Private Gym on board Agape Rose yacht charter

5 advantages of a superyacht with a yacht gym

October 15, 2021

3 minute read

Make your luxury vacation even more beneficial by staying active on your charter holiday. Book a superyacht with plenty of gym equipment and sporting gadgets. Try swimming in the Adriatic Sea with a technological twist and open up a whole new world of underwater experience. Ask your crew to provide an underwater MP3 device and listen to your favourite tunes while swimming or snorkeling.

Surround yourself with refreshing panoramas of the crystal-clear Croatian Adriatic Sea while you train and stay fit on your luxury charter vacation. Practice your golf swing on the sundeck or lift weights on the beach club – you determine the type and intensity of fitness programs in your yacht gym.

Train in a unique atmosphere

If you thought the only sport you could do while on a yacht was swimming, we are sorry to inform you that you are wrong! Choose a yacht that contains not only a gym but also a yoga and an outdoor workout area. A superyacht charter is fully adaptable to suit your every exercise need.

It is easy to move from a sunny cove where you can practice yoga to a shady bay where you can find the ideal backdrop for an hour of light fitness. Stretch against the background of a sun setting behind a uniquely breathtaking island or lift some weights in the open sea.

yacht gym rarity yacht
Yacht gym on Rarity yacht charter

Use every training device in your yacht gym

Superyacht gyms are equipped to provide a fun variety for different muscular activities. You may use certain machines for extra workouts or stick to a specific workout each day. You can rest assured that you will not be bored while exercising.

Additionally, if you decide to practice on the exterior of your yacht charter, your crew can move the equipment to better suit a perfect panorama while you work on your chest. Train on the latest yacht gym machines, and you will not only do good to your body but also to your soul. After a workout, unwind in your superyacht’s sauna or cool down by swimming in the crystal-clear Croatian Sea.

Yoga on the yacht deck with beautiful scenery

Connect with the sea, the sun, and the rest of the world, while practising yoga on your yacht. The first yoga flow of the day is best done when the sun rises, and with a yacht charter, you will enjoy a different stunning sunrise every day.

When on holiday, do not forget about your body and mind. Meditate to the sounds of the sea and the chirping of crickets as the sun gently caresses your body.

three women having a yoga session on a yacht
Yoga Session on Africa I Yacht Charter

Feel fit with the professional assistance of your crew

Your crew will make sure there is a professional instructor on your yacht with whom you can exercise in the gym or practice yoga and meditation. Your multi-skilled team will also serve as certified fitness trainers, aiding you with keeping fit and achieving your fitness goals.

Make your vacation a great opportunity to work out and stay in shape. Our award-winning chef will also support you with organic, locally sourced ingredients.

It’s good to stay in shape while on a yacht charter holiday

A superyacht charter is an ideal place to mix leisure and an active mindset. Stay in shape on a relaxed luxury charter holiday, with countless options; it is hard to pick only one out of many possibilities for a well-rounded sports regime.

yacht gym-couple working out
A superyacht charter has many possibilities for staying in shape, Photo credit to

Let nature be your best motivator, rewarding you with breathtaking scenery that will make it easier to exercise. Take your mind off of the daily grind and loosen up with some light warm-ups. After, find refreshment in the stimulating Adriatic Sea.

Who said leisure and activity do not mix? There are plenty of exercises that you can do while cruising in Croatia. Your expert crew will always assist you in finding new and exciting ways for improving your workout regime. Train alone on the sundeck, with a backdrop of the blue sea, or stay motivated thanks to a professional fitness trainer while you lift weights with one hand and hold a refreshing organic smoothie in the other.