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Discover Why Croatia is perfect for yacht charter

Croatia has over 2500 hours of sunshine each year, which ranks it as one of the sunniest regions in the Mediterranean. It has a mild Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers, perfect for a dream yacht charter vacation. The best time to visit Croatia is any time of the year, but the best time for a yacht charter is from early April until late October.

Best beach bars, lounge bars and night clubs for yacht charter guests in Croatia

Cast off and prepare to dive into the vibrant heartbeat of Croatia. Beyond Croatia`s stunning turquoise waters and charming coastal towns, an electrifying nightlife scene awaits, perfectly accessible by your luxurious yacht.

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Experience Endemic Species in Croatia on a Yacht Holiday

Croatia is home to a wide variety of unique and interesting endemic species, many of which can be found in the waters around the country. These species are an important part of the local ecosystem and are a fascinating aspect of Croatia's natural heritage. There are many ways in which...

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A Christmas charter in Croatia

Although it is unusual to come to Croatia during the winter season, this also means absolute privacy on the water and a chance to enjoy a wide number of different ways to have fun during winter. Since the Adriatic sea borders a very mountainous region, skiing and other winter sports...

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Child safety on a yacht charter

Croatia is statistically one of the safest countries in the world, especially for child safety on a yacht charter. According to The Global Peace Index, Croatia is the 17th safest country in the world! As a matter of fact, Croatia is also the safest EU country in the Mediterranean, which...

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Best yacht diving spots in Croatia

Diving in Croatia is one of the most popular reasons for travelers to visit this beautiful Adriatic country, because Croatia has one of the cleanest seas in Europe, and possibly the world. The cleanliness and the clarity of the sea make diving easy and enjoyable, primarily because you can see...

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Top 5 sunniest places in Croatia to visit on your yacht charter

Because of Its fantastic geological position, the Croatian coastline is exposed to incredible amounts of sunlight during the summer months, with spring and autumn also being sunny in the months of May and September. For true sun lovers, there is nothing better than to find a comfortable spot on land...

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