4 attributes of a private yacht charter

July 27, 2021

3 minute read

Charter a luxury yacht and avoid typical problems that occur when coming to a popular holiday destination. Decide whether you want to be seen or slip by undetected with the help of your luxury yacht charter and expert crew. Members of your crew are educated and trained to follow strict privacy policies; they will work towards protecting your identity and privacy if you choose so. Ask your local SuperYachts Croatia broker about the best privacy options for chartering a superyacht or consult with your yacht captain about the most private locations alongside Croatia's coast.

The first choice for absolute privacy is always the best one: cruise to the middle of the sea, with land barely in sight and feel free from typical restrictions of society. No one will be around to interfere or to annoy you on your vacation – just your charter party and your highly professional crew.

Your yacht is your home

private yacht charter family in the salon
Enjoy private moments with your family

It’s impossible to compare the level of privacy on a private yacht charter to other forms of luxury vacations. You can change your location at any moment and escape to an uninhabited area where no one can find you. Feel at home and don’t worry about anything. Create a level of privacy that is best suited to your needs, allowing you to choose where and how private you want to be.

Surround yourself with intimate friends & only the tightest family circle

private yacht charter friends & family
Share special moments with close friends

While you are on a yacht, there is no need to interact with other people at all. Spend time with the ones you care about most. On a superyacht, you have complete control of your surroundings.

It is a wise decision to discuss your privacy habits with your crew: if you want to be totally isolated and see no one during your yacht charter, it can be arranged. Enjoy the maximum level of privacy every day of your yacht charter vacation.

Peace & quiet aboard your private yacht

yacht charter advantages cover photo
Croatia is full of private coves and bays, where no one will bother you

Intentionally forget about the state of the world and create your private little heaven with your own rules. Choose a yacht with anti-drone security if you want full protection from the paparazzi. This unique device can quickly identify a drone and determine when it is in the restricted zone (around 500 meters from the yacht) where control and video signals can be blocked. You will enjoy total peace and security, with no one disturbing you!

Pick the most private locations & include them in your charter itinerary

best water toys for yachts cover photo
Experience secluded locations and pristine nature in Croatia – Photo credit to sevensinsyacht.com

If you do not know where to travel this year, we suggest Croatia. In addition to having 994 uninhabited islands, it is a paradise for all yacht charter enthusiasts. You can enjoy hidden bays, organise a private yacht charter party on a secluded island or simply sunbathe next to your favourite lagoon, without worrying about tan lines. Your privacy is guaranteed.

Nothing can surpass a private yacht charter holiday

The choice regarding privacy on your superyacht charter holiday is entirely up to you. Protect yourself from curious eyes and pick only the most secluded, deserted and remote locations in Croatia OR berth in the busiest port in Croatia and feel thousands of eyes stare at your luxury yacht. Pick secluded locations and feel like you are alone in the universe, with nothing but sea, sun, flora and fauna surrounding you everywhere you go.

Superyachts are ideal options for a vacation if privacy is one of your concerns. The interior and exterior layout of luxury yachts serves to preserve the identity of you and your charter party. Also, every person aboard will feel like their privacy is protected, with the help of your professional crew.

A superyacht is always a big enough obstacle for anyone who would dare to intrude upon your luxury holiday. Adjust the level of privacy you wish on your holiday- choose if you want to be seen strolling Croatia’s seafronts or anchor in a secluded location and enjoy the company of your charter party, animals, plants, your crew and no one else.

Consult with the captain and he can altogether avoid other vessels that anchor near you. If by some chance you feel overexposed, or that a particular boat is bothering you and your sense of privacy, the easiest thing in the world is to ask the captain to move your charter to a more remote location.