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April 2, 2024

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Music is an integral part of our lives – there is rarely a person that does not find themselves captivated by a certain musical piece or a popular song. It is only a matter of taste of what kind of music we as humans prefer, but not up for debate if we like music or not. Due to this, modernity has become a non-stop musical whirlpool, where the constant stream of new songs and pieces mix with classic and immortal symphonies, that help create memories and our everyday lives.

Photo credit to: @dubrovnikfestival

Now, all of this is especially true on a yacht charter vacation. First, because every yacht is equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems, that can sync with smartphones via wifi or Bluetooth and give each guest the option of playing their perfect yacht charter playlist.

Second, yachts are the perfect way to experience certain genres during unique yacht movement. Similar to enjoying your favourite tune during a car ride, cruising on a yacht while listening to our top summer yacht charter playlist stirs up emotions like no other activity can do.

And thirdly – unlike any other means of transportation, yachts are undoubtedly the most luxurious and expensive way to enjoy life.

Cruising on a sundeck of a yacht, with the infinite panorama melding with the setting sun is a special experience, but play a special song at a specific moment, and this entire experience transcends its physical boundaries and impacts the very essence and soul of guests, who can genuinely feel the difference.

For these 3 reasons, we are bringing you our picks for the best yacht charter playlist you should try on your next yacht vacation in Croatia.

Disclaimer – This list serves as a recommendation only. The author is aware that there are as many musical preferences as there are musical pieces and does not wish to offend anyone with the choices stated here. All authors and pieces stated are only re-presented; SuperYachts Croatia does not claim ownership or authority of the music stated below.



Traditional music

Classical music

• André Rieu – Conquest of Paradise – The title of the piece says it all! Try standing at the bow while cruising when the finale hits – words cannot describe the sensation of merging this music with the Croatian Adriatic panorama.

• Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, The 1812 Overture with cannons – If you want to take the celebration of a yacht holiday to the ultimate level, wait for the finale and assume all responsibility when the cannons start firing.

• Vivaldi, Violin Concerto in G Major – If you want to create an ambience of elevated glee and sophistication, you do not have to search beyond Vivaldi.

novela yacht charter piano
Piano in the Main Deck Salon of Novela yacht charter

• Delibes – Lakmé – Viens, Mallika, les lianes en fleurs… Sous le dôme épais, (The Flower Duet) – Taking it a step further from Vivaldi, this piece will talk directly to your soul. This, coupled with the ultimate freedom that a yacht charter entails, will produce incredible and unique feelings that will not be rivalled by anything else.

• Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Piano Concerto No. 21, Andante – If you are a tea lover, you might want to ask your crew to serve tea on the sundeck while this piece plays on the speakers. If not, then perfectly chilled champagne and some frosty forest fruit will just have to do.

• Johann Sebastian Bach, Air Suite Nr. 3 / Air on the g string  – For the ultimate sophistication trip, classical music lovers will see themselves enjoying this piece on the sundeck bow, wind blowing in their hair, as they survey the sea around them and conclude that the Croatian Adriatic is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world.

Ethno music

• Beats Antique, Intertwine – For lovers of primal sounds and simple rhythm, a song with a very rich oriental background, straight from original Oriental Bellydance school playlists.

• Strange Days, Peter Gabriel & Deep Forest – From one of the most underrated movies of the 90`s comes this electro-tuned etno song. Best for intense stares into the distance, and reminiscing about strange days and exciting futures.

Soul, Jazz & Blues

• Wendy Rene, After Laughter – to be played on the last day of charter, gazing in the sunset

• My Favorite Things, John Coltrane – for jazz lovers, there is nothing better than some John Coltrane after a Michelin-level dining experience

• Dave Brubeck, Take Five – For true saxophone lovers, because there is no doubt that yachts go hand in hand with old-school saxophone tunes

listening to music on a yacht
Photo credit to: @sophialevia_sax

• Neil Young, Guitar Solo No.5, OST from „Dead Man“ – Listen to this track and observe in pure amazement, how the guitar chords miraculously sync with the rhythm of the waves, while everything around you assumes a more profound meaning. And if you like this song, you will love the movie.

• Theme from a summer place, (Percy Faith version) – A short and sweet number that will tie together the summer in its entirety with your yacht, transforming them both into your temporary home

Modern music


• Laid Back, Bakerman – follow the cruising direction on the bow with a glass of champagne and relax. Let this track put a smile on your face

• Morcheeba, The Sea / Big Calm – beach club enjoyment + water toys = a perfect yacht holiday.

• Chris Rea, Looking For The Summer – You have heard this song before, and if you did, you will be happy to be reminded of it during a yacht charter holiday in Croatia. And if you did not, what are you waiting for? Press play now.

people relaxing on the sun loungers on the yacht deck
Sundeck – Guests Relaxing on the Sun Loungers & By the Jacuzzi, Freedom yacht charter

• Gotan Project, Vuevlo al Sur – Atmospheric, with lots of rhythms, play this song in the background for a feeling of staying in a movable Spanish hacienda, that island-hops between one breath-taking location to the next

• Curtis Mayfield, Move on Up – A song with a groovy rhythm and a modern blues spin on its saxophone hook, the atmosphere of this track goes great with a picture of a yacht cruising in the blue expanses of the Croatian Adriatic sea


• Thievery Corporation, Shadows of Ourselves – Perfect for a quick chill session on the sundeck

•Thievery Corporation, Take My Soul – One of the best songs to get in tune with the start of your holiday.


• INXS, Taste It – water toy fun. Let the yacht speakers blast this song while you fly around on jet skis

• Black Sabbath, Planet Caravan – It is incredible to think a band like Black Sabbath would have a tune fit for a yacht, but it’s true. This song must be played in the evening, exclusively. Best listening results are achieved in the jacuzzi, with something to drink or smoke and a starry sky above.

• The Smiths, How Soon Is Now – for late hours of the night, favourable with inebriation

• Thee Oh Sees, Tidal Wave – This song mixes elements from the surfer subculture with classical rock harmonies, to create something that equally finds its place in the beach club, the main deck aft or the upper deck salon.

lady lena yacht charter beach club chairs
Lady Lena Yacht Charter Beach Club

• The Cardigans, Erase/Rewind – a song that goes great with almost everything, so it is up to the listener how exactly they want to use it

• Frank Sinatra, New York / That`s Life – The king of traditional pop music, Frank Sinatra gives a perfect soundtrack to living the good life on a yacht, so do not skip if you want to complete your charter experience with added dimensions

• Pink Floyd, Marooned – This song is one long guitar instrumental solo, with an incredible and unique summer vibe. If you think you know the Pink Floyd sound, think again.

Electronic music

• Federico Scavo feat Simone – Pra Nao Dizer Que Nao Falei Das Flores (Federico Scavo remix 2012) – perfect for charter guests who enjoy a faster rhythm, but with emotional elements that speak to the connection between friendly souls on a holiday

• Bicep, Glue – For when you feel the unshakable need to move, dance or be active, do not look further than this song.

• The Gaslamp Killer, Nissim – Electronic beat with an oriental sound and good rhythm, this song suits sunbathing, lounging and a potential massage therapy session taking place on the swimming platform or the sundeck

• The XX, Intro – If you are seeking adrenaline on the water with the help of water toys, add a little depth of character to the entire experience with this simple, yet profound piece.

Novela yacht charter having fun with water toys
Novela yacht charter having fun with water toys

• Robert Miles, Children [Dream Version] – A total classic, and for good reason. This song comes up every time a horizon needs to be expanded, or a certain experience touches your soul, acting as the ideal soundtrack for special yacht moments.

• Moby, Porcelain – If you have not seen the movie „The Beach“ then this song will be a real treat. But if you have, listen to it one more time and be amazed at how this sound can capture the essence of summer so accurately

Yacht lounge music

• Macroblank, Flesh and Soul – 肉と魂 ep – A longer mix (45mins) of perfect yacht lounge music. Excellent for background music during your everyday yacht activities

• Haircuts for Men, David Madden – good for lounging on the upper deck aft, with champagne, drinks and lively conversation, while the yacht is underway

Black Swan yacht charter sundeck lounge
Black Swan yacht charter sundeck lounge

• The Girl from Ipanema, Astrud Gilberto, João Gilberto and Stan Getz -for that afternoon cocktail hour, while the sun is still high enough to provide enough warmth, but low enough to cast vivid shadows throughout the yacht. Let the soft piano notes carry you into new and unexplored parts of the horizon

• Vanilla, Summer – a slow and chill track that will successfully capture a piece of your holiday, and help it carry it with you wherever you go

Yacht rock

If you have not heard about this genre of music, do not worry; rarely anybody else has. This musical subgenre is very niche, and like yachting holidays themselves, it requires a special

This type of music is characterized by easy-to-listen melodies without any unexpected elements. Many songs from different genres also fall into the “yacht rock” subcategory, if they satisfy one or all of the requirements of yacht rock songs. Non-threatening, mellow, cheerful, fun, rhythmic, and easy, yacht rock could be your musical takeaway for the upcoming charter season.

• Breezin’, George Benson – An easy and cheerful little tune that can lift the mood in seconds. It is very easy to listen to, but do not expect any profound realisations to come from it.

Cocktails on a yacht charter
Agram yacht charter sundeck

• Escape (The Pina Colada song), Rupert Holmes – It is nearly impossible not to have heard The Pina Colada song at least once in passing. The easy tune and cheerful ambience of the song goes great with relaxing on a sundeck of a yacht, with a pina colada in your hand.

• Africa, Toto – This classic needs no introduction, but it is a good reminder of a good song to be played on your yachting holiday.

• Easy Lover, Philip Bailey, Phil Collins – For those evenings in the sky lounge, after dinner but before the jacuzzi, when the mood and the temperature are just right for the “two Phills”; some of Phill Collins` greatest hits also fall into the yacht rock category,

Best yacht charter playlist with SuperYachts Croatia – give it a try

Your next Croatian yacht holiday can be anything you desire. There is a near-unlimited number of options and setups you can experience, particularly if you book with the number one local yacht broker -SuperYachts Croatia.

During your experiences, you may want to hear a particular song you fancy very much; you may even have a holiday playlist already lined up. But, for those who find themselves inspired by their vacation, but lacking in a good musical background, one of the songs from our list may be exactly what you need.

freedom yacht charter exterior
Freedom Yacht Charter Anchored near a Private Beach

Since music is a vast domain, it is tough to satisfy every taste. Because of that, we tried to cover every major musical genre, in hopes of connecting you to at least one new song for your musical library.

Book your yacht vacation and start creating memories with music today.