Yacht Charter in Rovinj

December 15, 2021

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The rich history of Rovinj dates back to Roman times around the 5th century. Today, this "Gem of the Adriatic" holds a reputation as one of the most romantic coastal cities in Croatia, filled with streets full of art and rich cultural heritage. All of this makes the unique little town of Rovinj one of the most alluring yacht charter destinations on the Mediterranean.

Start your yacht charter from one of the most romantic cities in Europe – Rovinj. This charming little town is a famous destination for yachts for many reasons. Except for its unrealistic beauty, Rovinj will lure you in with its dotted archipelago, colourful narrow houses, vivid streets, and tiny squares.

You will enjoy unique experiences on your yacht charter in Rovinj, so expect to see countless cultural attractions. Fine-dine in the top-notch restaurants, mingle around town, enjoy the nightlife and cruise with your yacht around 22 nearby islands.

You can simply moor your yacht in the ACI marina Rovinj, right across the Old Town centre and gaze upon spectacular vistas of this unique town or drop your anchor in secluded bays around nearby islets. Lastly, you can visit some of the most competitive sailing regattas in Croatia that take place around Rovinj every year.


The rich history of Rovinj dates back to Roman times around the 5th century, and today this “Gem of the Adriatic” holds a reputation as one of the most romantic coastal cities in Croatia, filled with streets full of art and cultural heritage. All of this makes the unique little town of Rovinj one of the most alluring yacht charter destinations on the Mediterranean.

Thanks to many dotted islands and interesting underwater landscapes, Rovinj is the perfect place for chartering a yacht. You will discover the appeal of numerous diving and snorkelling sites, filled with rich underwater life, aquatic vegetation, reefs, caves and shipwrecks. The most interesting diving site is Baron Gautsch, the wreck of the Austrian passenger ship that sank due to the impact of the mine.

During your yacht charter in Rovinj, you can expect to see countless cultural attractions, dine in exquisite restaurants, enjoy lively nightlife and cruise with your yacht around 22 picturesque islands.

Apart from its natural and cultural beauties, Rovinj is a terrific place for a family charter vacation, especially in the period between April and October. An absolute highlight in this picturesque town is the Golden Cape nature park, full of dreamy beaches and lush cycling and hiking trails.

After your walk under the shade of the Mediterranean vegetation, take a stroll along a beautiful peninsula and enjoy the historical narrow alleys of the old town, walk up the main street “La Grisia” where you can visit numerous exhibits and events.

Do not miss out on the Church of St. Euphemia, the symbol of Rovinj, located at the highest point of this charming coastal town. You can climb up the bell tower and enjoy the most magnificent sunset views overlooking the majestic burst of colours on the horizon.

Apart from its historical importance, and stunning natural beauty, Rovinj is placed on one of the three planetary ley lines. You could say lay lines are the veins of the planet and places where the purest energy passes in the streams. Charter a yacht in Rovinj and rejuvenate during your cruising vacation in Croatia.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Rovinj – Photo credit to @bestcitybreaks


The best months to charter a yacht in Rovinj are June or September. The reason is very simple – there are far fewer people, the sea is warm, and the sailing conditions are ideal. If you cannot make it in September, you can consider a yacht charter in Rovinj in the last few weeks of May and the first few weeks of June.

Yachting season lasts from April until November, but the high season is from late June to mid-September, with its peak in July and August. Luckily, Rovinj is blessed with an excellent climate and a great number of sunny days, which makes it perfect for chartering a yacht in the shoulder season (early spring and autumn).

Yacht Charter in Rovinj Average Air temperatures
Average Air Temperatures in Rovinj

In the yacht charter season, cruising conditions are marvellous. The air temperature is between 25C (77F) and 30C (86F) degrees and the sea is nice and warm, with temperatures at around 20C (68F) degrees in July, and by the end of August, at 25C (77F) degrees.

Yacht Charter in Rovinj Average sea temperatures
Average Sea Temperatures in Rovinj

The winds are particularly reliable during the yachting season with the daytime winds usually considered mild. Their predominant direction is landward, which is driven by the sun – as the land warms and the air above it rises during the day, the air is drawn in by the sea.


If you are arriving on your yacht charter in Rovinj by personal aircraft, you will be pleased to hear that there are two airports near Rovinj. If you are planning to fly first-class, it is very important to note that the nearby airports have year-round flights. Roads in Istria are fabulous, especially for scenic driving.

You can easily fly to Pula Airport, which is the nearest airport to Rovinj, located about 30-minutes of driving from Rovinj. Your local yacht charter broker from SuperYachts Croatia will gladly organize a VIP transfer from the airport to your yacht charter in Rovinj and vice versa, with a stop at the most beautiful sightseeing spots in the entire Istrian peninsula, for the ideal start of your charter holiday in Croatia.

Road travel is an excellent choice in Istria since numerous roads connect Croatia with the rest of Europe. There are great and fast highways around the whole country, so if you are a fan of driving, you should be able to enjoy the roads in Croatia, which are built around magnificent panoramic views. Rovinj is only a half-hour drive away from Slovenia and 40 minutes away from Italy, which means it is an easily accessible starting point for the start of your yacht charter holiday in Croatia

Rovinj, although small in size, is still a famous yachting destination, and it is easily accessible by your yacht charter. Here you will find multiple natural anchorages around nearby islands and one of the best marinas in Croatia – the luxurious ACI Marina Rovinj.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Rovinj – Photo credit to @_igeuropa


Experience the most romantic town in the Croatian Adriatic Sea

Take a sightseeing tour of the Old city centre with your private guide and pass through the passage below the famous Balbis arch, walk along the picturesque waterfront promenade and relax in the captivating atmosphere of this vibrant town.

Moreover, you can explore the numerous art galleries and fine boutiques; after, you might enjoy a walk between colourful houses built closely together and cobbled romantic alleys leading up to the top of the hill to the town’s landmark- St. Euphemia’s church.

Don’t forget to visit these must-see attractions

Church of St. Euphemia – Walk up the town’s most popular, and widest street – the famous “La Grisaia” street, which will take you up to the St. Euphemia church. Although persistent, this alluring alley is full of temptations in the form of small art galleries, jewellery and souvenir shops, and charming little restaurants.

You cannot say that you visited Rovinj before you visit its famous landmark, located at the highest point of Oldtown. Once you get there, make sure to pay attention to its baroque 60-meter tall bell tower constructed in 1725, as the replica of St. Marco in Venice. You can climb up, and take a moment to admire both the church and the stunning panoramic view of Rovinj.

Batana house & Batana Boat Parade – Enjoy a special treat of your yacht charter in Rovinj, and visit the “Batana House Eco Museum”, dedicated to a traditional wooden boat called “Batana”. This unique museum, located near the “Molo Grande” in the old town, just a few steps from your yacht charter is in the UNESCO’s Register of the world’s best practices for the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage.

In Rovinj, you can enjoy a Batana Boat Parade and visit the famous “Spacio” (a traditional tavern) where you will have a chance to get familiar with Rovinj`s maritime traditions in a vibrant atmosphere. Once you arrive at the tavern you will hear the famous melodies of “bitinada” (traditional sailor songs). Furthermore, you can watch a traditional “batana” boat being built in real-time, at the open space in the “Riviera square”.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
The belltower of St. Euphemia – Photo credit to @seaside_roamers

Archaeological sites near Rovinj

Discover ancient archaeological sites in the archaeological park Monkodonja and reveal the secrets of the ancient excavations. You can enjoy the remains of the Villa Rustica and visit the St. Damijan Quarry.

If you are a history buff, about 5 km Southeast of Rovinj you will find a hill-fort settlement Monkodonja that dates between 2000 to 1200 B.C. Moreover, you can visit Cisterna Bay, around 1 km south of Veštar Bay, and explore the ancient Vila Rustica.

Here you will witness the fragments of amphorae or ancient ceramics, spread widely along the shore. Near the Cape of Sv. Damijan on the north side of Sv. Paul Bay you will get to see remains of an ancient quarry right by the shore and stretching over 300 m2.

Stay active during your yacht charter in Rovinj

Start your morning with a relaxing jog around the “Punta Corrente”, a protected forest park, just 15-minute by foot from the city centre. Punta Corrente will offer numerous trails, rock climbing sites and wonderful pristine bays. Visit “Birdwatching park Pauld” and enjoy the idyllic scenery in this vivid bird sanctuary, that not everyone knows about.

Here you can observe many interesting bird species, explore the numerous hiking trails or refresh yourself in stunning bays around the park. Aside from the parks and greenery, Rovinj offers amazing activities on the water as well. Embark on a thrilling paddling adventure through the stunning Lim fjord and get ready to be amazed by its unique landscape and unspoiled nature.

Let your crew prepare your kayak and enjoy the sound of oars against the crystal-clear sea. Furthermore, you can explore Rovinj’s dotted archipelago with your water toys. Jump on your Jet-ski, water bike, enjoy foil boarding or good old-fashioned kayaking and SUP-ing around countless pristine bays on the nearby islands.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Lim Fjord – Photo credit to @r.maric

Cruise around the nearby islands with your yacht charter in Rovinj

Visit the nearby island known for its unique energy fields and get rejuvenated. The Red island will fill you with complete relaxation and tranquillity thanks to its 6 energetic fields, which not many people know about. These fields radiate with ancient energies coming from the Earth`s veins themselves – these are the mysterious lay lines, which serve as streams and passages for the planet’s energy.

While exploring the Red island, which is only 15 minutes away from Rovinj, you can try out other various activities such as minigolf, beach volleyball, tennis, diving and many more. This island is composed of 2 artificially connected islands: St. Andrew Island and Maškin Island.

Ask your captain to anchor your yacht charter in pristine bays of Red Island or cruise to the centre of the ley lines, and enjoy the pure cleansing energy which will recharge your batteries and rejuvenate your core. Do not miss out on stunning views from the observatory and relaxing moments at the seafront bars around the beaches.

Hop on your tender and opt for a thrilling cruise to the St. Katarina Island, known for its lush greenery with more than 400 different kinds of plants, and the clear turquoise sea around many private bays.

There are 2 special things about this island; firstly, it is located only a few hundred meters away from the city of Rovinj and secondly, on its Northwestern side you will discover 15 high cliffs. Try cliff jumping and feel the adrenaline and the excitement right before you splash into the shimmering sea.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Red Island – Photo credit to @vladfran.croatia

Go Big Game fishing and catch your meal

If you are a fan of fishing, you will be pleased to find out Rovinj has one of the best Big Game fishing spots around the Mediterranean. Cruise 30 nautical miles away from the city of Rovinj and catch yourself the freshest possible lunch. Try out night fishing, 12 nautical miles from Rovinj, where you can score mackerels, sardines and many more.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Fishing in Rovinj – Photo credit to @rovinjcroatia

Enjoy a Dolphin-watching cruise

Cruise with your tender around the calm morning sea in the Rovinj archipelago and be patient. Waters here are full of these playful creatures, so it is almost guaranteed that you will get a chance to witness their morning swim around the dotted islands.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Dolphin near Rovinj – Photo credit to @alleverythingdolphin

Walk beside Dinosaur footprints on Brijuni

Visit paradise on Earth, filled with unique yachting experiences and surreal nature – the National Park Brijuni. This stunning island group consists of 2 bigger and 12 smaller islands, and it is one of the grand 8 National Parks of Croatia, accessible only by yacht. Brijuni is an unparalleled destination for all yacht lovers and a place of unmatched hedonism.

While cruising to the southernmost point of the Istrian archipelago you will get to see one of the most charming lighthouses in the middle of the Adriatic Sea – Porer Lighthouse. In this heaven on earth, you will be able to find many interesting activities in one place, such as a safari park full of exotic animals, an ethnic park, archaeological sites filled with dinosaur footprints, unique remains of the Roman villa rusticae, an archaeological museum, a golf course and many, many more.

Take a walk around Tito’s museum and Botanical garden and the Boathouse with various exhibits. Josip Broz Tito was a president of former Yugoslavia, a distinguished statesman and one of the founding fathers of the Non-Aligned Movement. He hosted numerous heads of state and celebrities, making Brijuni islands one of the most exclusive and influential centres of global politics.

Cruise around all the islands of Brijuni National Park, relax in the private bays or simply enjoy your yacht charter’s sundeck in this Eden.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Brijuni island – Photo credit to @elena.rochel

Explore the stunning Limski Fjord

Embark on a yacht charter in Rovinj through a canyon filled with awe-inspiring sights and discover a breathtaking wonder of nature known as “Limski Fjord”. This magnificent geological site will impress you with its surreal landscapes. Enjoy a perfectly balanced mixture of unspoiled nature, clear blue water and vast flora and fauna. Dine in a restaurant famous for fresh oysters and other exquisite seafood dishes.

This area is one of the largest fish and shell farms in this region, especially when it comes to oysters. Due to its protected landscape status, driving motor crafts, fishing or diving is strictly forbidden. The SuperYachts Croatia team can arrange a traditional batana boat ride through the Lim Fjord itself, or procure fresh oysters straight from the water and have them delivered to your yacht deck.

This Fjord hides another delightful secret; the famous `Limski Fjord` cave, also known as the Pirate Cave which got the name after the well-known pirate Henry Morgan also known as  “Blackbeard”. According to legend, this pirate kept his most precious treasure in that cave and fled to Dvigrad castle after he fell out of mercy with the English.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Lim fjord – Photo credit to @drazen____p

Explore the shipwrecks around Rovinj

Moor your superyacht in bays around Rovinj and hop on your tender with your scuba diving instructor. Diving and snorkelling in Rovinj are must-do experiences. You will enjoy a unique adventure, filled with a rich underwater world and diverse aquatic flora and fauna.

We suggest exploring various sea walls, reefs, caves and shipwrecks. Make sure to visit an absolute highlight of the area – the shipwreck of Baron Gautsch, located only 9 nautical miles from Rovinj. This shipwreck is recommended for more experienced divers since it is at a depth of 39m (127ft).

On this diving site, you will be able to enter the wreck and explore its interior. Other dive sites near Rovinj that are worth seeing are the shipwreck of the Hans Schmidt, a German cargo ship, which sank in 1943 and broke off into 2 parts. What is remarkable about this ship is its length of 99m (324ft), with its remains still equipped with some impressive weaponry.

Today, both of these wrecks are vast playgrounds for the various schools of fish and marine life. Another fascinating shipwreck is the Giuseppe Dezza, an Italian Naval ship sunk by bombardment in WW2 in 1944. This 35m (114ft) long shipwreck is located near the city of Rovinj and it attracts its visitors with its large and still visible cannons and other weaponry.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Giuseppe Dezza Shipwreck – Photo credit to @rovinjsub

Snorkel around Brijuni National Park

Explore the vast and rich underwater world around this jewel of the Adriatic. This area is a very interesting diving spot due to its rich history, dating back to ancient Roman times, with some of the localities available only to guests with scuba gear.

An underwater blast from the past is Veriga Bay, where you can observe archaeological remains, pottery and other traces of Roman civilisation. Another interesting diving location is the Southeasterly coast on the Cape Penada, full of rich underwater life and a fascinating plateau on depths of 6m (19ft), receding 28m (91ft), below the sea surface.

The seabed of Brijuni is filled with various marine life, such as shellfish, sponges, sea urchins, fish; even the dolphins are a frequent sight in this underwater heaven.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Snorkelling around Brijuni island – Photo credit to @manuelcastlehr98

Gallop into the sunset on horseback

20 minutes away from your yacht charter in Rovinj, you can enjoy horseback riding in Rovinj’s Equestrian Club and ride off into a spectacular sunset on the Haber Farm, just outside of town. You can try out therapeutic riding, visit a horse breeding farm, gallop across the fields or a good old-fashioned horseback ride.

Go rock climbing around the limestone cliffs

Stay active and rock climb around the former limestone quarry in the “Punta Corrente” park, only 20m from the sea. Here, you work on your rock climbing skills with amazing panoramic views of the archipelago from the top of the rocks. From the cliff`s peak, you might spot your yacht charter in the tranquil, mirror-like waters of Rovinj. Punta Corrente is suitable for beginners who just want to try this fun activity while being safe.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
The Equestrian club near Rovinj – Photo credit to @northernequinephotography

Sightseeing on wheels

Opt for a thrilling sightseeing tour on Segways around Rovinj and its surroundings, and explore the charming cobbled streets without breaking a sweat. Get a completely different experience from your tour, and see the town’s highlights with ease. Enjoy a relaxing ride under the shade of lush vegetation in the nearby parks or islands. Whatever you decide, the SuperYachts Croatia team will arrange any means of transportation, so you can ride around Rovinj carefree.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Segway sightseeing in Rovinj – Photo credit to @segway_rovinj

Enjoy the coffee culture

Discover a unique way of drinking your favourite beverage on the Croatian coast. Here, coffee is not just a warm delicious beverage, it is a lifestyle and a culture. Your crew will gladly show you how it is done in Croatia. Grab your friends, choose the poshest seaside bar, order macchiatos or any other preferred type of coffee, and relax.

Soak up the warm sun rays and vistas of the shimmering sea in the company of your loved ones. Sip coffee slowly, savour every sip and process every impression you feel in that moment. It is quite alright to zone out from time to time, in a blissed zen state, but do not forget that coffee is also a delightful opportunity to socialize. We are sure you will successfully practice coffee culture aboard your yacht charter in Rovinj in no time.

We suggest you visit the most “instagrammable” bar in Rovinj, the colourful Mediterraneo bar that will charm you with its vivid chairs and the unique narrow street on location, with the sea view right at the water’s edge.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
The city of Rovinj – Photo credit to @mediterraneo_bar

Try out the culinary diamonds – Famous Istrian White Truffles

Rovinj is a place where luxury meets nature and gastronomy. As you may already know, this delicacy is considered to be the diamond of the culinary world, and in Istria, you will get a chance to go Truffle hunting.

You might need a special little helper to find yourself a well-hidden truffle, so SuperYachts Croatia will make sure to bring a trained dog or a piglet for the successful hunt. You will be able to find the black Truffle sort throughout the whole year, but the white grows only from September until January, and their prices range from 500€ up to 5000€ per kg, while black costs around 350€ per kilogram.

If you are lucky like Giancarlo Zigante and his dog, Diana, you might end up with a “Joker” as they call the largest white truffles, like one Mr Zigante found, weighing 1.31 kilograms. They are extremely rare and this one was recorded in the Guinness book of the World records as the biggest specimen ever found.

If you do not feel like you are up for the hunting part of the experience, we strongly suggest at least trying out the culinary part. The SuperYachts Croatia Team will procure the finest white truffles and deliver them straight to your yacht chef. You can sit back, relax and enjoy a unique dining experience full of gastronomical delights complemented with exquisite local wines on your yacht deck.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Truffles near Rovinj – Photo credit to @terredipisa_official

Explore the wineries and wine roads in the hinterland

Istria is famous for its exquisite vineyards and high-quality wines. Wines are considered sacred in this region, and it would almost be a sin not to try exquisite sorts of wine made with uttermost care and love.

Enjoy the Istrian hinterland and visit one of many charming wineries and their traditional vineyards. Here, you can even try the famous Terrano wine, aged in the depths of the Croatian Adriatic Sea or the exquisite and unique wine liquor Teranino. SuperYachts Croatia will gladly procure some of the most famous and exquisite Istrian wines, or you can add them to your preference lists.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Teranino – Photo credit to @puterbistro

Try the best Olive Oil in Croatia

Only 25km (16mi) away from Rovinj, in the city of Vodnjan, you will find the Chiavalon Olive Oil tasting room where you can get to know the production process, meet the owners and taste olive oils of the highest quality.

This spectacular oil recived a prestigious award from the World Best Olive Oil Association which named them “TOP12 producers in Europe” and “Top25 producers” in the world. The SuperYachts Croatia team will gladly provide this oil for you to enjoy on your yacht charter in Rovinj. This gastronomical wonder is believed to be a remedy for all sorts of things all over the Croatian coast.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Introduce yourself with the intricate process of olive-making – Photo credit to @chiavalon_extravirginolive

Cycle around the lush trials

The Rovinj area is full of spectacular cycling routes for your next adventure. Let your crew prepare your bikes or e-bikes so you can enjoy cycling under lush vegetation around Rovinj and its nearby islands. If you are a more experienced cyclist, you can explore a 40km long trail in the nature and countryside of Rovinj. The trail starts in Amarin resorts, passing through “Pond Rupnjak” and horse riding centre Haber, Maklavun archaeological site, as well as the spectacular St. Martin’s viewpoint.



Rovinj will offer a top-notch culinary experience, with multiple Michelin starred restaurants only a few steps away from your superyacht. Besides exquisite food, impeccable service and unique cuisine, these restaurants will reward you with a one-of-a-kind atmosphere and awe-inspiring views.

Apart from the 1st class restaurants, gastronomy in Rovinj is so much more than the restaurant scene. In this area, you can try the culinary “diamonds” – white truffles, as well as enjoy superb wines, fresh seafood and oysters straight from the sea on your yacht deck. The SuperYachts Croatia team will gladly recommend the best gastronomic experiences, book the finest table in restaurants or bring the perfect dining experience on your yacht charter in Rovinj.

Monte is a must-visit restaurant when chartering a yacht in Rovinj that will amaze you with a welcoming atmosphere, carefully selected and wonderfully presented dishes, great wine pairing and attentive service. This unique place is located just below the city’s landmark, the Cathedral of St. Euphemia.

Each dish in this Michelin starred restaurant is an artful and tasty creation skillfully served by the service personnel. Do not miss out on exquisite local wines and let your sommelier pair them for you with each dish. The restaurant owner gives this establishment a unique atmosphere through a personal touch, welcoming each guest, checking throughout the evening to make sure that any special wishes are fulfilled and everybody is having an unforgettable dining experience.

Agli Amici is a modern restaurant in the marina which has a Michelin star, but also a great view of the old city, the island of St. Catherine and your superb yacht for charter. The food is amazing and the staff is incredibly skilled and polite! We recommend you try the imperial blackish risotto with almonds, capers and lemon pesto or lamb with potato strucolo with black truffle ragout and sea herbs.

Cap Aureo Signature Restaurant is located near the yacht port, on the 5th floor of the Grand Park Hotel, which overlooks the lush Katarina Island and the cinematic Rovinj old town. Just a few steps away from your moored yacht, and enjoy the fine-dining experience in a Michelin starred, stylish and atmospheric restaurant with first-class service.

You will get the royal treatment and eat amazing local dishes, thanks to attentive service from the welcoming, enthusiastic, dedicated and very professional staff. The menu alone will provide a unique culinary experience, offering alternatives for vegans and vegetarians. Soak up the aromas and flavours of fresh Istrian products, as well as unique, innovative and artistically presented dishes.

Restaurant Puntulina will charm you away with an authentic atmosphere, delicious dishes made out of freshly caught seafood and its stunning scenery. Apart from that, this family-run restaurant is also awarded a Michelin star, making it a true gem of Rovinj.

It offers excellent seafood in the marvellous scenery of the sea, rocks and historical buildings that are visible from its terraces. You will enjoy artistically served dishes and unique flavours, with an obligatory 7-10 days in booking required. Luckily, the Super Yachts Croatia team will gladly make reservations on your behalf, ensuring you get the best table.

Agli Amici Rovinj – Opt for a top-notch dining experience with the help of a rising star in the Rovinj gastronomical scene, just a few steps from your yacht charter. This overachieving restaurant earned its well-deserved Michelin star just 45 days after opening.

Here you can enjoy excellent dishes and show that there is more potential than just one star. You will be spoiled by highly professional and very attentive service, as well as the knowledgeable

sommelier. Discover Rovinj – a place full of gastronomical experiences!

Yacht charter in Rovinj
The city of Rovinj – Photo credit to @croatiatravelinfo


You will enjoy unique yacht experiences on your yacht charter in Rovinj complemented with countless cultural attractions, top-notch fine dining,  vivid nightlife and much more.

Yacht Charter in Rovinj map SuperYachts Croatia

Day 1: Rovinj & Nearby Islands

Start your yacht charter in Rovinj from the luxurious ACI Marina Rovinj. Only 300m (984ft) from the  coastline will you be able to cruise around its dotted archipelago, made up of lush islands and islets.

We suggest mooring your yacht near the Red Island and cruising around it with your tender while exploring its mystical energy fields and swimming around its many pristine bays. You can stroll from the Red island to Island Maškin, over the bridge that connects the two isles.

Do not miss out on breathtaking vistas from the island’s observatory. Continue your island-hopping adventure to St. Katarina Island, known for its lush greenery with more than 400 different kinds of plants, but also majestic cliffs and turquoise sea around the many private bays.

Cruise around the Rovinj archipelago, also known as the “Landscape of Outstanding Value”, with your yacht charter and discover all the secrets of this Protected Natural Heritage. Embark on a yacht cruise through an awe-inspiring canyon and discover astonishing nature, as you set your course to the Lim Fjord.

During your cruise, relax on your sundeck and enjoy a perfectly balanced mixture of unspoiled nature, shimmering pristine sea and fresh oysters brought straight from the sea to your yacht. The Limski Fjord is famous for being home to the most famous shell and oyster farms in this area.

Ask your charter captain to moor your yacht in a peaceful canyon bay so your crew can prepare your kayaks. The area of the Lim Fjord is a protected landscape and driving motor crafts, fishing or diving is strictly forbidden. Do not worry, the SuperYachts Croatia team can arrange a traditional batana boat ride through the Lim Fjord, all the way to the restaurant famous for its exquisite seafood dishes.

We will show you another exciting place – the St. Romauld cave, in Limski Fjord also known as the Pirate Cave which got the name after the well-known pirate Henry Morgan, who, according to the legend, kept his most precious treasure in that cave.



Yacht charter in Rovinj
The city of Rovinj – Photo credit to @rovinjcroatia


Day 2: Rovinj Archipelago – Brijuni

Your second day of a yacht charter vacation near Rovinj will be full of unique experiences, some of which are hiding in the depths of the Croatian Adriatic Sea. Make sure to visit the nearby shipwrecks and enjoy a unique scuba diving adventure. SuperYachts Croatia will provide a certified scuba instructor and modern scuba gear.

Heard out towards Brijuni and make a few stops for snorkelling and scuba diving along your way. You can ask your yacht crew to moor your superyacht in bays around Rovinj and embark on a diving adventure with your private scuba diving instructor. Here you can opt for a unique charter adventure, experiencing a colourful underwater world full of aquatic flora and fauna.

You might want to explore majestic underwater walls, stunning reefs, mysterious caves and exciting shipwrecks. You will be able to scuba dive around the shipwreck of Baron Gautsch located only 9 nautical miles from Rovinj, which is an absolute highlight of the area.

Explore the interior of the wreck, filled with various marine species. Keep in mind that diving around Baron Gautsch is recommended for more experienced divers since it is at a depth of 39m (127ft). Also, do not miss out on the 99m (324ft) long shipwreck of the Hans Schmidt, a German cargo ship, which sank in 1943. Observe the remains of some impressive weaponry, as well as various schools of fish.

Another fascinating wreck is the Italian Naval ship Giuseppe Dezza, sunk by bombardment in WW2 in 1944. Scuba dive with the help of your Seabob around this 35m (114ft) long shipwreck and witness its majestic canyons and impressive cannons.

After your diving expedition, sunbathe in secluded bays and savour the tastes of the local wines on top of your deck. Let our yacht captain take you on a peaceful cruise around Brijuni National park, allowing you to witness spectacular seascape scenery.

On your way, there is a high chance to encounter dolphins since there are many in the sea around Rovinj. Once you arrive in Brijuni, we suggest mooring your yacht charter on the Brijun Veli Port and heading out for an exquisite gastronomical experience.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Brijuni islands hide many fantastic natural treasures – Photo credit to @a.v_b.o.s.s

Day 3: National Park Brijuni – Veli Brijun

You can spend the majority of your yacht charter in Rovinj by exploring the National parks of Brijuni and the biggest island of the archipelago, Veli Brijun. Savour countless unique yachting experiences thanks to the surreal beauty of nature found in this paradise on earth.

Cruise around the two bigger islands and twelve smaller islets filled with spectacular activities and countless private bays. Brijuni are a must-visit destination for all yacht lovers and a place of unparalleled hedonism. While you are on the Veli Brijun Island, opt-in for a game of golf or a thrilling photo safari adventure with exotic animals that roam around the park.

Visit an ethno-park or walk beside the footprints of dinosaurs. You can visit the famous Tito museum and meet its legendary talking parrot, as well as relax in the Botanical garden. You can also visit the Boathouse with various exhibits.

Veli Brijun will offer you tons of activities and unique experiences. Cruise around all the islands of Brijuni National Park, relax in the private bays or simply enjoy your yacht charter’s sundeck in this lush paradise.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Zebras roam freely in the ZOO found on Veli Brijun island – Photo credit to @zeljka.bjelic

Day 4: Brijuni – Mali Brijun

Your 4th day on your yacht charter in Rovinj will be filled with relaxation on the Mali Brijun Island. This lush place is well known for its Fort Minor, the largest fort on the Adriatic coast, as well as the jewel of Croatian art – the Ulysses Theater where theatre lovers gather each summer.

The SuperYachts Croatia team can arrange a private visit to this spectacular Island full of unspoiled nature and pristine bays. Ask your captain to moor your yacht in St.Nicholas bay and experience crystal clear water, while you enjoy a massage on the deck of your yacht charter, before a refreshing swim in the turquoise sea.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Get close to to wild animals on Mali Brijun island – Photo credit to @tomi1910

Day 5: Brijuni – Pula

After a relaxing day, enjoying the beauty of Brijuni, cruise with your superyacht to a renowned yacht charter destination full of cultural heritage, guaranteeing unique experiences. Thanks to its rich history, Pula offers great cultural sights, the most famous of which is the largest Roman Colosseum in Croatia. Apart from that, you can visit numerous historical and archaeological sites, qs well as witness marvellous vistas.

Moreover, this fantastic city also hides many fascinating secrets between its many narrow cobbled streets and charming town squares. This one-of-a-kind port city is worth your time during your charter in Croatia.

Pula will amaze you with its ancient amphitheatre, dating back from Roman times, where countless gladiator battles were fought and countless lives lost. Besides that, this charming town offers beautiful shops, a lovely promenade and multiple museums and cultural monuments such as the Arch of the Sergii, the Augustan Temple, the Twin Gates and the Herculean Gate.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
The city of Pula – Photo credit to @croatiatravelinfo

Day 6: Pula – Medulin – Unije

Only 8km (4miles) Southeast of Pula you will stumble upon the charming city of Medulin. This picturesque town once was a fishing village, but today it is a famous tourist destination. Ask your crew to berth in ACI Marina Pomer in the northwestern part of the Medulin bay or anchor in front of Medulin Old Town.

Here you will get a chance to soak up the sunshine on your sundeck, moor in the nearby bays, visit the stunning beach of Bijeca, or simply enjoy the luxury treatment on your yacht and the relaxing sound of the waves while sipping a glass of wine. Cruise to the Island of Unije, Northwest of the Island Lošinj.

This island has only one village, named after the island itself – Unije, located on the west side of the island. This place is ideal if you want to spend a peaceful and quiet yacht charter holiday, and get away from the brimming summer crowd. The island is completely free of cars, which makes it the perfect place to spend your day relaxing and cycling with your e-bikes around the island.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Unije island – Photo credit to @otokunije

Day 7: Susak – Rovinj

Make sure to visit the unique island of Susak, famous for its landscape and genesis. This interesting island was noticed by the sailors in Roman times, and since then it became an oasis for sailors. On Susak you will take a step back in time, and enjoy a car-free island and a care-free atmosphere. Make sure to cruise around its secluded bays, swim on the sandy beaches, discover its colourful traditional costumes, and yellow sand which make Susak unique.

Moor your yacht charter in the Susak port, and explore the isolated sandy bays with your tender. We suggest the shallow Dragoca Bay, only accessible to small boats and Porat Bay. No matter where you decide to moor your yacht, you will be able to enjoy the best of summer activities, test your water toys and get amazed by the sandy lagoons.

Cruise back to the ACI Marina Rovinj, and soak up the sun on your deck. You can easily get in the marina with your yacht charter, approaching between St. Katarina Island and the Rovinj harbour breakwater.


ACI Marina Rovinj – Start your yacht charter in Rovinj from one of the most prestigious yacht ports in the Mediterranean – ACI Marina Rovinj. This award-winning marina is located on the Southeastern side of the Rovinj city port and it is endowed with spectacular vistas of sunsets in this lovely archipelago.

With its superior design, latest nautical tech and impeccable service, ACI marina is one of the most popular destinations for yachts in the Adriatic, and it was nominated for The Best Superyacht Marina Award 2020. This award is given for excellence of service in nautical tourism by the global Superyacht Business Awards programme.

This harbour has a capacity of 196 berths and it is equipped for boats up to 100m in length. You can easily berth with your yacht charter, approaching between St. Katarina Island and the town harbour breakwater.

Valdebora Bay – one of the safest anchorages only 300m from Rovinj and just 1km north from the Red Island. This bay is 20 m deep,  which is perfect for anchoring your yacht without worrying about depth. On the nearby Red Island, you will find 2 secluded anchorages suited for your yacht charter with 7 good buoys in front of the beach. You can easily access the island beaches with your tender.

Veli Brijun Port – Brijuni is a true nature’s masterpiece filled with unique yacht charter experiences. We recommend docking in Veli Brijun Port, which provides a safe place to moor yachts up to 55m (180ft) in length, and for the larger megayachts, there is a secured mooring in the Fažana channel.

Witness spectacular vistas of unspoiled nature, visit a safari park, swim and snorkel in pristine water or play golf on the Veli Brijun Island during your yacht charter holiday.

St. Nicholas’ Bay on Mali Brijun – Discover the untouched vegetation and lush nature in National Park Brijuni and escape the brimming summer crowds to Mali Brijun island. This stunning but often overlooked island in the National Park will amaze you with its crystal-clear water and unique landscapes.

Mali Brijun is rich in gentle, pristine bays and beautiful pebbly beaches where you can relax on top of your sundeck in St.Nicholas bay, surrounded by silence and scents of summer.

Yacht charter in Rovinj
Enjoy exclusive berths and luxury services on your yacht charter holiday in Rovinj – Photo credit to @vistar_one


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The SuperYachts Croatia team will be available every step of your yacht charter in Rovinj. We will organise unique charter experiences for you and your charter guests.

No matter the request; if you need a yoga instructor for a peaceful morning workout in a secluded bay, the best tables in exclusive restaurants, the rarest truffles in the country, the most exclusive wine, aged in the depths of the Adriatic or a scuba instructor for exploring the underwater world of Rovinj, our team of local experts can provide the best charter experience in Croatia

We will create one-of-a-kind experiences, you can only get by chartering a yacht in Croatia.