight to slow jams or swinging to faster beats in a larger crowd - your superyacht charter can accommodate all dancing needs.

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