4 benefits of a crewed yacht charter in Croatia

December 5, 2020

4 minute read

The most important factor on any luxury yacht charter is the crew, as they are the ones that provide the standard of service and glamour closely tied with the luxury yachting lifestyle. Your expert crew is dedicated to providing experiences that will last long after your crewed yacht charter in Croatia ends.

Even before the ideal superyacht charter vacation starts, the members of your crew will begin preparing for guest`s arrival. All the provisioning and necessary arrangements are over before guests step aboard the superyacht. This means you will start forming a relationship with the crew the very instant you board your crewed yacht charter in Croatia.

After the first day, bonds will be formed and you will no longer look at the crew as just people at work; they will become companions on a journey, confidantes and individuals you trust with your safety and the safety of your charter party. Your expert crew will lovingly tend to your every desire and need,  always fulfilling them with a smile on their face. On the other hand, if you’d prefer not to be disturbed and to create a totally private atmosphere, your crew will make themselves nearly invisible, being seen in only the most practical of moments.

The multiskilled yacht crew will always do what you desire

The crew of a yacht charter is made up of experts with a wide range of abilities. They are much more than just sailors; they can be coaches, fitness instructors, divers, tutors, guides, and whatever you would like. They tend to every vital technical task in order to realize your ideal charter holiday when you are basking in the sun or exploring hidden coves.

More crew members make it much easier to keep a superyacht cleaner; the same level of cleanliness is not possible in land-based establishments. The crew will clean the cabins at least twice a day, do laundry, polish handrails, scrub the decks and keep a tidy and hygienic environment overall. Besides this, while you are in a yoga class with one crew member, your better half can dive with another, and your youngest can watch a cartoon with a third. That is why chartering a superyacht is by far the most iconic vacation choice in the world.

You will benefit from a 0-24 service on your crewed yacht charter in Croatia

Whether you are an early bird who wakes up at 5 a.m. or a night owl, the crew will make sure someone is always on demand. They can prepare an early breakfast or a late supper, transport you to and from a beach party or special events on the coast, or simply sit with you whilst stargazing from a truly breathtaking place. There is always one member of the crew on watch, in case of emergencies. You cannot expect this kind of treatment in a land-based villa or a cruise ship.

crewed yacht charter in croatia crew serving guests
Regardless of the time of day, your crew will always be at your full disposal

A passionate crew will make all the difference on your holiday

Every guest is special for members of a superyacht crew – you are not just another face in a sea of people, as is the case for other types of vacations. They conduct their daily responsibilities with love, care, and affection. Because of the enthusiasm they bring into their jobs, the crew is always focused and present. Hospitality is always of the highest quality that money can buy.

On a luxury yacht, you are the star!

It is not only their job, it is their calling & passion

The highest standards of professionalism will always be a prerogative on your crewed yacht charter in Croatia. With a trained crew, be sure that your charter holiday will always fit your every need. A yacht crew is always more motivated than their colleagues on land, mainly because a yacht crew is a tightly knit group that holds bigger responsibilities. They are compensated more, therefore more is expected of them. This in turn implies that they are more educated and experienced in their craft.

Since they have to fulfil multiple roles, they are extremely multiskilled, making them a cut above a standard stewardess or assistant in villas or 5-star hotels. Remember that for your yacht crew, yachting is not just their job, it is their calling and passion. Sacrifices are constant in the yachting business, and the crew pays the price gladly, so they could help you enjoy every minute of your charter holiday. You will receive not just a 5-star service, but rather a service above a standard luxury package you would expect from similar services.

klobuk yacht charter crew members
Crew Members Posing On the Main Deck Aft

The short time you will share a superyacht with your crew, you will become close, as it is the law of the sea that brings people together. Your crew knows this fact, making them not just workers, but rather companions, tasked to make your superyacht charter holiday perfect. One thing always remains true: your superyacht charter crew is the best at what they do because they feel a strong passion for yachting.