Planning your own luxury private yacht trip might seem complicated and intimidating. For this exact reason, our professional charter consultants are available to help you select the right yacht, plan your itinerary and assist in arranging all logistics before, during and after your trip. Our aim is to make this process as seamless as possible, ensuring you have the best experience. Continue reading our yacht charter FAQ.


How can I book a yacht for a charter holiday?

The booking process is very simple with Superyachts Croatia because there is no middle man. We communicate directly with captains and yacht owners. You can browse for particular superyachts on our web page and send an inquiry regarding the yacht of your choice.

If you don’t have an idea about what kind of yacht you want to book, send us a short email with your preferred dates and number of guests and our charter manager at SuperYachts Croatia will provide a preliminary selection of available yachts.

What do I need to do, to secure my chosen yacht?

Once you confirm your yacht, the dates of your charter and the number of guests, we will send a standard yacht charter agreement for you to sign.

Once you put your signature on that paper and carry out the payments, the deal is sealed and all you have to do is be at the agreed place of boarding so your yacht vacation can begin.

Is there a contract involved?

Every charter is bound by a MYBA Contract – find more information in ‘YACHT CHARTER IN GENERAL’

What are the payment terms for a charter?

When you sign the contract, payment should be made as follows:

● 50 % of the charter fee is paid in the period of yacht confirmation, no more than 7 days after booking is confirmed.

● 50 % is due no later than one month prior to charter commencement.

How Early Do I Have to Book?

Booking early is always a plus when renting a luxury yacht since all the top, proven yachts get booked first. So, if you want to secure your first pick, book as soon as possible (5 or 6 months in advance).


Where exactly is Croatia located?

Croatia is a small Central European and Mediterranean country bordering Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary and Italy by sea.

Are visas necessary to get into Croatia?

If you are a citizen of the EU, the U.K, the U.S, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, you don’t need any visas to enter Croatia.

Furthermore, if you are a citizen of the EU, you can enter Croatia by using only a valid ID Card. Holders of valid Schengen visas can also enter, stay and transit through Croatia without any additional visas.

For additional information, you can visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

What is the weather like in Croatia?

Croatia enjoys a continental climate in the interior while the coast has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers.

During the hottest periods (July and August) temperatures can average between 26 and 30°C (78 and 86°F) with hardly any rain. If you enjoy lots of sun, the island of Hvar gets the most hours of sun, followed by Split, Korčula and Dubrovnik.

What are the best weather forecast websites for Croatia?

The standard for weather forecasting in Croatia is The Meteorological and hydrological service of Croatia where you can get accurate weather forecasting for 3 to 7 days in advance as well as real-time satellite images.

If you’re looking for more detailed and beforehand info, we also recommend AccuWeather with a 30-day forecast.

We don't speak Croatian or English, will that be a problem?

Most people in Croatia speak at least one foreign language. Besides English, a lot of locals speak German and Italian (especially in the Istria region because of trade and tourist relations with Italy).

No matter what language you speak, we assure you that you won’t have any problems communicating, since we can arrange services for a private translator.

What is the currency in Croatia?

The official currency of Croatia is the Kuna (kn) until the first of January 2023, when Croatia will officially introduce the € as its currency.

However, the € is widely accepted, especially when paying for accommodation or restaurant meals. The exchange rate can vary, but it’s usually at about 7,6 kn per 1 €.


What should I pack for a yacht charter holiday?

Chartering a luxury yacht is all about convenience and a carefree approach so most of the required necessities will already be waiting for you on your private charter. However, several items are necessary, while the rest are optional:

● Travel documents – Valid ID card, passport or visas are needed every time you’re travelling outside your home country and sailing out in foreign waters.

● Bathing suits – Preferably more than one, since you will basically live in them.

● Windbreakers and layered clothing – Summers in Croatia are mostly warm and dry but it doesn’t hurt to bring additional clothes considering the fact you’ll be spending a lot of time cruising in the open sea.

● Electronics – Chargers…

● Medication – Our crew members are well educated in medical emergencies and the yacht is equipped with basic medical supplies such as painkillers, motion sickness tablets, plasters and antiseptic cream. However, if some of your guests have specific medical issues, it is best to bring any required medication for them.

How much extra cash do I need for ports and yacht charter activities?

All additional costs, including ports and charter activities, are paid from your APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance).

The APA is usually 30 % of the charter fee and is paid in advance. It covers the costs of fuel, food, drinks, dockage, communication etc.

Any APA funds that are not spent during the voyage, are returned to you as you leave but if any expenses exceed the APA, you will have to compensate the amount.

Can we arrive by commercial flights and still get on time to the yacht?

The time and place of embarkation are agreed upon confirming the charter and can be arranged to correspond to the time of your arrival.

If for some reason your flight gets cancelled or you are prevented from arriving at the agreed time, we can compromise with the yacht owner and find a solution that suits both parties.

Can we do a boat inspection?

Yacht inspection is definitely possible and we welcome the chance to show you around your private yacht. Just make sure you ask in advance so our team can take all the necessary steps in arranging a yacht inspection.

How long do we have for boarding?

It’s always good to be at the place of embarkation at least half an hour before setting off. This gives you time to meet with your crew, let them board your luggage and enjoy welcome drinks with courtesy from the SuperYachts Croatia team.

Where can I be picked up and dropped off from?

There are many ports where you can be picked up or/and dropped off. Every port needs to be booked so we suggest an early booking of the charter so you have more options for pickup.

How difficult is it to enter the major ports?

It can be more difficult to enter major ports during peak months (July, August) but, if you book your charter well in advance, we can assure the availability of all the necessary port bookings.


Are there any general rules of behaviour that apply to all the yachts for charter?

We at SuperYachts Croatia don’t impose any special regulations during your private charter, but there are some unspoken rules of onboard etiquette, especially if you’re new to yachting.

Some of the most obvious ones would be respecting and listening to your crew members as well as adhering to the smoking policy.

Can we make phone calls & receive emails on board?

Keeping in touch with your family, friends and business associates will not be a problem on board a luxury yacht charter. All of our yachts have cellular service and a free Wifi internet service.

Do all yachts accept children?

The majority of yachts accepts children and if you are bringing children with you on your yacht trip, you should inform SuperYachts Croatia at the earliest possible stage of booking.

Keep in mind than our crew cannot provide a babysitting service so the presence of a nanny will be required.

Am I permitted to use the yacht’s water sports toys & SCUBA Equipment?

You are welcome to use all the water toys and amenities available on your private yacht. A crew member will always be there to provide instructions about the proper use of the equipment and all the security measures.

Do I Need a License to Operate the Waverunners or Jetskis?

You do need a license to use a jet-ski or waverunners while on a charter. Not to worry, our crew members own such licenses and can take you for a ride.

What can we do ashore?

Croatia is a country with the most beautiful coastline in the world, according to the SuperYachts Croatia team.

Along its entire coastline, Croatia offers a wide selection of restaurants with local Mediterranean food, nightclubs and party spots, like the famous beach Zrče.

There are also numerous monuments that are protected by the UNESCO World Heritage List, including the town of Trogir, as well as Diocletian`s Palace in Split and the city of Dubrovnik.

Which region of Croatia can I explore on a one-week yacht charter?

It all depends on how much time you want to spend cruising.

You can explore every region in the Croatian Adriatic (Istria and Kvarner, North Adriatic, Dalmatia and South Adriatic) on a 7-day yacht charter. If you plan on cruising and hopping from one spot to another, our team will design a perfect itinerary for you.


What is your cancellation policy?

The charterer should give notice of cancellation any time before the commencement of the Charter, and funds will be returned to him according to the following conditions:

● If the CHARTERER cancels the agreement after signing the Charter contract, but before the second payment, the OWNER will retain the first advance payment.

● If the CHARTERER is due to pay the second instalment and cancels the charter, the OWNER will be entitled to keep the full amount of the charter fee.

Am I covered by insurance?

SuperYachts Croatia strongly recommends taking the Cancellation and Curtailment Insurance in case of cancellation for various reasons (illness, illness or death of a close relative). Also, medical and personal insurance is suggested.

In case of an emergency, is the crew trained to assist?

All crew members have basic medical training for emergency situations. In case of an accident of any sort, the Captain is responsible to contact the emergency line for medical assistance.


How to book a luxury yacht charter in Croatia?

Croatia has been steadily developing its reputation as one of the top pick destinations for a yacht charter in the Mediterranean. This is because of her indented coastline and more than 1000 islands, spread across the Croatian Adriatic sea.

Getting a yacht charter organized in Croatia can be a smooth experience with SuperYachts Croatia team. We are seasoned professionals in the yacht charter industry, born and raised in Croatia.

What is the best time of the year for yacht charter in Croatia?

If you ask us, the best time for chartering a yacht in Croatia is – Anytime. However, April, May or October are perfect for those of you who want peace and good winds while not worrying about getting too hot aboard.

July and August are the months where the season is in full swing, with temperatures reaching 38 degrees Celsius. June and September are less crowded, but warm enough to explore the countless bays and coves.

What is so special about a yacht charter in Croatia?

Croatia has been the number one yacht charter destination in the Mediterranean for a couple of years. One of the reasons a yacht charter in Croatia is considered special is because Croatia has over 1000 islands, making it a perfect location for those who want to explore a new island each day. There are many reasons why this is the case and this is just one of them.

Why Charter with SuperYachts Croatia?

The SuperYachts Croatia team consists of professional local Croatian people who have extensive knowledge in the yacht charter industry.

There is no part of the Croatian coast or its islands that is unknown to the SuperYachts Croatia team. This local insight is combined with knowing every detail about luxury yachts we provide on our website, so we can absolutely guarantee the quality of our service.

What does your "price match guarantee" mean in real life?

Price match guarantee means that the price we send to our potential clients is equivalent to the price you can find on any other website.

However, we at SuperYachts Croatia always go the extra mile for our guests so you can expect a completely professional approach, as well as assistance before, during and after your luxury charter in Croatia.

What is MYBA?

MYBA or the Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association is a worldwide yachting association founded in 1984. Its prime goal is to connect all the professionals in the superyacht charter industry and make sure all the professionals involved are adhering to a standard set by MYBA.

MYBA works closely with Government Organisations, International Maritime Organisations, Insurance Companies, lawyers etc.

MYBA’s Charter Agreement and Memorandum Agreement are the standard documentation every superyacht professional is required to use when providing the guests with a yacht charter experience anywhere in the world.

What is WMT (West Mediterranean Terms)?

Charter agreements are usually conducted under West Mediterranean Terms. – often referred to as MYBA terms. WMT is explained in detail under “What does the charter rate include?” section.

Can I Sail for Less Than a Week?

Definitely! Although, 7-day or 10-day charters are ideal for a holiday on a superyacht. Keep in mind that, with a shorter charter we will have to carefully pick activities and destinations in order to squeeze in everything you expect from your cruise, meaning you will probably have to sacrifice something for a desired shorter period.

Is there a maximum or minimum for how long a charter must last?

In private yachting, everything is tailored to your preferences, so options are limitless and you can charter for 5, 7, 10 days or two weeks and more.

What Day of the Week Does the Charter Begin?

Your charter can start and end on any day of the week although, most of our charters start on Friday or Saturday.

Is Smoking Allowed?

Smoking is allowed on most yachts, but only in the exterior spaces. For safety reasons, smoking is not allowed in the interior.


What does the charter rate include?

Charter rates are based on Standard MYBA Charter Agreements you sign when you decide to book a private luxury yacht.

The charter rate includes the entire yacht with working amenities and equipment as well as tools, supplies, cleaning materials and basic supplies for the engine room. The rate also includes the supplies for the decks, galley and cabins, the laundering of the ship’s linen, the crew’s wages, uniforms and food, alongside the insurance for the yacht and the insurance for the crew.

Other operating expenses (such as transfer, security etc.) are payable by the charterer and deducted from the Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA).

Sometimes, a yacht may alter some of the terms described above. SuperYachts Croatia team will provide full details of any charter terms that vary from the standard MYBA Terms when presenting relevant yachts you are interested in.

What are so called additional expenses on yacht charter?

Additional expenses on the yacht are expenses for living on a yacht, for example food, beverages, fuel, harbour fees, taxes and etc.

Additional expenses are covered usually with APA which is calculated before the yacht charter and paid one month before the embarkation.

What is not included in the charter rate?

The charter rate may not include berthing fees and (although we at SuperYachts Croatia encourage we solve the berthing fee issue pre-charter), fuel costs- not just for the yacht but also for the water toys (we can create a general sentiment of water toys fuel consumption when creating the itinerary).

Other charges that may apply are harbour fees, water, electricity, national or local taxes, food and beverages (more explanation in the question below)

What is APA and how is it calculated?

APA or Advanced Provisioning Allowance covers any operating expenses during your private yacht charter experience.

APA is paid on top of the charter rate and it includes everything you may need for day to day living on a yacht, from food, fuel, beverages, harbour fees and dockage, communication costs etc.

APA is due to be paid one month before the charter starts and it is usually equivalent to 25-30% of the charter fee under the MYBA terms.

We at SuperYachts Croatia will help you to calculate the APA amount while preparing the itinerary. In case of not spending the indicated amount, the rest of the APA will be returned to you

What will be the total cost of my charter?

The total cost of your charter is the charter rate plus APA, while keeping in mind that the APA may vary depending on your habits onboard through the course of your stay on the yacht.

Is VAT applicable in the charter fee?

VAT can be applicable in many countries. In Croatia, you will pay 13% tax instead of 25% if your yacht charter adventure starts in this country.

What are delivery / redelivery fees? When do I need to pay for those?

Delivery/redelivery fees are fees which are paid in case you embark or disembark from your luxury super yacht in a port which is not the main port of that yacht.

It is based on calculating the fuel consumption and it is payed one month before start of the yacht charter in APA.

Can the VAT rate be reduced?

Some countries, including Croatia, have applied VAT reductions on charter in the past. But, those discounts no longer apply in 2020, according to a recent decision by the European Union.

What is the total price of my charter - an all-inclusive charter rate?

An all-inclusive charter rate means that in the price is calculated the APA along with the charter rate for the yacht and you do not need to pay anything extra.

Do I pay for fuel?

Fuel consumption is paid in APA one month before the charter starts and it is based on the itinerary that you, as a guest, have selected.

When do I pay for additional expenses?

Any additional expenses should be covered by APA, however, if the APA has been spent or doesn’t cover some requests then the guest needs to provide the captain with an additional sum for the expenses that are requested at that time.

Are the Rates Lower Any Time of the Year?

In Croatia, and the Mediterranean in general, July and August are considered peak months for yacht charter (also known as high season) and more expensive. Charter fees for June, September and October (low season) are usually 15% lower.

Do I have to tip the captain or crew on a luxury private yacht, and if so what’s the normal amount?

Following the MYBA standards, it is customary to tip the crew at the end of your super yacht experience. The amount that is usually given is 5- 20% of the base charter fee.

What is the main currency we use for payment and what is the official exchange rate?

The main currency for payment in Croatia (coast and islands) is called kuna and the official change rate can be found here.

In 2023, Croatia is expected to introduce the euro as its official currency.


Who organizes the guest`s preferences?

Before the charter starts, we at SuperYachts Croatia will contact you to go over your preferences and wishes for your stay on a superyacht of your choice.

We will make sure all the mentioned preferences are understood by the crew and ready for the start of your vacation.

How does the Chef know our likes and dislikes?

Prior to starting your yacht charter, we will ask you to disclose your culinary preferences and favourite dishes. Also, you will need to disclose if you or other guests have any allergies, special diets, medical requirements or any other wishes that the chef has to be aware of.

Who plans the itinerary for my cruise?

We at Super Yachts Croatia plan the itinerary based on your specific requirements and wishes. After we discuss all the particular details you would want to do or see on your charter, we then make a proposition of the itinerary.

What if we decide to change our plans on an arranged itinerary?

Itinerary changes can be made in accordance with the Captain of the luxury yacht. If the change requires additional costs, such as harbour fees, fuel or any other expense that were not calculated in the APA, an additional deposit needs to be made to the captain in that particular case.

Can the number of guests be flexible and change during the charter?

The number of guests during a yacht charter can be flexible and we at SuperYachts Croatia can arrange versatile guest accommodations, keeping in mind the space for sleeping on the particular luxury yacht.

Do I Have to Charter the Entire Yacht or Can I Join a Group?

At SuperYachts Croatia, our forte is private yacht charter, so you can rent a yacht for a group of 2 or more, but we do not offer an option of joining another group on a charter.

Can arrangements be made for an airport pick-up?

Such arrangements can be made, usually by a member of a crew or a third party company.


What is the job of the yacht crew on a luxury yacht charter?

The yacht crew aboard a luxury yacht is there to provide with a “enjoy more and worry less” approach.

Starting with the captain who makes sure that everything goes according to schedule, the chef preparing fantastic food preferences and finishing with the hostess, who makes sure you have everything you may need.

Each of them has one thing in mind- to make you happy.

Where does the yacht crew sleep?

Each member of the yacht crew on a crewed luxury yacht have their own sleeping cabins aboard, situated below the main deck.

Does the yacht crew have separate accommodation from the guests?

The yacht crew has separate accommodation from the guests and their sleeping cabins are usually located below deck.

Will the steward / stewardess deal with my personal laundry?

In most cases, the steward/stewardess would take a small amount of laundry ashore for cleaning as a service.

Large amounts of laundry wash-up or dry-cleaning can be arranged onshore and is usually paid from APA.

How often do you change bed linens on a luxury yacht charter?

The frequency of changing the bed linens can be arranged with your yacht crew. Usually, the bed linens are changed once during the charter, however, you can arrange daily changes, if you wish.

What language does your yacht crew speak?

Yacht crew onboard a luxury private yacht are usually multilingual, speaking several languages. All of them aboard need to speak English and in most cases, they speak one or two more languages.

What do crews normally consist of?

Every luxury yacht has a different crew completely familiar with the yacht and the waters she cruises in. Superyachts are usually equipped with a crew of five or more people consisting of a captain, stewardesses, engineer, deckhand and a chef.

Will the captain & crew dine with us?

Crew members have their own separate crew mess, however, you can arrange that the captain or the crew dines with you.