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Discover Why Croatia is perfect for yacht charter

Croatia has over 2500 hours of sunshine each year, which ranks it as one of the sunniest regions in the Mediterranean. It has a mild Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers, perfect for a dream yacht charter vacation. The best time to visit Croatia is any time of the year, but the best time for a yacht charter is from early April until late October.

Best yacht diving spots in Croatia

Diving in Croatia is one of the most popular reasons for travelers to visit this beautiful Adriatic country, because Croatia has one of the cleanest seas in Europe, and possibly the world. The cleanliness and the clarity of the sea make diving easy and enjoyable, primarily because you can see...

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Top 5 sunniest places in Croatia to visit on your yacht charter

Because of Its fantastic geological position, the Croatian coastline is exposed to incredible amounts of sunlight during the summer months, with spring and autumn also being sunny in the months of May and September. For true sun lovers, there is nothing better than to find a comfortable spot on land...

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10 Michelin restaurants in Croatia for yacht charter guests

Michelin restaurants in Croatia for yacht charter guests have done much to attract the attention of the international public interested in gourmet cuisine done in an Adriatic fashion. There are a total of 10 Micheline restaurants in Croatia, scattered all around the Croatian Adriatic coast, with one restaurant located in...

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Visit the famous Croatian heart-shaped island on your yacht charter holiday

What could be more romantic than having a wedding, engagement or any other occasion during a yacht charter on a heart shaped island in Croatia? Mother Nature has a romantic and beautiful side and it shows it in a lot of spectacular natural displays of hearts all over the world,...

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Feel the healing effect of the Croatian sea during your yacht charter

Croatia is a country of many wonders and secrets, most of which are tied to its pristine and untouched nature, which is particularly true on the coastline. Even if you disagree with the clean air, layed with sea salt, aromatic scents of Mediterranean plants and medicinal herbs, you are still...

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4 appealing facts of a corporate yacht charter in Croatia

Reward hard work with a wonderful environment for team building or launch a new product that will catapult your business into unforeseen heights. Inspire your employees' work to new levels, as they leave the yacht charter fully rested or influence a business decision because it is nearly impossible to refuse...

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