Windsurfing in Croatia, Photo credit to analogicus from Pixabay

Learn windsurfing in Croatia on your 1st try

June 29, 2021

5 minute read

Start appreciating the Adriatic on a different level and get in touch with the sea like never before! Have fun learning to windsurf with your private instructor, with the beautiful blue sea in the background.

Windsurfing fits perfectly with children of ages 6 and up because they will learn the basics fast, while the older crowd can raise their nautical awareness, becoming one with the water and appreciating the sea on a higher level

Because windsurfing is a crossover sport that combines characteristics of both surfing and sailing, you can learn twice as much, in half the time. Luxury yachts and windsurfing go hand in hand like fish and salt, so in no time at all, you will learn the Windsurfing ABC`s.

Learn windsurfing in Croatia from your superyacht` swimming platform or a secluded beach

Learning to windsurf parallel to chartering a superyacht gives you more options and flexibility. Your expert crew can organize windsurfing lessons either from a yacht swimming platform or from ashore. The crew will set up all the equipment for you and will teach you the basics of windsurfing in one day.

You can combine the best of both worlds. Every windsurfing decision you make will be organised and assisted by your professional superyacht crew or a private instructor. Start one session by directly jumping off the swimming platform; afterwards, try something different from a secluded beach.

The tempo of learning to windsurf is flexible, but we suggest dividing windsurfing sessions in two: one session in the morning and one session after lunch.

Set up a race with your yacht charter party

After you learn the windsurfing basics, why not organize a race with your family or friends – you will have lots of fun trying to catch one another! Use the horn on your chartered superyacht to signal the winner. Your crew will organize prizes and open celebratory champagne bottles, with all the participants cheering for the winner.

Circle around the superyacht at your disposal and try grabbing a drink from the swimming platform while you surf. Windsurfing in Croatia is an enjoyable and exciting activity, whether you learn alone or in a group.

two people windsurfing in croatia
Windsurfing in Croatia with a friend, photo credit to Joenomias from Pixabay
If you get blown downwind, your expert yacht crew can easily reach you and get you back aboard.

Enjoy windsurfing in privacy

If you happen to charter a superyacht, you can choose the most private windsurfing spots. Your expert crew will use their local know-how to pick the best, most secluded and least crowded windsurfing spots for you, avoiding crowded beaches and getting the best wind and waves.

With your charter, you can simply avoid all the hustle and bustle and concentrate on the wonderful panoramas that surfing out on the open water provides.

If you get tired, no need to get back to shore – use your superyacht as a landing pad, while a cool, refreshing drink waits for you on the swimming platform. You will be the envy of every beach dweller and every shore-based windsurfer.

The majority of windsurfers start off from land, so your chartered superyacht gives you the advantage of getting the best waves first.
man windsurfing in croatia near pelješac
Windsurfing near Pelješac in Croatia, photo credit to PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Combine windsurfing in Croatia with other perks your superyacht provides

Use your superyacht as a tool to improve your windsurfing skill. Let the crew on your superyacht utilize a swimming platform as a launchpad for your windsurf adventure, adding a whole new dimension to this marvellous sport.

Complement an already thrilling windsurfing experience by combining it with other water toys at your disposal. Merge the experience of windsurfing with wakeboarding and kitesurfing and see their similarities and differences or try jumping over some costume-made inflatable obstacles.

Radars and sonars will enable you to micromanage locations, monitor your surroundings and choose whether or not you want privacy or company while you windsurf. Your chartered superyacht always carries all the best windsurfing equipment, combined with other top-of-the-line water toys and supporting technology.

Windsurfing works on the principles of equivalent exchange: how good you get depends on the time and energy you will put into the learning process.

Windsurf on your yacht charter, then enjoy the town of Krk!

The island of Krk has some good windsurfing spots, particularly around Baška, and they are all superyacht accessible. After a session of windsurfing, why not anchor in the old fort town of Krk, taste delicious local cuisine and drink amazing wine.

Let the setting sun wash all your windsurfing aches away and experience Krk Summer festivals; take a tour of the town`s fortifications or enjoy nocturnal artistry from live street performers. Who said windsurfing and nights out do not mix? Krk combines the possibilities of windsurfing in the day and having fun onshore in the evenings.

Krk island hosts the best marina in the northern Adriatic, situated in the small town of Punat.

Exclusively pick the best locations for windsurfing in Croatia

Splendid windsurfing locations are attainable for those who charter a superyacht in Croatia. The Kvarner region hosts mild tramontana gales, which are best ridden at dawn or dusk.

With a chartered yacht at your command, you could enjoy only the most spectacular Croatian Adriatic sunsets while windsurfing. Vignjan on the Pelješac peninsula is a well-known windsurfing location – so much so that it regularly hosts local and global windsurfing championships.

When resting, you can relax with a cocktail and watch pro-windsurfers do their thing. Furthermore, the town of Bol on the island of Brač has some splendid windsurfing locations. The golden sandy beach of Bol offers spectacular panorama while windsurfing, with glistening reflections of the sun against the sand.

If it is in your itinerary, you could tour all the best locations for windsurfing in Croatia in just one week.
man windsurfing in croatia near bol on brač
Windsurfing near Bol, Croatia, photo credit to Instagram profile: active_bol

Why would windsurfing on a superyacht interest you?

Depending on your preferences and needs, windsurfing can provide new knowledge, new skills or personal satisfaction. You can learn how to blast through flat waters or jump on waves. Stage a race between friends and play with other water toys while you windsurf.

After a session of surfing, catch a breath in splendid locations offering authenticity and amusement. Cruise the Adriatic on a tour of the best windsurfing locations in Croatia. Whatever you choose, windsurfing will definitely offer an exciting charter holiday.