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We are born by the sea in Croatia. Our Authentic & Hands-On approach, with an everyday local presence is beyond comparison with other charter operators.

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...& about your unique lifestyle, special requests & preferences. Experience made to your measure, on the most beautiful yachts in the world.

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Our 360° Travel Agency will arrange all flights, transfers, accommodation… While our 24h/7d Local Yacht Support Team does the provisioning & concierge.

Why charter with SuperYachts in Croatia?

You will enjoy the best rates for the world’s most beautiful charter yachts, free upgrades & added amenities. SuperYachts Croatia will make sure you experience a VIP treatment in all the ports, cities, marinas or best Croatian bars & restaurants. Expect local support on every step of the way, no matter if it is a weekend charter or a full four-week yacht trip.

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Let the SuperYachts Croatia
team tailor your yacht charter

Every moment counts and your luxury yacht
charter needs to be perfect in every way.

But do you know where to start from?

Here is a short guide to help you plan and tailor your
yacht charter in Croatia. Also, discover a check list of all
the things you ought to know when chartering
a yacht in Croatia.

If you have questions about yachts and traveling to or from
Croatia, the SuperYachts Croatia team will be at your
full disposal during your yacht charter.

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Yacht Experiences.

Towable water toys on yachts

Safety is important when using towable water toys. The crew will always recommend that guests wear life jac...

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Inflatable water toys aboard yachts in Croatia

Inflatable water toys are a popular feature on yachts in Croatia, providing guests with endless hours of fu...

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Electric Surfboards on a Yacht Charter in Croatia

If you are interested in learning more about electric surfboards on a yacht charter, which happens to be on...

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SeaBob on a yacht charter in Croatia

Designed for high-speed fun and adventure, Seabob is a water scooter that can reach speeds of up to 22 km/h...

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News & Insights.

Top 10 books for your yacht charter vacati...

Unparalleled Adriatic expertise

Ah, Croatia. The Croatian Adriatic Sea stretches like a vast canvas, painted in mesmerizing shades of turquoise, promising days of sun-drenched adventure. ...

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Best Yacht Charter Playlist: Rhythm of the...

Unparalleled Adriatic expertise

Now, all of this is especially true on a yacht charter vacation. First, because every yacht is equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems, that can sync wi...

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Be Careful what you Bring Onboard – ...

Unparalleled Adriatic expertise

It is for the reason of satisfying the reader`s curiosity that a topic such as contraband on yachts could be a good addition to the knowledge of potential ch...

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The Yacht Preference Sheet: A Secret of an...

Unparalleled Adriatic expertise

SuperYachts Croatia emphasizes that a completed yacht preference sheet acts as the initial point of contact between charterers and the crew. Once completed, ...

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