Enjoy 1st class paddleboard adventures on your superyacht charter

June 29, 2021

4 minute read

Stand up paddle boarding or SUP is a crossover between kayaking & surfing, where you stand on a board & paddle to move. SUP is a favourite choice for any superyacht charter holiday, incorporating fun, fitness and leisure. Experience paddling to remote sandy beaches, then have a lunch break on the coast.

Stand up Paddleboarding has become one of the most sought out experiences on a private charter. Paddling with a SUP board is easy to learn for everyone, plus the board is light and can be set up very quickly. Grab your board and row along the wondrous coastline.

There are plenty of astonishing paddleboarding spots throughout the Croatian Archipelago. The crystal-clear Adriatic Sea is hailed as one of the calmest in the world. This means your paddleboard adventures will be smooth and silky.

Stand up paddling is an excellent way of really getting close to the water and experiencing the sea from a different perspective, as well as being a well-rounded workout.

Power your paddleboard in the evening, using artificial lighting

Stand up paddleboarding has a certain degree of elegance and grace to it, making you feel like you are walking on water. Experience a totally different approach to water sports by paddling in the dark with LED-integrated paddleboards. This way, you can attract fish schools and witness maritime life in a different light.

Anchor your superyacht near Punat on the island of Krk and disembark with your SUP board. Stand in the dark, with all the light off, and watch bioluminescent plankton under the moonlight.

paddleboard adventures paddleboard at night
Paddleboarding at night with artificial lighting, photo credit to Instagram profile: watersportsplanet

Have fun with friends & family on paddleboard adventures

Stand Up Paddleboarding is an activity every member of the family can enjoy because it is easy to learn and easy to master. The best thing about Stand Up Paddleboarding is that it’s a socially friendly activity, meaning family members and friends can easily join you on a SUP session.

Try catching one another, form a makeshift catamaran with the person closest to you, try paddling backwards or hold your balance as you wrestle one another for the title of SUP king.

paddleboard adventures with kids
Paddleboard adventures with a family on a yacht vacation, photo credit to Instagram profile: puhinka

Glide away from your yacht & sunbathe on your paddleboard

SUP is a good way to enjoy the breathtaking panoramas of the beautiful Croatian Adriatic Sea or feel the light sea breezes carrying salt from the open sea. Find a secluded beach with your paddleboard and sunbathe in the nude, while the waves rock you into a state of pure relaxation.

In our opinion, the best way to start the day is by sunbathing on your SUP, in one of the numerous Croatian bays. Sip your morning coffee overlooking the turquoise waters below your yacht before heading out to the paddleboard adventures.

Explore the most beautiful secret of Dugi Otok – Golubinka cave

Spice up your charter story along the Croatian coast and visit hidden gems of Dugi Otok island with your yacht charter. Enjoy the views of the coastline on stand-up paddleboards and explore the remarkable Golubinka Cave. With simple instruction from your yacht charter crew, you will be able to paddle your way into any cove.

Spend a wonderful afternoon paddling in an oasis of peace and experience the wonders of the largest and most exciting cave in the entire Adriatic archipelago. Paddle through the crystal-clear sea and breath-taking tunnels of Golubinka and create unforgettable memories.

Your charter crew will gladly pack snorkelling gear, so you could witness different aspects of the cave. Marvel at the natural light coming through the open ceiling, enhancing the aquamarine shadows forming on the cave`s sea bed.

Discover the hidden SUP paradise within Stiniva bay

Witness an impressive hidden beach in Stiniva bay on the island of Vis. A picture-perfect part of the coastline, Stiniva is a must-visit spot for paddleboard adventures and is easily reachable by superyachts. You can grab your paddleboard and enter the bay known for its clear, turquoise water. The beach is also recognized for its natural beauty dominated by high cliffs surrounding this hidden gem.

Stiniva is an immensely popular yacht charter destination, so our advice would be to visit it early in the morning, so you could have this secluded paradise all to yourself. Another option would be to visit at sundown. You can slowly drift on the SUP and watch as the spectacular sunset illuminates your superyacht.
paddleboard adventures in stiniva bay
Paddleboarding at Stiniva Bay, Photo credit to blog.meridienten.com

Why paddleboard on a superyacht charter holiday?

SUP is certainly the most exciting way to discover numerous hidden gems of the Croatian coast. You could SUP anywhere and use your board for a variety of different purposes.

From doing yoga, sunbathing and catching fish to meditating or gliding over the calm turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. Safety is always abided by our expert superyacht charter crew, who always make sure that every security tip and precaution is followed, but not to a point that it ruins your experience.

Whether this is your first or 101. time paddle boarding in the Adriatic, hopefully this brief selection will inspire you to find, explore and enjoy new experiences during your yacht charter holiday. Discover our yacht selection & find a perfect yacht for your yacht charter.