Why charter in Croatia?

Child safety on a yacht charter

October 9, 2023

3 minute read

Croatia is statistically one of the safest countries in the world, especially for child safety on a yacht charter. According to The Global Peace Index, Croatia is the 17th safest country in the world! As a matter of fact, Croatia is also the safest EU country in the Mediterranean, which makes it an ideal yacht charter destination for families. Moreover, Croatia is the safest country to visit with kids since there is no child trafficking, kids can play with local people, everyone knows English, hospitals are great and your kid will be safe everywhere in this magical country. Here are some of the reasons why you should charter a yacht in Croatia.

Croatia and child safety on a yacht charter 

Child safety on a yacht charter is very important and Croatian tourism is a product that is gaining its well-deserved place on the European and world market. We can be more than satisfied with the created recognition in the market, especially because the awards come from individuals who have recognized the qualities of individual destinations. At the same time is a perfectly safe and beautiful country where you and your kids will feel secure.

Family ready for swimming on a yacht swimming platform with guaranteed child safety on a yacht charter
Guests Having Fun on the Sea-Level Swimming Platform

The best way to explore Croatia is to live like a true Croat – eat local food, talk with local people, relax and just let the sun kiss you during the whole day while you are drinking your favourite cocktails on the upper deck.

Your children can safely play with local kids

Maybe you did not know this fact but your kids will be 100% safe everywhere in Croatia. You can let them play with local kids, enjoy concerts, sunbathe on the beaches and much more. Croatia is a kids-friendly destination and chartering a yacht in Croatia is such an excellent idea.

family in trogir by the old city wall
View of the Motor Yacht Noor from the Camerlengo Castle in Trogir

Here you will have a lot of walkable tours, stunning water toys, family-friendly crew members, and numerous opportunities to experience the great outdoors. Take your kids on a traditional fishing excursion in the Dalmatian Islands or give them a fascinating history lesson among the Roman ruins of Istria. They will adore Croatia and also be 100% safe.

There are no intrusive journalists so you can enjoy 100% privacy

If you are a celebrity and want to come to Croatia you are warmly welcomed and for locals, you are the same visitor as every other – if you want that. People here are so nice that no one will bother you or interrupt you.

africa I yacht charter family breakfast
Guests Eating Breakfast on the Upper Deck Dining Table

Moreover, with 1244 islands, Croatia is the perfect destination to charter a yacht on uninhabited islands, swim in secluded bays, or dine on an astonishing lighthouse where only the lighthouse keeper lives. There will be no intrusive journalists cruising around your yacht and seeking photos or interviews. You can relax and enjoy your perfect Croatia yacht charter vacation.

Everyone knows English

At least one other language is spoken by the vast majority of Croatians and according to studies these are English, German and Italian. People are learning English from kindergarten and on the coast, everyone speaks it. It is almost impossible to find a person who does not speak English and works in tourism. 

noor II yacht family relaxing in jacuzzi
Kids will absolutely enjoy playing in the jacuzzi on a yacht charter holiday

If you will ever need something, everyone will help you and you will easily understand each other. Croatia is a great yacht charter destination where you will feel at home. Furthermore, with your local broker Superyachts Croatia you will be even more safe since their main USP is that they are Croatians and they can help you with anything at any time.