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Yacht Charter In Pula

December 8, 2021

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Pula is an extraordinary Croatian coastal town that dazzles its visitors with its history, culture, nature and location. Nestled at the southernmost tip of the Istrian peninsula, Pula`s geostrategic position has brought this seaside settlement attention from many empires and kings over the centuries.

Start your yacht charter in Pula and witness an up-and-coming charter destination in the Croatian Adriatic sea. Thanks to its rich history, Pula has plenty to offer, in terms of culture and activities. The most notable residents of Pula were the Romans, who left behind a treasure-trove of architectural heritage, with the number one monument in Pula surely being the Arena.

This largest Roman amphitheatre is Pula`s top landmark and a must-visit location for all travellers passing near Pula. Besides archaeological sites, this fantastic city also hides many contemporary secrets between its many narrow stone streets and small town square.

When going on a yacht charter in Pula, it is more than recommended to check out points of interest in the Istrian peninsula. Between so many locations to choose from, you can always rely on your local yacht crew to give the best advice regarding what to see and do. Experience only the best parts of Pula`s wider area and spend an unforgettable yacht charter vacation in Croatia.

Thanks to a local charter crew, you will have the best pick of quaint little towns along the coastline of the peninsula, with many different bays and coves perfect for anchoring your yacht charter. Italian influences are noticeable on the entire Istrian peninsula and particularly in Pula, where many cultural crossovers have transformed Pula`s culture into a truly unique blend.

Pula is situated at the very tip of Istria, the largest peninsula in Croatia, known for charming hilltop villages and excellent agriculture that grows exquisite produce and wonderful local specialities.

The interior of the peninsula is filled with lush green foliage, above which small mesa-built towns paint a lovely panoramic picture. These fairytale-like towns all have something special to offer, whether it be an indigenous wine sort, a special dish or some interesting piece of history, all wrapped around in a charming medieval atmosphere.

Istria`s coastline is littered with countless coves and bays, which are all perfect targets for a yacht charter to anchor in and enjoy a completely private atmosphere, combined with a clean sea and healthy and diverse vegetation. Nurturing a cosmopolitan and multicultural approach to tourism, Istria offers a different take on the Croatian Adriatic; instead of an archipelago of countless islands and islets, there are several dozen pristine islands and countless bays.

There are numerous coastal towns along Istria`s coast worth checking out, like Umag, Rovinj, Poreč, Novigrad and the coupe de grace- Pula, home to the largest Roman Amphitheatre on the Adriatic, seconded only to the one in Rome. Imagine standing in the place where history was written and where emperors enjoyed bloody gladiator games and dangerous chariot races, and feel like a part of a bigger historic whole.


Pula is an extraordinary Croatian coastal town and there are many reasons for this statement, starting from its location. Nestled at the southernmost tip of the Istrian peninsula, Pula`s geostrategic position has brought this seaside settlement attention from many empires and kings over the centuries.

Because of its location, Pula was in the perfect position to control maritime trade in the entire northern Adriatic – both the Greeks and the Romans recognized this fact and built their structures, temples and monuments in Pula, most of which can still be seen today.

In medieval times, Pula was the first part of the Croatian Kingdom, then the Austro-Hungarian Empire, before falling into Italian hands. This is where Pula, and the entirety of the Istrian peninsula, got their strong ties to Italian culture and everything Italian – even being declared a bi-lingual zone (where locals speak both Italian and Croatian).

Ties to Italy had directed the variety and quality of Pula`s touristic offer, starting from yacht charter in Pula. The cuisine has strong Italian influences, in the way pasta and seafood are prepared and served, while the interior of the Istrian peninsula is regarded as “Little Tuscany”. One cannot talk about Pula without mentioning the Istrian peninsula, the biggest Croatian peninsula, located in the Croatian northwest, bordering Slovenia on its northern side.

This peninsula offers countless options for experiencing fun and excitement in the interior, thanks to the assistance from your yacht charter crew. That could mean that your dedicated charter crew or your experienced SuperYachts Croatia broker can arrange a tour of the Istrian peninsula using luxurious supercar rentals or aeroplanes. There are many possibilities for adventures, like horseback riding, archery, free climbing, but also more leisure activities like wine tours, gourmet classes and or truffle-hunting.

Pula becomes a literal beehive of activities during the summer, which range from cultural and music manifestations to historic shows, film festivals, movie screenings and other forms of entertainment. During your yacht charter in Pula, do not miss the numerous unique opportunities to witness the fun and cultural side of this coastal city. The best and most commonly used venue for all of Pula`s events is the Arena, where spectators sit in the same seats that the ancient Romans used to occupy.

yacht charter in pula
Yacht charter in Pula – Photo credit to Instagram profile: istriaonmymind


Depending on what you want to do, the best time for a yacht charter in Pula would be between May and September. If you are planning on staying near the coastline and only experiencing the aquatic side of Pula, then sunny days and warm temperatures are what you seek; these are prevalent in the peak of the summer season, between June and August.

There is a downside to chartering a yacht in Pula at this time; plenty of crowds and tourists gather from all over the world to bask in the magnificence that is Pula`s old core and the surrounding natural beauties it possesses. If you are looking for a more balanced charter experience, you could come in May or late September, when the temperatures are more balanced and there are fewer people in general.

The weather around Pula is predominantly dry, with daily temperatures not exceeding 30-35 degrees Celsius or about 90 Fahrenheit, between June and September. These temperatures are ideal for relaxing on a secluded part of Istria`s shoreline, with your superyacht charter nearby, enabling you to experience water sports in beautiful and private surroundings.

Yacht Charter in Pula air temperature graph
Average Air temperatures in Pula

When it comes to the off seasons, the months of May and October offer more mild temperatures – about 20-25 degrees Celsius or about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with recommendations for warmer clothes in the evening. The temperature of the sea at this time is considered to be too low for swimming, but there are always brave souls that are daring enough to feel the chilly embrace of the azure Croatian Adriatic.

Yacht Charter in Pula sea temperature graph
Average Sea temperatures in Pula

Istria`s interior is what you would expect from any mainland – the farther you get into the interior, the more the weather conditions start separating from what you are used to when closer to shore. Istria starts to receive ample rainfall come October, which is perfect for growing many delicacies that thrive in abundance in Istria, like world-renowned wine, olive oil, asparagus, truffles and other mushrooms…


There are several ways of getting to Pula. The roads are excellent, particularly if you come down from the North and just join the so-called “Istrian Y” because the road system resembles the letter Y. The most practical way of getting to Pula would be to board a crewed yacht charter in another location and just cruise into Pula harbour.

The airport for Pula is located about 5 kilometres from the city centre, offering numerous departures and arrivals from international and domestic flights. It is also the most significant airport on the Istrian peninsula. Ask your expert SuperYachts Charter advisor about the possibilities of arriving at Pula airport and the transit between the airport and your yacht charter in Pula.

Pula does also possess a train station and a railway system, but trains are not the most practical means of transportation on the Istrian peninsula. Because of its specific and irregular shape, it is hard to make railways compete with cars or other motorized transports.

Straight railways cannot hope to manoeuvre through the mass of hilltop villages, rivers, gorges and other natural obstacles that the peninsula consists of – the best means of transport would be SUVs, luxury sports cars, VIP transfers; anything on four wheels…

Most of Pula`s city centre can be explored on foot, without the need for any mode of transportation. This is particularly true about the old town core, which is a pedestrian-only zone.

Yacht charter in Pula
Take in the endless beauty of Pula and the Istrian peninsula – Photo Credit to Instagram profile: lipicanaer


Explore the stunning nature of Brijuni National Park

A must-visit place, if you are planning on starting your yacht charter in Pula, is the Brijuni island clustered, located some miles off the west coast of the Istrian peninsula, right across the small town of Fažana. This compact archipelago was named a National Park, and stepping onto it, it is no surprise why. There is incredible nature everywhere you look, pristine coastline, crystal-clear waters and lush green vegetation. Brijuni holds several fantastic secrets for all explorers that step on its shore.

For instance, there is an exotic ZOO that houses many interesting species of animals not from the Mediterranean, like zebras, llamas or giraffes, among many other bird specimens. Disembark from your charter and let your children enjoy a play-day in the ZOO, while you relax with cocktails and canapes on the sundeck of your crewed yacht charter in Croatia.

Also to discover are archaeological findings of dinosaur footprints, kept intact by salt and wind – there are many such finds scattered around the island. Brijuni is regarded as an excellent golf spot as well – there is a full-sized golf course, which is excellent news for charter guests who also have an affinity towards this gentlemen’s sport.

Last but not least, the whole island is covered in bicycle lanes, more than 30 kilometres of them, which makes touring the entirety of Brijuni easy, fun and beautiful. Just ask your yacht crew about booking bicycles for your charter party, so you could experience Brijuni the way they were meant to be experienced.

There is some interesting history behind Brijuni as well: back when Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia, Brijuni was the favourite vacation spot for Josip Broz Tito, the ruler of the federative republic. When he spent time on Brijuni, he would also come by yacht, which was his vessel, appropriately named Seagull. On it, Tito would receive prominent leaders from all around the world, while cruising around the coast of Brijuni and Istria.

yacht charter in pula-animals in Brijuni
Zebras in the Brijuni National Park, photo credit to Instagram profile: __aleric

Discover Hilltop villages in Istra`s interior

While on a yacht charter in Pula, it would be a shame not to explore the numerous hilltop villages in the interior of the beautiful Istrian peninsula. Nestled on messas that protrude from the green landscape like towers of a huge city, these settlements provide a unique insight into how the local populace lived in the past.

Agriculture is more mechanized, but old secrets still adhere. Good tilled earth produces terrific wines and incredible olive oil, both of which are globally recognized and awarded with multiple prestigious ribbons for excellence and quality. Among all other villages, Motovun is by far the most beautiful and interesting of all. Located in the Mirna river valley, Motovun is the personification of a fairy-tale town.

Set on a hilltop, Motovun follows a circular plan, where cobblestone streets lead travellers to the top, from which an incredible 360 panorama of the entire valley can be observed. Adding to the wow factor are the city walls that the Venetians built in the 14th century, to keep this city safe from would-be attackers.

Contemporary Motovun is famous for hosting numerous film festivals during the summer, which attract all kinds of crowds, thanks to a wide range of different services, from camping and volunteering to glamping and VIP accommodation. This is achieved by mixing the cultural program with atmospheric architecture, including Gothic buildings and medieval towers, which house galleries, studios, boutiques and restaurants.

Outdoor enthusiasts can also venture into the nearby Motovun forest, in search of the famed Istrian truffles. The town of Pican has a history that reaches Ancient Rome, which is witnessed by its Latin name of Petena. During the medieval era, it was the seat for bishops – there are numerous medieval buildings and fortifications monuments still left to testify its historic importance. Located on a hilltop, Pican`s numerous restaurants and bars offer immaculate service, combined with picture-perfect panoramas.

Honourable mentions include the towns of Višnjan and Pazin, which are both more orientated toward providing top-notch tourist service. These settlements are more modernly constructed and offer contemporary comfort and not cultural historicity, like Motovun.

Yacht charter in Pula
The magical hilltop village of Motovun – Photo credit to Instagram profile: thetravelpro

Look for stunning natural sites on a yacht charter in Pula

Besides hilltop villages, there are also plenty of other beautiful sites to check out while sightseeing in Istria, like Kamenjak Nature Park. This park is located on the southernmost tip of the Permanture cape, which is located on the southernmost tip of Istria.

Observe and explore incredible cliffs and rugged coastline via tender or water toys, or hike, bike and trek on numerous dirt paths and cycling routes. For charter guests, there is nothing better than to anchor your yacht in one of many secluded bays and find a private beach just for you to enjoy.

Also worth checking out would be Zarečki krov Waterfall, which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of the Istrian peninsula. The location of the falls is in the interior, close to the town of Pazin. If yacht charter guests would want to explore this spot, they would be welcomed by incredible scenery and gorgeous panoramas.

Swimming, jumping and diving are welcomed, so this is a perfect place for families with children to enjoy an ambience that is different from the Croatian Adriatic sea. Also on offer is an exciting zipline, which leads adventure-seekers across the canyon.

Another interesting place to explore would be the Jama Baredine cave system. The main selling point of this cave is the beautiful stalactites, which are declared to be the most stunning in all of Croatia. The cave system is open for visitors from April to October.

Last but not least, the Limski channel separates the region of Vrsar from Rovinj and is worth exploring because of its incredible beauty. Cutting its way deep into the interior of the Istrian peninsula, the Limski channel is excellent for scenic boat rides, completely different from open sea adventures.

Sightseeing Around Pula

Stroll on the streets that have felt countless feet stumble across them through the ages. Feel the historic atmosphere of Pula, as this city brings you closer to the past with its archaeological heritage and rich culture. Experience tales of the past told through many different perspectives, the most famous of which is, of course, the Roman Amphitheatre, widely recognized as the ‘Arena’ in Pula.

This magnificent structure dates back to the 1st century AD, completed by the Roman emperor Flavius. The amphitheatre is one of the largest in the Mediterranean, which is no surprise, considering its three-story structure could seat about 20,000 Romans. Although the Arena is impressive, it is not the oldest Roman monument in Pula; that honour falls to the Hercules Gate, dating from 1st century BC.

In the centre of Old Town, walking from the Arena, sightseers will eventually come to the Triumphal Arch of the Sergii, which commemorates Octavian`s victory in Greece, built around 30 BC by the Sergi family who fought alongside him.

The Temple of Augustus also celebrates Octavian and is located on the Forum, once the main focal point in the city. Today, the Forum is still buzzing with activity, thanks to numerous bars and restaurants. You could rest at one of many Forum`s cafes and enjoy your favourite drink as you watch colourful tourists and busy locals pass one another on this open piazza.

Moving onward through history, we arrive at the Zadar cathedral, the construction of which took centuries. Therefore, different parts of the cathedral are of different origins; some are Romanesque, some are Gothic, while the bell tower is from the 17th century. Besides cultural treasures, Pula also has some contemporary appeals, like the Pula Aquarium, which houses a Sea Turtle rescue centre, alongside more than 200 species of varied marine life.

Enjoy wonderful performances on one of many summer festivals in Pula

During the summer, Pula becomes a perfect stage for numerous open-air events, ranging from music and theatre to films and cultural festivals. The arena in Pula provides a unique background to enjoy wonderful performances from gifted artists and other masters of their craft, as well as hosting the International Pula Film festival, which is held under the stars.

Visitors can enjoy masterpieces of contemporary cinematography while being surrounded by the same stone that Roman emperors were when they enjoyed marvellous spectacles that were performed in this Amphitheater. Every June, famous actors and directors gather to watch their creation on the big screen – you can contact us anytime during your yacht charter in Pula about procuring tickets for the hottest show in town.

Pula also hosts two big electronic dance music festivals: Outlook, which assembles famous reggae and dubstep performers and Dimensions festival, which is more inclined towards hosting renowned DJs. Enjoy the festival and the crowds, then retire to the privacy of your crewed yacht charter in Pula.

Also, from mid-June through August, the Pula forum hosts a fair that presents authentic and local Istrian delicacies, as well as hand-made souvenirs.

Yacht charter in Pula
Experience a truly unique surrounding for enjoying contemporary entertainment in the Arena – Photo credit to Instagram profile: pulafilmfestival


Istrian cuisine is made from many different gastronomical influences, starting with Italy. From raw produce to spices and favourite dishes, Istria has adapted many popular Italian dishes, and in many cases, even made them better.

There are a lot of local specialities and delicacies for you to try, while you make your way around the Istrian peninsula during your yacht charter in Pula. Pasta with truffles is an absolute must, but there are also a ton of other mushrooms that grow in abundance on the peninsula, and each of them can be made into a fantastic sauce or a terrific side dish.

Produce that grows in the wild and without human supervision is prized in Istria, and true food lovers can recognize the difference in taste between wild and domesticated produce. Such is the case with wild asparagus and various other spices, like mint, rosemary, nettle or wild onion.

Mentioning Istria would not be complete without talking about the incredible wines and olive oils that hail from this region. Globally renowned wine sorts from Istria have found their way on many exclusive tables, so if you are a wine lover, you cannot go wrong with a wine tour of Istria`s most accomplished vineyards.

Also, Istrian olive oils have won countless awards for excellence, taste and the growing process itself. Famed for their connectedness to the earth, the sun and the annual rains, Istrian olive farmers pride themselves in micromanaging every part of the growing process, as well as the process of the olive cold pressing. Famous also are Istrian truffles, a well-known delicacy farmed in the wild parts of Istrian forests.

There are always options for brave and adventurous charter guests to embark on a truffle hunt with a few locals and a truffle-hunting pig! Pula gets the best of both worlds, seeing that the city is supplied daily with fresh seafood, while also importing many delicacies from the interior of the peninsula. This combination produces one of the best cuisines in the greater Mediterranean sea, where fresh seafood meets local and organic vegetables, oils, wines and mushrooms.

When it comes to fine dining in Pula and the greater Istria region, several establishments could peek at your gastronomical curiosity. First off, Restaurant Monte in Rovinj is the first restaurant in Croatia to be awarded a Michelin star. It offers fantastic food that is made using seasonal produce and fresh seafood, paired with terrific wines.

When dining in Monte, you can walk off an excellent meal by strolling in the beautiful streets of Rovinj town, a medieval seaside settlement, complete with stone streets, Gothic architecture and an ever-present panorama of the Croatian Adriatic sea.

San Rocco is a restaurant located in Brtonigla, recognized as an award-winning member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe organisation, a prestigious society for gastronomic professionals. The restaurant specializes in fresh fish dishes, combined with truffles and olives. The wine chart is filled to the brim with more than 200 wines, which will be paired to specifically match every dish completely.

The settlement of Banjole hides Batelina restaurant, locally recognized as one of the top seafood eateries in Croatia, which is supplied daily with fresh fish from a dedicated team of private fishermen.

Honourable restaurant mentions include Lanterna, located in the Pjescana bay, Alla Beccaccia in Valbandon and Vodnjanka restaurant in Pula. Whatever option you choose considering your fine dining experience, be it dining out in a magnificent restaurant or letting your expert yacht chef prepare 5-star local produce, you will not be let down by the quality of the food in Pula and the greater Istria region.

Yacht charter in Pula
Fine dining on your yacht charter holiday in Pula  will always satisfy the highest of standards- Photo credit to Instagram profile: monte_rovinj


Embark on a unique yacht charter in Pula and explore countless private bays on our seven days suggested itineraries…

Yacht Charter in Pula seven day superyachts croatia route

Day 1: Pula – Premantura cape

As you board your yacht charter in Pula, enjoy cruising from Pula to the magical Premantura cape. Along the way, you can stop in one of many secluded bays that litter Pula`s southern coastline or just continue along your way until you reach the cape. Here, drop anchor and prepare for a day filled with fun and excitement.

Play with your yacht`s water toys, enjoy a picnic on a beach and nap beneath the shade of pine trees. In the afternoon you could sunbathe and snorkel, all the while enjoying the surroundings of an incredibly indented Premantura cape. In the evening, enjoy a fine dining experience on the main deck of your Pula yacht charter. Later, marvel at the clear sky and the stars or host an unforgettable yacht party with the help of your charter crew.

Day 2: Premantura – northwards up Istria`s coast to Cres

On the second day enjoy cruising up the eastern coast of the Istrian peninsula, discovering an abundance of private beaches and beautiful scenery. Since you decide where the yacht goes, make a sharp turn and head straight towards Cres island, visible from shore.

Once you arrive at Cres, start exploring an island that has fantastic beaches, stunning natural sights and an abundance of flora and fauna. Check out the popular Lubenice beach, a perfect snorkelling location because of the crystal-clear sea or find your sanctuary in one of the countless private and secluded bays that litter Cres` coastline.

Venture into the interior of the island and be amazed at the Vrana lake, a very rare phenomenon. Freshwater lakes on islands are exotic finds anywhere in the world, but on your superyacht charter holiday in Croatia, you will have a chance to experience one for yourself.

Besides the incredible freshwater Vrana lake, the interior of Cres beckons to be explored with buggies or e-bikes, while you marvel at the beautiful nature and the diversity of plant and animal life on this stunning island.

Yacht charter in Pula
Pick a secluded bay as your cruise alongside the coastline of Cress island – Photo credit to Instagram profile: visitcres

Day 3: Cres-Lošinj, Unije

From Cres, a very short cruise away is the island of Lošinj, Mali Lošinj and the islet of Unije. Expect to see many different plants and animals on the island of Lošinj, for the island is known for its magnificent biodiversity.

Numerous medicinal and aromatic plants grow wildly around the island, some of which even have medicinal benefits, like aloe vera, lavender, immortelle and rosemary. You can find these and more in the `Garden of Fine Scents`, where visitors can learn about beneficial plant properties on Lošinj island. Diving enthusiasts and snorkelers will just love the Lošinj Underwater park, where you can dive among archaeological remains, such as statues or amphorae.

The nearby island of Unije is a compact isle, with only about a hundred permanent residents. The size and a relatively small populace make Unije a perfect destination for enjoying a yacht charter vacation in Croatia in privacy and peace.

A bonus is that there are no cars or roads on the island, so you can enjoy an atmosphere of secludedness, but still be able to experience all the luxurious amenities of your yacht charter.

Yacht charter in Pula
Enjoy the bounties of Croatian nature- Photo credit to Instagram profile: sarafiofficial

Day 4: Unije – open sea cruising to Brijuni National Park

When departing from Unije towards Brijuni National Park, the cruise will last several hours, during which time you will get to experience the phenomenal open sea panorama. Feel ultimate freedom as you stand on the sundeck of your yacht charter and marvel at the incredible 360-degree panorama of shores in the distance and the vastness and beauty of the Croatian Adriatic sea.

While your yacht charter is underway, you could utilise the comfortable sunbed and work on your bronze tan or read a book in the comfort of the air-conditioned salon. The charter crew will be at your disposal during the open sea cruise, serving hand-made cocktails, chilled champagne and canapes so your transit would be beautiful and enjoyable.

Once you arrive at Brijuni, take the tender to shore and enjoy being on solid land, while dining out in a quality restaurant in one of many coastal towns on the western shores of the Istrian peninsula.

Yacht charter in Pula
The Croatian Adriatic sea holds many secrets, only available to yacht charter guests – Photo credit to Instagram profile: robertklaricphoto

Day 5: Stay at Brijuni

Spend an entire day around the magnificent Brijuni archipelago, enjoying many commodities and natural wonders of this magnificent island cluster. Slow down your tempo and enjoy the scenery of this beautiful National Park. Play golf with your charter party in a unique surrounding or cycle the entire span of the largest Brijuni island, which has more than 20 kilometres of bike lanes.

Let your children play near the exotic Zoo, which houses species not native to the Mediterranean, like zebras or llamas. Your local yacht crew will certainly tell you about one of many dinosaur footprints that can be observed on the Brijuni archipelago, witnessing a different ecosystem in the prehistoric area. Take the opportunity and dive or snorkel in azure waters and marvel at the incredible beauties of nature present at the Brijuni archipelago.

Yacht charter in Pula
The Brijuni ZOO will be your children`s favourite place- Photo credit to Instagram profile: amarie_official

Day 6: Brijuni-Limski channel tour, Rovinj

Set a destination for the Limski channel and enjoy a tour of 11 kilometres long and a very wide channel that stops in the interior of the Istrian peninsula. Observe both banks as you tour the channel on your tender, with your knowledgeable local crew providing interesting facts about this area.

Eat at a local restaurant and enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of both the interior and the sea-side combined. Get back on your yacht charter and return to Rovinj and its island cluster to anchor. Eat on the main deck of your yacht charter, with an incredible evening view of Rovinj town in the distance.

Yacht charter in Pula
The charming coastal town of Rovinj – Photo credit to Instagram profile: world_walkerz

Day 7: Rovinj island cluster – dock superyacht – supercar return to Pula

The town of Rovinj was first settled by the Romans, who established the old core of the city, which also saw growth during the medieval period. Sights like the 18th-century Cathedral of St. Euphemia and the Balbi`s arch from the Venetian period are not to be missed when strolling around Rovinj.

Relax on Rovinj`s seaside promenade while your yacht crew make the final preparations for your supercar tour of Istria. An early start guarantees that you will have plenty of time to experience everything that the Istrian peninsula has to offer, before returning to Pula. You will certainly not regret dining in magnificent restaurants or exploring medieval hilltop villages of `Little Tuscany` i.e. the Istrian peninsula.

Yacht charter in Pula
Yacht charter in Pula – Photo credit to Instagram profile: croatia_vacations


Your yacht crew and captain will always make sure you have a safe berth at nearby marinas, which are some of the safest in the whole Croatian Adriatic sea. The ACI marina Rovinj, located near the Rovinj harbour on the western bank of the Istrian peninsula, offers berths and anchorages with a splendid view of Rovinj town.

ACI marina Pula is located in the south-eastern part of Pula port, nearly touching the very heart of the city and the renowned Arena. Veruda Marina is located in Veruda bay, which offers incredible protection from all types of weather and wind, as well as plenty of space for berthing or anchoring your yacht charter in Pula.

As for natural anchorages, the Premantura cape is your best bet for private anchorings, particularly around the Portić and Debeljak bays. These bays are positioned in such a way that they provide natural shelter from strong waves and most winds, with a sandy seabed. The Punta Križa bay on Cres island is popular among yachtsmen because it provides good shelter against most winds, while also being rich with vegetation and marine life.

This bay is perfect for snorkelling, as well as having fun with water toys from your yacht charter. Last but not least, Maračol bay on Unije island offers a coastline that shelters anchoring yachts, while also providing pretty panoramas and 50 anchoring buoys with depths below 15 meters.

Yacht charter in Pula
Your yacht charter will always be safe and secure in the marinas around the town of Pula – Photo credit to Instagram profile: aci_marinas


yacht charter in pula fun facts about pula


Trust in the local know-how of SuperYachts Croatia, as we deliver tailor-made experiences suited to fit your exact preferences. From the food and service to the support and staff, you will take with you only pleasant memories for a yacht charter in Pula. Feel safe, as you trust in the capable hands of SuperYachts Croatia, a team that will overcome every potential obstacle on your Croatian charter holiday with native knowledge and decades of experience in the yacht industry.