5 types of bars on yachts

August 28, 2023

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Regardless of the type and length of your superyacht, there will always be at least one bar to satisfy the guest`˙s need for icy cocktails, chilled champagne or any other beverage suited for a hot summer's day. Because of this, bars are natural points for socialisation on a yacht charter, and as such, should be treated as superyacht amenities that are vital for any successful charter. Bars on a yacht will be the main focal point for all kinds of imaginable drinks, from hand-made cocktails containing only fresh fruit, premium spirits and Croatian honey to perfectly chilled champagne and freshly-squeezed juices or smoothies.

Soundwave Yacht Charter bar

Your crew will also use bars on yachts to provide hospitality support for their daily duties; snacks and canapes will be prepared at the bar, which is also commonly equipped with ice makers, wine coolers and grill stations.

Yacht charter holidays usually include a decent amount of inebriation – that is why bars on yachts are such a popular hang-out place for charter guests. There is no better way to truly experience a yacht charter in Croatia than to sip martinis on the sundeck or margaritas in the yacht jacuzzi, all thanks to your crew and the yacht bar.

When it comes to differentiating between bars on yachts, they can either be indoor or outdoor. „Wet“ or outdoor bars on yachts come equipped with appliances that make drink preparation easy, but they are usually more lightly stocked when compared to indoor bars. The interior has a better connection to the galley, as well as more storage space, which makes indoor bars able to provide a larger variety of drinks.

Between the exterior and the interior, there are 5 different types of bars on yachts:

Salon bar

Drinks in the salon are usually enjoyed between meals or when you want to escape the summer heat in an air-conditioned environment. Inform a member of the crew before you sit at the bar and they will be your personal bartender, able to satisfy every wish you have, regarding alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

main deck bar on Soundwave yacht charter
Soundwave`s salon bar is the epitome of avant-garde luxury and style

Smoothies, cocktails, shots, champagne, Croatian liqueurs and wine are some of the many different varieties of drinks that will be at your disposal. If you want to nibble on something while enjoying a refreshing drink, watch as your competent crew prepares hand-made tortilla chips, avocado toast or Croatian cheese and prosciutto.

Skyounge bar

Not all yachts have sky lounges, but those that do can offer their guests an incredible opportunity to enjoy an elevated atmosphere while they wrap their lips around masterfully prepared alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Enjoy the fantastic panorama that the wide sky lounge windows provide while listening to relaxing yacht music.

eternal spark yacht charter sky lounge bar
When it comes to bars on yachts, Eternal Spark`s Sky Lounge definitely sets the Bar high

Skylounges on yachts often come with certain amenities, so look forward to playing a game of pool, watching a movie or playing cards on the poker table. Whatever you choose, a competent member of the charter crew will always be at your disposal to serve drinks at the Sky Lounge bar.

Dining area bar

When enjoying a fine dining experience on a yacht charter, there will always be a crew member nearby to assist with the table arrangements, as well as serving and presenting food. While you and your charter party dine, the crew often uses the dining area bar to prepare the cutlery and glassware. As is the food on a yacht, the drinks are also fully tailored to match specific tastes, so that every meal aboard a yacht charter exceeds expectations you would have in on-land restaurants.

Bars on yachts - Charter cruiser bar in the dining area
Mini charter cruisers are set up in a way that allows gusts to enjoy their meal while also having quick access to the bar

Sundeck bar

A sundeck bar is usually the main meeting point for charter guests who like to spend their time basking under the sun or enjoying the warm embrace of the sundeck jacuzzi in the evening. Either way, both experiences would not be complete without popular cocktail choices or premium chilled champagne.

view from above of the yacht deck with a jacuzzi
View from Above – Sundeck Jacuzzi Lounge, Sun Loungers & Wet Bar

Enjoy all the magnificent opportunities and experiences you can live through on a yacht charter vacation in Croatia. If your sundeck allows it, you can invite guests outside of your charter party to join in an entirely exclusive sundeck evening yacht party. Sundeck bars are often ties to events on a yacht.

Beachclub bar

Is there a better way to relax near the crystal-clear Croatian Adriatic sea than with a cool drink, to take the ease of a warm summer day? If you decide to spend your time on the swimming platform of your yacht charter, you could enjoy a unique beach club atmosphere, complete with a fully-stocked bar, just several feet away from the sea. Sip mimosas and listen to the relaxing sound of gentle wavelets and soft breezes as you savour the uniqueness of the Croatian Adriatic atmosphere.

tatiana yacht charter beach club aft view
Lower Deck – Beach Club Swimming Pool & Lounge Areas
Pro tip regarding bars on yachts: Keep in mind that only yachts with considerable length have enough room to equip a beach club with a bar.

Main deck aft bar

The purpose of the main deck aft bar is to provide support for different types of events that take place on a yacht charter. These can include manifestations such as the Monaco Yacht Show or the Cannes Film Festival, where you can expect a larger number of people socialising on your yacht charter. 7x catamaran yacht aft deck viewMain Deck Aft – Alfresco Dining Table with a Wet Bar

The first point of greeting on any yacht is always the main deck aft bar, where drinks will be presented in a stylish manner, due to the diligence of the charter crew.