The 3 most important reasons for chartering a luxury yacht from a local yacht broker

September 29, 2021

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It is all about the little things, the small details that transform an experience into an unforgettable memory. There is no one better to take care of your superyacht holiday in Croatia than someone that actually lives in Croatia. Read more & find out why you should charter a yacht from a local yacht broker.

Consider the advantages of chartering a luxury yacht, when the local crew and captain know every inch of land. The logistical support is based and operates out of the same country you are holidaying in. Your local yacht broker can make all the arrangements because he knows all the local people. He can provide a service that is always several classes above the service provided by someone who doesn’t live in the country where the charter is taking place.

local yacht broker
Having a local yacht broker is a huge advantage while chartering a yacht in Croatia- Photo Credit to Instagram Account: dreamer4787
A local yacht broker always takes a hands-on approach when dealing with every possibility of your superyacht charter Croatian vacation

There is no service in the world that can match the level of service provided by local people in their home country. They will inherently know the kind of things not available to crews, captains, or brokers out of their place of origin. Take a typical superyacht experience, complete with 5-star luxury service, one-of-a-kind sensations, and food and drink comparable to manna from heaven.

Now add to that a little finesse, like knowing the location of a certain bay or acquiring goods and services not usually available to charter parties who cruise with non-local crews. Knowing the right type of person in the right place and the right time can make all the difference between just a pleasant and an unforgettable superyacht charter holiday.

Knowing everything about everything is the positive consequence of being native. We can provide a 5-star luxury service that goes beyond what you would usually expect from non-local brokers or yacht crews.

3 most important reasons for chartering a luxury yacht from a local yacht broker: hide

360° Yacht services in Croatia

You do not have to be concerned about anything! Your local yacht broker will find the best suitable yacht for you, Benetti, Sunseeker, SanLorenzo, or any other… If the photos of the superyacht are just not enough, we will schedule a live video call with the crew, so that you can see every corner of where you will be spending your lavish holiday.

Apart from the yacht, a local broker will assist you with anything you need, like booking flights or renting a private jet. Your broker will take care of absolutely every little detail of your vacation. If you decide to spend extra days before or after chartering a yacht, there will be no problems in booking luxury accommodation. Furthermore, feel free to contact him for the most interesting activities during those days.

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Your local broker is available at all times, during your superyacht holiday. He will be in charge of absolutely all bookings and reservations, like marinas, berths, restaurants, or bars. Whether you want something on your yacht that you have not considered before like the finest rose wine or some interesting water toy, the local broker can get it to you as quickly as possible.

In addition to food and beverages, it is possible to order extra water toys. If you want a kayak with a transparent bottom or faster jet skis, your broker will transmit the order. A local yacht broker is always available to assist charter guests in whatever manner they can.

VIP transport – Yacht broker speciality

As soon as you agree to charter a yacht, you become our VIP guest who will enjoy every second of their vacation. There will be no lines at the border, no bags to carry and no testing to think about. Your local broker and crew will always be happy to assist you in any way they can.

If you come by air, a private helicopter or a luxury car will transfer you from the airport to the yacht. If you need to be tested upon your return to your home country, medical staff will come to your yacht and you will get the results in less than an hour. VIP guests also deserve real VIP treatment.

helicopter on a yacht charter
Let your local broker fulfill your every wish – Photo Credit to Instagram Account: brunobuisson

A local yacht broker is your best holiday adviser

Living near a charter location provides numerous benefits regarding the availability of customers and logistical support. Possessing the right knowledge about interesting and fun things to do will result in awesome memories and a unique charter experience. The local broker will know all those amazing places and natural beauties you can visit in Croatia. Imagine – your captain speaking the local dialect or a broker managing to acquire tickets for a sold-out show.

A local knows all the ways around dilemmas you would usually encounter on a superyacht charter holiday.

Picture this: your Croatian broker, who just happens to know the owner of a certain restaurant, who lets you in after they close so you could enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with your loved one. Everything is tailored to fit you, and all the local knowledge and know-how of the people behind your luxury charter vacation will make sure you get a service that is beyond what you have experienced so far. You will feel like one of the natives, introduced to all the local points of interest, secrets, and know-how.

Enjoy hearing interesting stories and acquire a unique insight about local traditions and way of life. Experience how it is to be local for a day, before returning to your luxury yacht charter, ready for the next adventure. You can rely on our local yacht broker who will help you organise your dream yacht charter vacation.