Top 4 snorkeling spots in Croatia accessible only by a yacht

October 19, 2019

3 minute read

It does not matter if you are a snorkeling enthusiast, an experienced snorkeler or you want to try snorkeling for the first time; Croatia is a real maritime paradise! Charter a yacht and enjoy the benefits that the beautiful Croatian Adriatic Sea offers to charter guests.

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The crystal-clear Adriatic Sea is rich whit exotic marine life, archaeological sites, shipwrecks & other spectacular snorkeling spots in Croatia. In addition, the sea temperature is ideal for spending plenty of time snorkeling each day.

If you are a fan of sea caves, you can discover a near-infinite amount throughout the entire stretch of Croatia’s coastline. Let the expressive sunlight help you observe spectacular sea creatures like octopuses, crabs, shells…Here, we list the top 4 snorkeling spots in Croatia, which can only be reached if you charter a yacht!

Snorkel in the spectacular Blue Grotto on the island of Biševo

Entering this spectacular cave through an underwater tunnel, you will feel like you are on another planet. It’s a unique sensation to snorkel in a cave just as the sun’s rays enter through the opening on the ceiling, producing a surreal dance of light and shadow.

We recommend snorkeling in the Blue Grotto early in the morning since this is the best time to witness how sunshine illuminates the cave with blue light. When you charter a yacht, you will have plenty of time for experiencing this magical phenomenon.

The Blue Grotto on the island of Biševo will astound you and your charter party.

Snorkeling spots in Croatia
Magical and enchanting snorkeling spots in Croatia – Photo credit to Instagram profile @patohb

Anchor your yacht near Stiniva bay & snorkel towards the beach

Stiniva beach on the island of Vis was named the most beautiful European beach in 2016 by the website “European Best Destinations” so you can only imagine how spectacular this place is. Peaceful and tranquil, the bay is ideal for both adults and kids. Here, you can snorkel with your family and explore the magical Croatian seabed in a serene surroundings.

What is really magical is that you can anchor your yacht right in front of the bay and be the first person jumping into this Croatian paradise every morning. 

Snorkeling spots in Croatia
Enjoy the best snorkeling spots in Croatia – Photo credit to Instagram profile jonny.melon

Explore the magnificent Michelle shipwreck near the island of Dugi Otok

The seabed around Dugi Otok island, as is the case with the majority of Croatian Adriatic Sea islands, is teeming with marine life. What makes this area amazing are the numerous opportunities: you can go snorkeling with your charter party in sea caves, near shipwrecks, or in abandoned army submarine bunkers, finishing off with a fishing session in the late afternoon. We guarantee unforgettable charter experiences!

If you are a fan of shipwrecks, you will be amazed by Michelle, a cargo ship that sank in 2013 and is still in excellent condition. 

The boat can be found at about 5-6m of depth, making it an excellent target for snorkelers or beginner scuba divers. Thanks to the incredible clarity and transparentness of the Croatian Adriatic sea, divers can have a lot of fun just observing the wreck from above, which is ideal for youngsters.

Ask your experienced captain to anchor right next to the shipwreck, so you can attest to the amazing contrast between a brand-new luxury yacht and an old shipwreck. You can also have your crew prepare a drone or a GoPro camera, so you could take astonishing photos and videos!

Snorkeling spots in Croatia
Discover the amazing Croatian seabed- Photo credit to Instagram profile andrea6am

Bring your whole charter party on a snorkeling adventure in Skrivena Luka

Because of the quantity of zooplankton, the sea near the island of Lastovo is one of the richest fish regions in the Croatian Adriatic Sea. Skrivena Luka is an ideal place for snorkeling, where your knowledgeable crew members will show you spectacular bearded lobster colonies, groupers, gophers, carp, toothfish, and cantors… 

Skrivena Luka on the island of Lastovo is a heaven for underwater lovers, and because of this, it has been ravaged by unscrupulous divers on several occasions. After the entire region was designated as a natural park, the situation improved.

snorkeling spots in croatia , skrivena luka
Private and secluded snorkeling spots in Croatia – Photo credit to Instagram profile karmellla__