Why Charter

22 Reasons why charter a yacht in Croatia

It is all about the little things, the small details that transform an experience into an unforgettable memory. There is no one better to take care of your superyacht holiday in Croatia than someone that actually lives in Croatia.

5-star service – VIP for charter guests

Consider booking a superyacht charter in Croatia to get the best VIP service available in the yachting community. Your superyacht broker will make sure that the whole experience is glamourous and exclusive.

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What are the best types of yachts for a perfect vacation?

SuperYachts Croatia has a catalogue of over 135 different vessels, and for first-time charter guests, it can get a little confusing as to which kind of naval vessel they would want for their first yachting holiday. So, to make the choices of all future guests easier, we are bringing the...

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You Will Have Ultimate Privacy on a Yacht Charter in Croatia

While chartering a yacht, the only thing you want is to unwind and enjoy without anyone harassing or disturbing you, and in Croatia, you will always have 100% comfort and privacy on a yacht charter. People in Croatia are so relaxed and do not even notice celebrity people or do...

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Because Every Member Can Enjoy Family Activities on a Yacht Charter

Chartering a yacht with your family is the perfect way to explore Croatia and also participate in various activities on and off the vessel. Everyone loves family activities on a yacht charter and we are sure that your children will adore kayaking around the city walls, snorkelling in the magical...

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4 reasons why crew members on a corporate yacht charter are important for any business trip

Charter a yacht and choose to do business in one of the best possible backgrounds. A luxury yacht charter is the perfect stage for hosting all business and corporate events, because it combines the best of both worlds: the demanding world of business, with its strict deadlines, tight quotas and...

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What is it like to be a yacht charter guest in Croatia?

Book a yacht charter, become one of the yacht charter guests and experience the next level service a charter crew provides. Besides the excellent hospitality and attention to detail in every task, your yacht crew are also versatile and experienced women and men, who are more than able and willing...

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